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Center to Center Drawer Pull Options

Index of how to find specific CTC size handles

This help page will direct you to web pages containing decorative cabinet handles in specific CTC sizes. The links noted may just have one of that specific size on the page, or multiple choices. There may aslo be multiple size choices of the same handle designs. We have arranged the list from short to long. You will see that some sizes like 96mm, 128mm, 160mm, and 192mm are extremely popular. These are European sizes. And the 128mm and 160mm are becoming the more popular choices for today's cabinetry. Yesterday's cabinetry had more 3" CTC and 96mm choices, as well as that hard to find 2-3/4" CTC. Which you will find on our site. We have a few choices in that size.

So if you have pre-drilled holes in your cabinet doors and are looking for a match, this page should be helpful in answering if you will find a match or not. If you do not have predrilled holes, then just look through the knob and pull collections from the manufactures and pick what you like.

A couple of noteworthy solutions to make mention of because they stand out among the most popular requests:

1) The 2-3/4" CTC. Under its heading below, we have the Siro Designs Stainless Steel collection. These are the  adjustable CTC handles. It is a slender handle sleeve that slides into a stem and the screws tighten the handle down to any CTC within its range. So for those really odd sizes like 3-5/8", 4-1/16", and a few other weird small sizes, the adjustable CTC handles can come to the rescue. There are three sizes to choose from.

2) The Siro European Railing collection has a 2-3/4" CTC handle in fine brushed nickel and matte black. Now from Long May, one of Siro's old partners. This has been an extremely popular upgrade for this hole center size.

Choices of Center to Center

(abbreviated as CTC or CC on the web pages):


2-1/2" (64mm)
Century Hardware: Soft Glam
Schaub: Wave

2-3/4" (70mm)

Schaub: Empire

Schaub: Empire
Siro Designs: Stainless Steel

3-3/4" (96mm)

BuckSnort Lodge: Southwest
Schaub: Mountain | Empire

5" (128mm)
Schaub: Empire

Schaub: Mountain | Empire

6-5/16" (160mm)
Schaub: Wave
7-9/16" (192mm)
Schaub: Wave

Schaub: Empire

Schaub: Empire

10-1/16" (256mm)
Century Hardware: Soft Glam

Schaub: Mountain | Empire

12-5/8" (320mm)
Schaub: Wave

Schaub: Empire

The term appliance handle refers to any longer and sometimes larger girth handle that can be used on an appliance such as a dishwasher, fridge, or even pantry doors. Handles 12" in length or longer, are usually considered suitable as appliance handles.

April, 2022: This page use to have many more links. But with Siro Designs going out of business in December 2021, and now Arthur Harris going out of business in January 2024, all of their numerous collections and tons of sizes are gone. If we can expand with some more hardware lines, then we will include them on this page.

Other Solutions to solve odd CTC sizes:

We have two other suggestions to solve placing a new handle where existing screw holes are drilled.
The first, but not overly common due to the lack of product choices is a pull and backplate combination. The backplate running the full length of the handle, or longer, can hide the old screw holes from the face side of your door or drawer front, and then you redrill for the new center to center size of the new handle. Not a whole lot of manufacturers create backplates for their handles. There are some, but it is not abundant. To see what we mean about backplates, check out the Century Hardware Diamond Knurling Collection.

The second, find a handle with larger feet that can hide old centers. The new handle covers over the existing holes, and again, you redrill for the new centers. A few examples of this will be below, also with links to the respective pages for more information on the handles themselves.
Century Hardware cabinet handle with full length backplate
This handle is from the Century Hardware Diamond Knurling collection. The pull and backplate come as a combination. You have the option of using the handle with or without the backplate on a new installation. When aiming to hide old holes, you can see the width of the backplate, it will hide old holes anywhere amongst its length. And this handle comes in 3 sizes and several different finish options.
Rock Solid Corian handle with longer spoon feet
Rock Solid drawer pulls with the longer spoon like feet are nice for hiding old screw holes. The reach would be limited to the maximum length of the handle, and the CTC of the handle would generally be less than the CTC you are trying to hide. Because it is the foot of the pull that is hiding the old holes. This style of handle from Rock Solid allows you to select your Corian or other solid surface brand color as the center, and then multiple choices for the metal color. The handle is also available in 5 sizes from them. They alter the length of the centerpiece and thus make multiple sizes.
Century Hardware Line collection of long cabinet pulls
This is the Century Hardware Line Collection. Some of the longer lengths give you a lot of choice in hiding old hole center.
Another thing that is done when you have new handles that are just a spec off on the CTC, you can elongate your holes. Inward or outward. As long as the foot of your new handle will hide the holes. If you only need to tweak the CTC by 1/8" to possibly up to 3/8", you can take a running drill bit, slowly and smoothly, and carve a round hole into an oval hole. On drawer fronts, you would want to do this equally per hole to keep the new handle centered properly. On a cabinet door with the handle starting in the corner and extending upward or over, you have a little bit of play to adjust one hole oval differently from the other. When you tighten your screws on your new oval holes, the handle will secure itself in place. It will not slide side to side. Because one edge of each oval hole is your new maximum distance for the correct center to center. Just very important that the feet of your handles are large enough to allow you to do this. Such as with the next two pictures below.

This concludes our examples and help with fudging or masking old center to centers.
Amerock chrome and white cabinet pull
Schaub Empire cabinet drawer pulls
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