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Manufacturer Product Lines Eclectic-ware Distributes

This page shows a brief written synopsis of what each Manufacturers product line offers. You can advance to any of our website sections by following the paragragh header links. Once in a section, there will be specific links in this top area of each page that represent product info or collections from that manufacturer. Some sections have a lot of hardware to show. To return to this list, if on a tablet or PC, the manufacturer list is repeated in the footer of every web page. If on a smartphone, there is a link in the footer that says Shop by manufacturer brand.
Eclectic-ware manufacturer index

Our on-line showroom has cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, lots of bathroom hardware, towel bars, soap dishes, etc., various kitchen accessory items, under cabinet lighting, switch plates, custom made cabinet doors, kitchen wood products, custom length stainless steel cabinet door handles, and various other cabinet hardware.

Here's what we offer....
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AC Products - ceramic bathroom hardware

AC Products produces various ceramic bathroom accessories, Made right here in the USA. These ceramic items are used in the home, in hotels, businesses, schools, military installations, and can also be used for pool baths and pools.  AC Products makes many different soap dishes, toilet paper holders, towel bars, toothbrush holders, robe hooks, corner shelves, and shower caddies. Recessed toilet paper holders and recessed soap dishes are produced by them, and available in approx. 100 colors. The 700 Series is the most extensive series for variety of products, mounting options, and color availability, the more vintage or traditional bath hardware selections. The 800 series has more curves to the bath pieces. The 500 series has shell design pieces, and then the 900 series is available in six stone-look tile finishes. On the view color choices page, most every item in the 700 Series comes in all colors shown, meaning near 4000 choices. The 800 and 500 Series have limited color choices for small orders. We show as many of the colors that we have been able to take pictures of, and also list the complete color cross reference chart on another page.

Accuride - entertainment center hardware

Accuride is primarily a ball bearing cabinet slide production company. Their line of slides is quite extensive. What we show on our website is several of their products related to entertainment center construction and home office comfort. We show their Heavy Duty TV swivel and pull out, their light duty flipper door slides for vertical and horizontal mounts, and a very deluxe slide out keyboard drawer with gel wrist pad.

Arthur Harris - custom made stainless steel knobs and short to long pulls

Arthur Harris is a premier US based production company. Their top quality stainless steel knobs and pulls are Made in the USA. High end cabinet hardware. And they will make their cabinet pulls to the long or short sizes you request. For a upscale kitchen full of European Railing style bar pulls, also referred to as T-pulls, you will find options with Arthur Harris. Brushed stainless steel finish on solid 304 grade stainless steel, and custom size options to the sixteenth of an inch!

Brushy Creek Custom Doors

Brushy Creek Custom Doors produces a huge array of choices in 3D Laminate kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts, decorative molding, and other related cabinet making supplies. The terms 3D Laminate and Rigid Thermal Foil are interchangeable. They will have several solid white choices, some off white and grey solid choices, and then a nice mix of woodgrain colors. Most of the woodgrain colors have a faint texture and doors can come with a matching woodgrain finished back. Several of the woodgrain colors have deeper texture to them and a mix of sheen to the surface which give such a life-like wood appearance that it is hard to tell the difference. Some even have a few small knots in them. 3D Laminate refacing material is also available as well as fluted fillers, valances, and matching wine bottle racks. Choices of Raised Panel, Recessed Panel, and Slab door designs. Quite a few raised panel profile selections to choose from. These are extremely high quality RTF doors Made in the USA. Their doors are great for bathrooms and other rooms of the house too. As well as furniture making. All custom made to the sizes you ask for.

BuckSnort Lodge - eclectic cabinet knobs and handles

An assortment of wildlife, nautical, forest, southwest, sports, and fish theme knobs. All unique designs, every piece available in 5 different metallic finishes. Made in Michigan. Another US Made product line. If you need some knobs and pulls for a log cabin, a game room, or themes for children or sports nuts, this is a good section of our web site to check out. And not just for a "themed" room. Many people like something different in their kitchens or bathroom, or on an entertainment center. BuckSnort has some interesting designs to check out.

Century Hardware - cabinet knobs and handles

Lots of mainstream cabinetry hardware choices. Many of the smooth even elegant metalic finishes in smooth curved and straight line designs. This section of our website is a work in progress and we do intend to add many more of the Century collections that they offer as time goes on.

Expo Design - glass shelves, mounting clips, and glass shelf kits

Decorative glass shelf clips, glass shelf kits, and rectangular glass selections for shelving. Brackets and glass both are available as separate items if you like, or combined as kits.  Cable hanging glass shelf kits too and a few corner glass shelf kit choices. Most brackets come in two sizes to accommodate them for use with thicker wood shelves also. The wood you would need to supply ... unless. We can offer wood shelves "made to size." These technically would be square edge slab drawer fronts from Woodmont Doors. There are a few wood choices, options of unfinished or finished, and just as a drawer front is made to size, so could a shelf be. Basically, you would be creating a door order/quote with that product line, but requesting drawer fronts only and ignoring the doors.

Hafele - lighting, decorative hardware, and furniture and cabinet hardware

Hafele is huge. They offer a ton of cabinet and furniture hardware, to include their awesome line of cabinet lighting. We are showing the Loox 12 volt LED cabinet lights - great for homes and great for boat owners with 12 volt interior cabin lights. Everything else from Hafele America Co. is available through us. Yet some European only based products are not. We can check stock and price anything from Hafele America. Contact us with your product interests.

Hera Lighting - under cabinet lighting, low voltage kitchen lighting, bathroom lights, display lighting

Hera Lighting is a leader in the under cabinet lighting industry, German engineering. High quality lighting with superior workmanship. Traditional low voltage cabinet lighting, under cabinet slim fluorescent lighting, and now a huge array of decorative LED lighting fixtures and display lighting. LED lights are available in fixed round hockey puck style and some that swivel, and linear style LED lighting that can interconnect end to end to make long runs of lighting. LED lights are extremely energy efficient with a lot of lumen output. Most range from 1 to 4 watts each with some in the 5 to 7 watt range. Most of the LED linear lights give you a lot of light with a tiny footprint. TAPE-LED lighting is flexible and great for closets and toekicks. Hera's low voltage LED power supplies have built in protections for longer unit life. Hera Lighting can be used throughout the home and home office. It is also used in commercial offices and store fixtures as display lighting for shelves, merchandise, artwork, jewelry, trophy displays, etc. There is a wide selection of lighting options from Hera.

Lenape - ceramic bathroom hardware, porcelain bath accessories

Lenape used to call their bathroom hardware porcelain. We are just calling it ceramic. What they offer now is from their manufacturing facility in Thailand. Much of their older collections, including all their recessed and semi-recessed items, were sold off. What is still available from Lenape is the Carrousel Collection in white and bone ceramic; the Classic Collection in white and also the popular Blossoms on White finish; the Meridian Collection in white; and the Pro Series (once called Professional by NJP) in white and bone ceramic colors. The triangular glass shelves and replacement spring loaded towel bars are available too. The terms porcelain and ceramic are nearly identical. The difference is: porcelain is fired in a hotter kiln. Ceramic bath hardware is popular for tiled showers and bathtub areas. Water and stain resistant, easy to clean. Excellent choice over wood or metal, especially in high humidity areas.

Omega-National - wood products for kitchen cabinets and storage

What you will find in this section of our website is: wine rack lattice, wine bottle holders, stem glass holders, rails to make your own custom stemware holders, appliance garage kits, and china plate displays. All are available in unfinished wood. This way you can stain, clear coat, or paint them yourself to match your kitchen cabinetry, or to accent your cabinets. Wood choices are oak, maple, cherry, and hickory. All fine sanded ready for you to finish. Replacement parts for appliance garages available too. Oh, and tambour door material in case you want to make your own roll up doors, or even a roll top desk. Made in the USA.

Rev-A-Shelf - kitchen slide out waste containers

We show some of their more elite slide out kitchen trash can units. If you see any products on the Rev-A-Shelf website that you would like, we can price them out and order them for you. They have a big array of kitchen cabinet organizing units. In the past, we did offer more from Rev-A-Shelf and may consider expanding upon their products again. We prefer their items that come individually boxed and are easy to ship. Rev-A-Shelf is huge, and they sell many of their products in bulk and not necessarily individually boxed. So we will see what we can do to offer more from them.

Rock Solid - cabinet knobs, pulls, switchplates, corner shelves, and bath hardware

Real solid surface material made into kitchen and bathroom cabinet knobs and pulls. And Made in the USA. Matching wall switchplates too. And for the bathroom: shower corner shelves in multiple sizes, soap dishes, TP holders, towel bars, shower caddies (both large and small), and other bath hardware. Recessed bath hardware too! Corian, Wilsonart Solid Surface, Formica, Hi Macs, Meganite, and Starron all used to make these fine cabinet and bathroom products. Switchplates allow for custom configurations also.

Schaub & Company - cabinet knobs and drawer pulls

Distinctive decorative hardware. Kitchen cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls in rustic and modern finishes. Longer appliance handles to compliment many collections. Some handles are made from solid brass or solid bronze. A nice selection of rustic and modern hardware, and some really super elegant! Yes, they have some very fancy rich cabinet pulls.

Siro Designs - Our premier cabinet knob and drawer pull hardware line

Dozens of catalog collections of contemporary, traditional, and modern decorative cabinet hardware. You will find many themed hardware pieces such as butterflies, sea horses, dolphins, Buddha heads, elephants, tribal African handles, star fish, comet tails, kids knobs, and other choices. Then the ever popular Euorpean Railing handles ranging in sizes from under 2" up to 34" long. These are available in 5 finishes, not just one. Siro's selection of stainless steel handles is awesome, tons of styles, sizes, and decorative appeal! Their Mosaic collection is a great look for knobs and pulls. Many of their collections offer the same style of handle in multiple sizes. They do not make custom pulls, but with their number of selections, you will find a lot of hardware that you like. The Siro Designs section of our website is our largest section. Take some time with it, there is a lot to view.

Woodmont Doors - wood cabinet doors, RTF doors, refacing materials, drawer boxes, mouldings

All custom made products, and Made in the USA. Kitchen cabinet doors made to the sixteenth of an inch. Unfinished wood doors or finished wood doors. Order them as YOU need them. RTF cabinet doors. Select from door styles, profile styles, colors, and other options. It is custom. These are not off the shelf products. They are made to your specifications from the available choices. Along with doors, there are matching drawer front choices. Drawer boxes are available, as well as veneer refacing sheets, cut to size plywood, and decorative mouldings. If you require your doors bored for concealed hinges and need the hinges, it will be done. Wood doors are mortise and tennon corners or mitered corner, plywood panel or raised panel. Mullion and frame only cabinet door options too. Woodmont Doors can be used in your kitchen, your bathrooms, bedrooms, home office, garage, laundry room, kitchen islands, book cases, furniture, entertainment centers, etc. A cabinet door is just not used solely for kitchen cabinets. Many fine furniture pieces have the same kind of cabinet doors on them. We show some pictorial customer testimonials to help you with ideas. You measure for your doors, we have them made for you. These doors are for remodeling as well as new construction. No obligation quotations are provided in advance of ordering. Let us know how we can help.

WalzCraft RTF door choices - thermal foil cabinet door options

A more extensive line of Thermal Foil doors. Lots of profile passes to choose from and many many RTF colors to chose from. RTF colors and patterns such as brushed steel, black, bamboo, alligator skin, and many of the common woodgrain and solid RTF colors. Walzcraft is a huge company and we are showing just their RTF doors thus far. When a lot of time exists for authoring web pages, we will add to their selections shown on our website. Made in the USA.

If you get a little lost on our website, our Sitemap page outlines all pages by section. We also have a Search Box at the top and bottom of all pages. You are also welcome to call or e-mail us with your questions. E-mail is our preferred way of answering questions. It can allow us to pace ourselves, look up data when needed, and we can address many e-mails outside our normal phone hours also.

Absent Hardware Lines:
Sadly over the years, some manufacturers have gone out of business. And a few we have just chosen not to offer any more. Some of the brands that use to be found on our website were:
Art In Stone, Turned In Stone, Mrs. H's Handles, Cerastone from Mrs. H's, Doug Mockett, Classic Brass, The North Country, Amerock, Belwith, C&R Woodcrafters, DVS Design, Quality Doors, VickiLane Designs, Moen, Out To Lunch, Premier Hardware Designs, Glover & Smith, Blazin' Cool Parts, Metro Metal Works. I think that was all of them. Many of the decorative hardware lines just went out of business, the US Housing crisis which really began in early 2007 and lingered into 2011 hurt a lot of small business manufacturers. Other companies started importing knock-off products of a lesser quality and we were no longer impressed with the items. A couple told us we did not sell enough and dropped us. That happens too. Thus for all of these brands, web pages have been long removed for many. Some were recent as we reformatted our website and just made a decision about what was working and what did not work.

We do like having as many as possible American Made producers of home improvement products shown on our website. European based manufacturers too. We cannot control the source of all products, but we can choose to offer what we feel are products of high quality and dependability. Things do wear out. Nothing really lasts forever. I have one of my Pugs right now who likes to circle our kitchen with his excess drool and he wipes his face on all our cabinet doors. We get a smudge line going around the kitchen. Eventually, the excess cleaning of those doors will lead to having to refinish or replace them. So things do wear out for various reasons other than Pug slobber.

As we enter our next stage of offering cabinet and bathroom hardware, we do plan to expand upon the product lines that we offer. We have a good fit right now, and we are familiar with what we offer. That is important too. Knowing the products and knowing the people on the other end supplying us. And we cannot compete with Home Depot or Lowes on the same product lines. Companies like that buy in such volume and get tremendous deals, and have the space to store products. I would really like to offer ceiling fans. But I would need a showroom space of 1000 sq. ft. to display and stock enough fans to even think about competing with those giants. Then that is just one location compared to their several hundred locations, so I still could never complete with their pricing. This is why we try to stay unique and offer products not found in those stores. More custom, less mainstream, a little more work, but more satisfaction knowing that we make a difference.

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