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Century Hardware Modern and Rustic Cabinet Pulls

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Century Hardware Decorative Cabinet Hardware
A little bit of everything. Whether you are looking for modern, classy, or rustic cabinet knobs and pulls, Century Hardware will appeal to many many tastes. There are a lot of modern designs for today's more modernly styled kitchens. Many of the knobs and handles are elegant to add distinction to your kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and bedroom furniture. There are cabinet pulls that are very nice for custom closets too. And then, many of their choices come in awesome rustic finishes for homes or just rooms in your home that want to have that rustic flare. If you have distressed wood cabinetry, you aren't going to plant a polished chrome knob in the corner of a door. (If you do, please don't tell us. That is just sad.)

But on distressed wood cabinetry and glazed cabinet doors that create an antique look, rustic bronze finishes help complete them. Satin finishes look good on wood cabinetry too, and many of the Century collections have satin silver tone and brass tone finishes. Check out the collections, something will be to your liking....
Century Hardware Modern Geo collection fancy European Railing handles
A nice collection of small European Railing handles with disc feet. T-pull options and several choices of knobs too. The bar pulls come in 3 sizes. Everything comes in 4 finishes.
Century Hardware Diamond Knurling collection handles with diamond texture
European Railing style handles available in three popular sizes. Pulls can be used with or without the backplate. Round knobs have same diamond texture to their sides. Available in 4 finishes.
Century Hardware Matte Black collection small assortment of matte black cabinet pulls
A small gathering of some of Century Hardware's matte black hardware. On that page, we will also have links to the other collections that contain matte black items. And there are quite a few.
Century Hardware Kia Square Bar handles
Five finishes in three lengths each. Square end handles for modern kitchens.
Century Hardware Yukon collection of cabinet knobs and pulls
Elegant and Rustic mixed together. Satin brass and silver tones as well as darker bronze finishes. A mix of knobs, normal style handles, and cup pulls.
Century Hardware Belvedere collection of arch pulls and knobs
Nicely styled arch pulls with flared feet and matching knobs. Elegant and rustic finishes.
Century Hardware Bae collection of arch pulls with long feet
Four finishes and two sizes of this extra long foot squared off arch pull. Ideal for retrofits where you can disguise old screw hole centers with the feet of this pull.
Century Hardware Modern Edge collection of various size edge pulls
Six different finishes, two different styles, and two sizes of edge pulls. Curved fronts and folded fronts. Great for dressers, or any drawer where you wish to minimalize the decorative hardware.
Century Hardware Soft Glam edge pulls
A different style of edge pull with the front corners cut off. Available in 5 finishes and 3 sizes each.
Century Hardware Neon collection of colorful handles and knobs
Colorful chrome loop handles and knobs to match. Two-tone cabinetry hardware.
Century Hardware Luminaires collection of square knobs and handles
Two-tone acrylic handles with brass accents. The lighter acrylic colors are translucent and allow light to show through.
Century Hardware Go-Getta designer edge pulls
Three finishes in two sizes of a designer edge pull with a flared out front.
Century Hardware Whistler collection solid bronze cabinet pulls
Solid Cast Bronze hardware. Very rustic high end cabinet knobs and pulls with dents and dings.
Century Hardware Milan drawer cup pulls
Cup pulls. One style in several finishes.
Century Hardware Raw Authentic old world cabinet handles and knobs
A nice collection of copper, black, and iron rustic finishes on Old World designs.
When Century Hardware creates some more collections that catch our eye, we will be adding them to our web site.
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