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Hera Lighting Cabinet and Furniture Display Lighting

Hera Lighting section index

Hera Lighting Products by Category Type and Best Uses

Hera Lighting manufacturers Premium LED under cabinet and display lighting. Hera's parent company is in Germany. They do have a US Wholesale Distribution Facility set up in Georgia in the United States. Hera sells their quality lighting products through various distributors such as Eclectic-ware. Generally cabinet hardware distributors will have higher end lighting lines such as Hera. Extensive lighting stores may choose to sell Hera if they offer a wide variety. The Big Box warehouse stores do not offer Hera Lighting.

As a direct distributor for Hera, and one of their knowledgeable distributors, Eclectic-ware can offer Hera Lighting products to everyone. Homeowners, contractors, designers, hotels, anyone can purchase from us. On larger orders for commercial customers, we can offer volume discounts. Best to discuss it with us on the phone or e-mail if you have a large quotation that you require.

Each LED or Miniature Fluorescent light that Hera offers we show on individual web pages. This page is to give you a quick glimpse of all of them, and a brief summary of what each "named" light is and some of the best uses for it. (This is a long page because we want to give you a clear explanation of what each light is.) Near the footer of every Hera web page, we have a quick list of the light model numbers for you to quickly reference back to any page, or progress to any page without using the top drop down menu.

Hera Lighting is used in homes: kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, furniture, entertainment centers, wall niches, displays, and more. Hera is used in commercial offices, art galeries, restaurants, food and drug stores, boats, and even the Singapore Ferris Wheel. Cabinetry, furniture lighting, and display lighting has vast uses both for residential and commercial applications.

First up: Fixed Spotlights

Fixed Spotlights are generally mounted on the underside of an upper cabinet, in a cornice above an area you want to light (over a sink), in the ceiling of an upper mullion cabinet (glass door cabinet), or under shelfs. They shine straight down when mounted on the underside of a level flat surface. This is the most common application in kitchen cabinetry and drop down ceilings in kitchens. Very common in entertainment centers too.

ELite-LED and ELite-LED XL link selections a little lower on this page.
A 3-watt LED light, 24 volt, approx. 2-9/16" overall diameter. Comes in a few finishes. Generally recessed mounted but can be surface mounted. A nice fixed LED spotlight for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Will light up an area well. Spacing is your personal preference on the amount of light you would like on your counter, or behind glass doors. They are dimmable, and many lights can work from a single low voltage LED power driver.
The bigger brother to the R55-LED. This is a 4 watt LED which will be noticeably brighter than the 3 watt R55. Use where more light is required such as in drop down ceilings over kitchen islands. It is also dimmable, so if too bright in the evening, you can adjust the light level down. If used in bathrooms, it will light up your mirror area quite well. It is approx. 2-15/16" in diameter. Packaged as a recessed light, but can be surface mounted too. This is the light Hera intended to take over for the ARF halogen light. Since it is brighter, you can space them further apart and still achieve a large amount of light over countertops. In commercial applications, the light will light up what is on display below it very well. The frosted lens difuses seeing the individual light diodes.
This is a lower wattage accent light. The ER-LED is round, 3" diameter. It is 1.2 watts, so it is not intended to be bright. It is used for faint accent lighting when you choose not to have higher power lights that you can dim. They are used for walkways or potentially night lights to illuminate hallways. They can be dimmed if you want to, but generally they are considered for areas where minimal lighting is preferred. They are surface mount but with a recessed look when surface mounted since they are only 5/16" tall. The ER-LED is a great substitute light for the old Hera SET2LED lights. It is large enough to mount right over an existing hole to hide it, and can still give the impression of being a recessed light. These are budgetly priced LED lights great for walkways and bookcases.
This is a tiny LED light, only 1-1/8" in diameter. Thus it pinpoints light on an exact spot or item, and lights up only that small area. It is a 1 watt LED light with it most common use in bookcases. It is great for lighting up a small area of the shelf just below it. They can be spaced tightly together to light up an area more or spaced apart as you like. Fits into a recessed hole of just 1" with a 5/8" depth requirement. Then the projection off the surface is barely 1/16". It is not going to make an area glow brightly, it is meant for low level pinpointed lighting.
For normal under cabinet lighting in kitchens, consider the R55-LED light.

Four finish options, warm white or cool white, recessed or surface mounted.*

The more traditional size and light output for under cabinet lighting.

Next: Swivel Spotlights

The SR45-LED is a smaller swivel spotlight. The swivel feature is actually a 20 degree tilt forward or backward. It allows you to direct light onward to a display object and catch some light projecting upon its face, or highlighting it from behind. Instead of just straight down. More appropriate for display cases, artwork, or anything you are considering highlighting in your home or office. Light is a recess mount only and is not restricted to underside mounting. If you have a set up and you want to shine this light upward or upward and back, you can mount it that way. Similar to an outdoor ground flood light emphasizing a fountain. Of course, this light is for indoor use only. The SR45-LED was created to take the place of the old EH24 halogen and LED series lights. Fits into a 1-3/4" hole. It's powerful 5.3 watt LED lights up displays well.
Very similar to the SR45, but larger. The SR68-LED is also 5.3 watts but is 3-5/32" in overall diameter. Recess mounted, available only in brushed aluminum finish, and it is a True swivel. You can direct the light head at any angle forward and back, left and right. Great for overhead lighting projecting downward toward a fireplace mantel, or for lighting up decorative statues. Can be used in the home or commercial applications. This light is for showing off what you want with precise placement of the beam.
The swivel version of the HO-LED. It measures 3-1/8" in diameter, a 3.6 watt LED. Allows for 20 degree tilt forward and backward. Available only in the brushed aluminum finish. Another light ideal for display purposes where you would like to have light direction projecting forward or backward. More suited to commercial applications than in the home, but can be used anywhere. Very nice for open or glass front display cases. Recess mount only.
This is a much more powerful LED light at 7.2 watts. It has an omnidirectional swivel function to direct the light precisely where you would like. Used to light up displays with a much brighter light output. Stylish with 6 LED diodes. Recess mount only (deep recess needed), comes in white or stainless steel finishes. Definitely for display purposes, in the home or commercially. But if in the home, be ready for a lot of light from it. Dimmable if desired. Can be used to retrofit into its predecessor, the Big6-LED. 3-15/16" overall diameter.
Swivel spotlight LED lights are more suited to commercial applications for precise location of light on objects.

But in today's homes where accenting a wall or built in wall niche is becoming more popular, straight down lighting is not alway enough. Bending light backward or to the side can really change the look and appeal of a setting. And with the lower power consumption of LED lighting, it's not going to cripple your electric bill.

My wife keeps a 5 watt LED light on 24/7. That is just under 4 kilowatts per month which is about 56 cents in electricity. If that was the traditional 60 watt bulb from 15+ years ago, that would be more like 43 kilowatts a month. Yuk! And old style light bulbs usually lasted around 1,000 hours. Most of Hera's LED lights are rated for 50,000 hours.

LED is great!

Now, Linear LED Lighting

The NEWEST in the Stick-LED family. Very bright, interconnectable without dull spots, shielded, can create long runs of light. The ThinStick-LED is just as bright as the Stick3-LED, but with a smaller profile. The line of LED's is set into an aluminum channel. ThinStick is great for kitchen under cabinet lighting when you want that continuous glow evenly under your cabinets. It will light up your counters great and serve as a task light. Dimmable for times when you want it as an accent light. Each length of ThinStick can direct connect to itself. It is 24 volt low voltage lighting. Can work in conjuction with many of Hera's spotlight LEDs on the same power driver. And TapeUltra too on the same drivers. Lights are approx. 5/16" x 5/16" and come in 5 lengths. Really nice for mounting under glass shelves too in commercial applications. Built in magnetic mounting for steel shelves and coolers.
The Stick2-LED has many of the same features as the Stick3. It is interconnectable with overlaps to eliminate dull spots, comes in multiple lenghts, it is slender, and low voltage. Can work on the same PS24V LED drivers in conjunction with other lights on the same drivers. It does not have the shielding that the Stick3 does, you will see the individual diodes. And it is not as powerful. Stick2 is a very nice linear under cabinet light, mostly suited for kitchen use and food service industry. It is also dimmable to use as accent lighting in the evenings. Generally considered a work light to light up useable counter space.
A valued engineered version of the Stick2-LED. The StickVE is encased within its own channel and has a faint difuser over the face. It is still very bright and very commonly used in food service applications such as coolers and storage units. Provides even light across long distances when interconnected for longer lengths. Comes in 4 sizes, works from the PS24V LED drivers. Probably more practical in commercial applications, but can be used in the home.
This is the light of the future. Pronounced E-Light. Looks a lot like the long term Hera SlimLite T5. The ELite is also a T5 dimension, sleek, extremely bright, interconnectable to create tremendously long runs, shielded, lightweight, long lasting, and a low power consumption. Such a tremendous amount of light for such little power used. Available in warm white and cool white, and they run directly from 120 Vac. This is NOT a low voltage light. It uses a 3-prong power cord you plug right into the wall, or choose to hardwire them instead. Can most certainly be used as an under cabinet light. Can be used as a ceiling mount light. When enclosed in a decorative drop down, you can create some beautiful room lighting with the ELite-LED.
The XL version of the ELite-LED was created for easy retrofitting when replacing Hera SlimLite XL and wanting to easily upgrade to LED. The ELite-LED XL comes in the same lengths as the ELite-LED, yet they are a spec longer due to the XL pin connectors adding a little length to the ends of each light. The XL version uses all the same cords and connectors that the SlimLite XL does. So if chosing to discard a SlimLite and put an ELite-LED XL in place, it is just too simple. The ELite-LED XL is also going to be our go to light for replacing the T4 version of the SlimLite. Much more info on that web page about that.
This is the ELite-LED XL pumped up. It comes in just one size, 45-7/16" long. It uses only 20.5 watts to produce 2850 lumen. It is almost double the light output as the ELite-LED XL version. But it is available only in this one size. And it is not to be confused with the ELite-LED HO. This is the XL version of the HO version. Thus, it has the XL pin connections on each end. Just like the old Hera SlimLites. This is a fantastic shop light, or work closet, or anywhere that you need a lot of light.
The Stick-LED is very bright and interconnectable without dull spots, it's shielded and you can create long runs of light. The Stick3-LED is great for kitchen under cabinet lighting when you want that continuous glow evenly under your cabinets. It will light up your counters great and serve as a task light. Dimmable for times when you want it as an accent light. Each length of Stick3 can direct connect to itself. It is 24 volt low voltage lighting. Can work in conjuction with many of Hera's spotlight LEDs on the same power driver. And TapeUltra too on the same drivers. Lights are approx. 1/2" x 1/2" and come in 5 lengths.
The TapeUltra will be taking over for the TapeBasic. It comes in coils of 196" (5 meters), and is available in three densities. The lower density is ideal for toes kicks and low level accent lighting. The other two densities can really begin to brighten up a space or a room. Tape lighting is popular in closet applications. There are all kinds of home uses for long strands of low rising LED lighting. Beneath breakfest bars is quite common for Tape lighting. Inside showcase frames. Where you need a virtually flat light that can hide easily, consider TapeUltra-LED. Can be channel mounted with frosted lenses. High Lumen output.
The TapeBasic took over for the old TapeVE. It comes in coils of 196" (5 meters), and is available in three densities. The lower density is ideal for toes kicks and low level accent lighting. The other two densities can really begin to brighten up a space or a room. Tape lighting is popular in closet applications. There are all kinds of home uses for long strands of low rising LED lighting. Beneath breakfest bars is quite common for Tape lighting. Inside showcase frames. Where you need a virtually flat light that can hide easily, consider TapeBasic-LED.
The ThinStick-LED and TapeUltra were just added to our website in December, 2020. Hera continues to make innovations in their LED lighting. Many of their lights we do stock. Those we do not generally have a 3 to 5 day lead time for us to receive them.

LED Power Drivers and Dimming Accessories

Conveniently on one page, we show all of Hera's 24 volt LED power drivers, related dimming accessories, extension cables used directly with these drivers, and switching accessories. There are constant voltage drivers and constant current drivers. It will be noted which work with which lights. Instead of repeating all the accessory options on each light page, they are summarized in detail on this page.

For the newer Daisy Drivers in 30w, 75w, and 96w, please go to the Hera Daisy Drivers web page.

Headboard Lighting

This is the light making a splash in Holiday Inn Express and other hotels as a personal reading light. Provides enough light on your side of the bed without disturbing a partner. Convenient on/off swich in the base, flexible arm to point the light from over your shoulder and onto your reading material. Very nice for home use too. Uses only 1 watt of power. Comes prepackaged with its own 24 volt low voltage power driver.

Slim Fluorescent Lighting

Hera SlimLite XL has been around since the 1990's. It has been a popular compact Flourescent lighting offering all the brightness of traditional larger flourescents at a fraction of the operating costs. Easy to hide below commercial product shelves without the huge klunkiness that T12 fluorescents have. Lights can connect end to end also for longer runs, or be spaced apart with connecting cables to turn corners or jump uneven surfaces. Options of traditional plug in or hardwire applications. Runs from 120 Vac, no need for transformers. Many options in laying out your application. Can be used under kitchen cabinets too if you desire. More suited toward commercial applications though. Comes in 5 lengths.

SlimLite T4 Reference

The Hera SlimLite XL T4 size was discontinued in the summer of 2018. The T4 SlimLite has also been around since the 1990's. The first version was called the blade style and had different ends. Then around 1999 it changed over to the XL Pin connector style so it could be used in line with T5 size SlimLites if needed. We will show our remaining stock of T4 SlimLites on this page, as well as T4 Replacement Bulbs. We also offer some insight on how the ELite-LED XL can be used as a replacement light for the T4 SlimLites.

Halogen 12 volt Transformers

We have a Great solution to replace Hera brand 12 volt halogen transformers. Hera discontinued Everything halogen in August, 2015. Since that time, we have sold off almost all the remaining overstock of halogen lights, the halogen light rings and lenses as replacement parts, and the halogen transformers. The Hatch transformer we found is a 12 volt, 60 watt, Class 2 transformer. The Hera transformers were Class 2. This is what you want. On this page we have much more extensive info. So if you need a replacement 12V transformer, please review this page.

Halogen Lighting Resource

In the 1990's, Hera started their business with halogen and slim fluorescent lighting. Under cabinet halogen lights were incredibly popular, and not just in the home. Furniture was made with them, and our best guess is that there are tens of millions of the EH11 and E1 halogen lights on Carver and Formula boats. Hera's halogen lights were very popular in boat cabins. There is not much left. We still have some touch dimmers, some cables, and a few lights. As well as the Xenon 12 volt lights that worked from the same transformers. So anything that was halogen light related will be on this web page. We will make reference to a lot that was, but is no more. And we will offer some solutions for you to upgrade from halogen to LED. We found an exceptional LED light that fits into the same 2-1/8" popular hole size that has an IP44 water resistance rating. It is great for Carver Yachts and Formula Boats. Might be a lot to read on this page, but it will be helpful.

Closeout Lights

Discontinued Hera LED lights that we happen to still have a few of in stock. Hera makes changes, sometimes we get stuck with a few older lights where we have removed web pages to not show them anymore. And sometimes we have an abundance of a light that we really liked and bought up a large quantity of them from Hera to keep offering them until they run out. Only discontinued LED lights will be on this page. Any remaining halogen lights will be on the Halogen Light Resource page. And any remaining T4 SlimLites and bulbs will be on the SlimLite T4 Reference page.

And the Hera TwinStick2-LED is on closeout, and barely anything remaining.
It is the advisement of Hera, and we agree, the new ThinStick-LED is the optimal choice for a replacement light for the TwinStick2. The ThinStick is brighter, has more length choices, and costs less.

Replacement Parts

On this page will be parts that we have left. Hera decor rings and glass lenses for halogen lights were popular. Choices remaining, which are very limited, are shown here. Our old web page for replacement parts was quite long when the parts were available. Not too much exists any longer. Hera's line of new LED lights really do not have replacement parts. So what is on this page pretty much relates to the old halogen lights. Note: replacement T4 SlimLite bulbs are on that respective page. Remaining touch dimmers and rotary dimmers are on the Halogen lighting page. Any halogen extension cables, lights, or Xenon lights are also on the halogen page. On this page, we will also offer some insight on what to do in lieu of not finding the replacement parts any longer. We have a few solutions.

Hera E1 Light ER1-ES1

Once upon a time, Hera Lighting made this great little economy halogen light ... by the millions. And as many Carver Yacht and Formula Boat owners are aware, their cabins are filled with them. Cabinetmakers favored this light for its ease of use and it had come in 2, 3, and 5-light kits with transformers. It was by far, one of Hera's most popular lights. And they are gone. We wrote this web page to explain your options now. Lots of helpful info.

Lighting Application Photos

The Hera catalog shows many reference pictures of their lights in action. Home displays, commercial displays, nice photos showing the lights mounted, and some lit up to demonstrate. Browse through these pictures for some ideas.
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