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For Product Support & Phone Orders:
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Close Out Bathroom Hardware

After we get our new website up and running and make sure most of the kinks or things we missed are fixed, we will then concentrate on adding pictures and information about some of the close out bathroom hardware that we have.

It is not a high priority for us to show the discontinued bathroom hardware that we happen to have in our stock. So it might be a while before we give the time of day to this page. But it will be updated. We do have various items to show. So please check back montly or every other month to see what we may have added to this page.

ACP-BC725-gloss dark brown
Manufacturer: AC Products
AC Products BC725-gloss dark brown tub soap dish, CLIP-ON mount 6-1/2'' w x 4-5/8'' h (not a normal color - closeout item)
Only 1 available
We had time to take one picture, so the page has started.
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