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HO-LED High Output Swivel Light

Hera Lighting section index

High Output Decorative LED Spotlights

The HO-LED spotlight has three 1.2 high power light emitting diodes for a bright 3.6 watt total output. Options of a fixed LED or a swivel that will tilt plus or minus 20 degrees. An ideal recessed light for applications where high levels of light are desired when space limitations are not an issue. HO-LED2 are perfect for displays, larger showcases, and even for mounting inside closets and soffitts. Directionally place a beam of light where you need it.

Product Features:

  • Energy efficient at 3.6 watts
  • Available in 3000K warm white and 5000K cool white for HO-LED2
  • High Quality brushed aluminum housing
  • Efficacy: 106 lm/W for warm white, 90 lm/W cool white
  • 20 degree tilt to either side for HO-LED2 version, HO-LED1 is now discontinued
  • Recess depth 1-1/16" for HO-LED2 swivel
  • HO-LED1 fixed spotlight is now discontinued.
  • Attached 79" connecting lead with plug and play jack, extension wires available
  • Approved for use in closet applications
  • For use with 350 mA constant current driver (one, two, or three can work from one PSLED/10)
  • Dimmable if used on PSLED/DIM/S driver (max. 4 lights per this driver)
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HO-LED2/WW high output 3x1.2 W LED light, warm white 3000K, brushed aluminum finish, 79" attached lead, 112 lm/W, requires PSLED/10 or PSLED/DIM/S power driver, 3-1/8" overall diameter, 2-5/8" recess hole
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HO-LED2/CW high output 3x1.2 W LED light, cool white 5000K, brushed aluminum finish, 79" attached lead, 91 lm/W, requires PSLED/10 or PSLED/DIM/S power driver, 3-1/8" overall diameter, 2-5/8" recess hole
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PSLED/10 power supply for 24V LED lights, 350 mA constant current with 79'' cord length, 10 watt (but can support up to 10.8 watts)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PSLED/DIM/S dimmable power supply for LED lights, 350 mA constant current with 79'' cable, 18 watt (dual 9 watt leads) - requires DIMCONTROL to be dimmable, works at full output without controller
Ordering Note:
The PSLED/10 driver can actually support up to 10.8 watts. So up to three of the HO-LED lights can work from one PSLED/10 driver which would be 10.8 watts. If you desire a dimming option for this light, then you need to use the PSLED/DIM/S driver which is a dual 9 watt. There is only 9 watts per terminal block. So even though the maximum capacity for that driver is 18 watts, you can hook up only up to 4 HO-LED lights, two per each terminal block. The PSLED/DIM/S driver also needs a dimming controller, such as the Hera DIMCONTROL or any other 1-10 V low voltage electronic dimming control.

For the DIMCONTROL dimming controller or extension cables for this light, please see our LED Power Drivers and Dimmers web page.

The HO-LED2 has friction fit wing clips to hold the lights in place. This is a recessed mounted light only. Only available in brushed aluminum finish. Even though the finish might look white in the photos, it is brushed aluminum for the outer ring and the inner ring housing the three high power diodes.

Hera HO-LED light measurements and mounting specs
The swivel version of the HO-LED is larger in diameter and does require a larger recessed hole for mounting. The swivel is a 20 degree tilt forward or backward to help pinpoint light. The LEDCC extension cables will allow you to place the lights farther away from the power driver. This is a nice decorative light, has a great appearance when not in use. Swivel version is great as a display light. Non-swivel version can be used in kitchen drop ceiling and other areas where you need a high level of light. The HO-LED1 version is now discontinued.
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