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Please use the form below to send us your questions about our products.

If you would prefer to just send us a plain e-mail instead, you can reach us at:

For anyone needing to send a file attachment, such as a picture for a ceramic bath hardware color match, or a cabinet light, cabinet door, etc., please use this e-mail to send us pictures: Keep the file attachments small. Verizon may block large files from being sent. Additionally, pictures can be texted to: 813-362-7898. International inquiries: please use e-mail because it is FREE. (A clear subject line and then your contact info in the e-mail are a good idea.)

Entering your City, State, and/or Country can help us answer delivery and shipping questions better.


Phone number not mandatory, but a good idea to enter should your e-mail address not work. Thus please double check your e-mail address when entered.


Note: SEO/SEM agencies, please do not use our contact form to spam us. Its use is for our customers and their needs. We do not want to sift through SEO offers, loan offers, website authoring pitches, etc. And for the really poor quality SEO guys, dropping all kinds of links into these fields DOES NOT place links on our website to yours. Just stop trying, it is annoying.

The Captcha phrase below is UpPeR and lower case letters, sometimes with some numerals mixed in. Z's can look like 2's, S's can look like 5's. Look closely.

An e-mail will be sent to acknowledge receipt of your inquiry after selecting 'Send.'
Then when reviewed, an e-mail with your answers will come later.

For anyone looking to mail us a sample color, or to mail or ship us anything, our street address is:
3110 Turkey Walk Lane
Wimauma, FL  33598   USA

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