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Ceramic Corner Shelves from AC Products [Products Page]

Ceramic corner shelves are extremely popular in showers and tub areas that have ceramic tiled walls. In the below selections, the AC Products 700 Series will by far have the most choices. There will be gloss and matte colors, and many to choose from, and then several sizes of shelves. All of which come in two different mounting methods. All of that is explained more within the AC Products section of our website.
And then you will see the AC Products 800 series shelves. More limited on the color choices, just one size of shelf, but still available in thin-set or flat back mounting methods. The Series 800 shelf is more sleek. It tapers down to almost a point on the front side walls. More of a designer corner shelf.

The 900 Series shelves are the same shelves from the 700 series, but available in the stoneware colors. The stoneware colors are still ceramic, but they are hand applied glazes of multiple colors to resemble granite and marble looks. Nice for stone tile showers if any of the 6 available colors coordinate with your color themes.

Then, we still offer Lenape Bathroom Hardware. Shelf choices are limited as are the colors. But they are still popular. And if you are trying to match to an old Lenape shelf that you have, your options are shown on this page.
This is our most extensive selection of ceramic shelves. Three sizes, technically 10 choices, and dozen of ceramic tile color choices. Primarily for use in the bathtub or shower area.
Another style of ceramic corner shelf with a higher back and more slender front. From AC Products.
Other accessories in this collection such as towel bars, soap dishes, and TP holders to match in the rounded look.
Thin-set and Flat back mounting options.
The same ceramic shelves from the 700 Series, but in the stoneware colors. Meant to mimick granite or marble.
Thin-set and flat back mounting methods, multiple sizes, most available in 6 stoneware colors.
Thin-set mount ceramic shelves available in two sizes and in white or bone. Large is also available in gloss black. Limited choices. The Lenape corner shelves have been around for a very long time. Color choices are very limited now, but it has been a very popular shelf.
This is the only ceramic shelf that we now offer that comes with its own glue and mounting blocks to assist in mounting. All of the other shelves you can use Loctite Power Grab Ultimate or another high quality waterproof adhesive to mount them. But ACP packages this one with an adhesive kit. It is available in 14 colors, NOT JUST WHITE. It also has two distinct sides to it, either can be used as the top. When you go to that web page, clicking on its image will open up a menu to see more pictures of it. This is true of most of our products that we actually have multiple pictures for.
Okay, not ceramic, but we want to bring attention to this. Sometimes people like a true triangular shelf instead of the quarter circle look. And they also would like something much flatter. The Corian corner shelves from Rock Solid are made to order. They do come in a quarter circle shape and this triangular shape that you see above. They are made in 4 sizes: 5", 8", 10", and 12". So you can get something from small to XXL. All 8 choices have the option of coming smooth, or with the groove cuts partially into the shelf for drainage on a bar of soap. They are glued in place, or slotted in and glued in some applications. And then, they potentially can be made in hundreds of colors in solid surface materials such as Corian, Wilsonart, Staron, Hi-Macs and more. Not all colors are always available, yet Rock Solid can make them from your leftover scraps or sink cut outs. Lots of custom happening here. Check out that page to learn more.
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