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FR68-LED 4watt Diffused Cabinet Spotlight

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Very Flat Recessed LED Spotlight with Frosted Lens

Hera's FR68-LED is perfectly flat and a very low rise off the surface when recessed mounted. The frosted lens helps reduce glare and eliminates diode dots for a sleeker look, and to get rid of the blinking effect of seeing spots in your head for the next 5 minutes if you happen to look directly at it. The optional distance rings allow for surface mounting without having to bore holes in the bottoms of your upper cabinets.

Product Features:

  • Energy efficient using just 4 watts, stronger than the old 20 watt halogen lights
  • Available in 3000K warm white and 4000K cool white
  • Also available in 2700K to 6500K by special order, minimum quanties will apply
  • Choice of stainless steel or matte chrome finishes, distance rings too
  • 50,000 hour estimated useable life
  • Efficacy: 60 lm/W, CRI >85
  • Attached 98" lead wire for long reach, extension wires available
  • To be used with PS24V 24 volt constant voltage power drivers
  • Dimmable with optional dimming components
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HER-FR68/MC/3000 LED low profile recessed round spotlight, 4 watt, warm white, homogenous planar light, 68mm mounting hole, matte chrome finish, works with PS24V power drivers
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HER-FR68/MC/4000 LED low profile recessed round spotlight, 4 watt, cool white, homogenous planar light, 68mm mounting hole, matte chrome finish, works with PS24V power drivers
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HER-FR68/SS/3000 LED low profile recessed round spotlight, 4 watt, warm white, homogenous planar light, 68mm mounting hole, stainless steel finish, works with PS24V power drivers
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HER-FR68/SS/4000 LED low profile recessed round spotlight, 4 watt, cool white, homogenous planar light, 68mm mounting hole, stainless steel finish, works with PS24V power drivers
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HER-DIR68/SS surface mount ring for the FR68-LED light, stainless steel finish
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/30/Y LED power driver for LED lights, 24 V DC, 30 Watt, 12 port terminal block (can be used with several of Hera's 24 volt LED light systems), can become dimmable with STICKPSDIM and controller (The old /S is now updated to /Y.)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/75/Y LED power driver for 24 Volt LED lights, linear and spotlights, attached 12 port terminal block, can become dimmable with STICKPSDIM and controller. (The old /S is now updated to /Y.)
Ordering Note:
The FR68-LED light is 4 watts. Up to 7 lights can run from one PS24V/30/S driver. On the 75 watt driver, PS24V/75/S, technically up to 18 lights can operate from the one driver with use of a terminal block extender. On our LED Power Drivers and Dimmers page, you will see your aditional choices of available drivers, dimming accessories, extension cables, and switches that are available for these lights. Please refer to that page to complete your order for selecting drivers for the lights. We are showing the 30 watt and 75 watt drivers on this page since they are the most popular used with the FR68-LED light. If planning on using the lights at full power, and not making a dimmable system, all you need is the power driver which can plug into a switch controlled outlet. If you do opt for a dimmable system, the dimming controls can act as your on/off switch as well.

There is an option of a 6 watt driver on that page also. A 6 watt driver can handle just one FR68-LED light. In some applications, you might use just one light. So the smallest driver is fine for that. When you are setting up separarate zones of light, 3 here, 4 over there, 10 in long bank of cabinets, etc., when you want to control those areas (zones) independent of each other, you will need a power driver per zone. If you wish to control 3 lights over here and 5 on the other side of the kitchen at the same time on the same switch, if you can run extension wires to the other side of the room, then you could run all the lights from one driver and save money by not having extra drivers. Many different set ups can be accomplished. We are here to help.

Whenever you have any questions about your set up and what you may require, you are welcome to e-mail us or give us a call.

The FR68-LED lights are friction fit when recessed. When surface mounting, they snap into the surface mount rings very snugly and neatly. They are a good looking LED light. The diagrams below show the dimensions on the lights and distance ring, and also give examples of the mounting methods. Surface mount rings are optional items.
(February 9, 2024: The DIR68/MC surface mount ring was recently discontinued. So surface mount for the matte chrome finish is not an option any more.)

What we stock:
We stock the FR68 light in modest quantities in the 3000K in both matte chrome and stainless steel finishes. And then the 4000K in small quantities. We keep the 30 watt and 75 watt drivers in stock, as well as many accessories. When we need to order additional lights, it is generally a 3 to 5 day lead time for us to receive more. Direct ships are possible as well on larger orders.

Picture below:
Compliments of Mary F, from Portland, ME. Mary installed the FR68/SS/3000 lights inside and below her cabinets to light up this side of her kitchen. Look at how bright her work area is.
Hera Lighting FR68 LED under cabinet light
Hera FR68-LED 4-watt LED light
Hera FR68-LED surface mount ring diagram DIR68
Hera FR68-LED recessed or surface mount diagram
In the mounting methods diagram, it shows how you can recessed holes completely through your cabinet bottom, or technically mock cabinet bottom since drilling holes completely through the real bottom is not how we would do it. Then it also shows a recess depth without going completely through your cabinet bottom, a more appropriate approach. Recess depth needed is only 1/2". Most cabinetry made of 5/8" thick material will accommodate this. Cabinet boxes made with 3/4" give you even more breathing room - and strength.

Lights should be mounted no closer than 8" on center together, this is due to heat dissipation, and they are 4 watts. Spacing them too close together and using too many in one area will create too much light. Most under cabinet spacing is anywhere from 16" to 30" apart. It all depends on your layout, length of cabinet banks, number of cabinets, counter space, and personal preference of how much light you would like.

Note on the recessed mount, you should drill a through hole for the lead wire to fish through and to thus hide it from the surface. When using the surface mount rings, you can do the same thing, you can run the wire through the cabinet(s) to hide the wire. But the surface mount rings also have a small notch on the side that touches the underside of the cabinet. You can run the wire straight out the side of the light and then in any direction needed to make it look presentable. Thus, no drilling into your cabinets, bookshelves, headboards, or entertainment centers when surface mounting should you desire.
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