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Eclectic-ware Sitemap page:

Your table of contents of the cabinet and bathroom hardware products that we offer. This is just to show you the site structure and of course to provide quick links to all pages. It is organized similar to our top main menu or hamburger menu buttons are. But all the pages are shown here rather than flooding out outline menu with every single link on every single page.

Some products may fall into two categories, such as bathroom corner shelves. Do we stick the link in Bathroom Hardware or in the Shelves section? For the most part, we try to organize the site by manufacturer section. On PC's, laptops, and wide screen tablets, those manufacturer names should be present in the footer of every page. On phones, we will have a manufacturer index link in the footer that takes you to a page to list all the names and brief summaries as to what they produce, and then links to their summary or introduction pages.

Whenever you need help finding something, we do have search boxes at the top and bottom of all pages, and we have 813-633-7544, or E-mail. We are here to help. Phone hours are 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, Eastern Time, some Saturdays 12 to 3.

Contact and catalog index pages:

(These pages are accessible generally in the header and - or footer areas of our pages.)

Bathroom Hardware section:

Harney Hardware (still will be updated when time and energy permit)

Cabinet and Display Lighting section:

Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts section:

face frame cabinets explained (moved here 4-23-22)

Walzcraft Doors (more updates coming)

Woodmont Doors
Woodmont Doors are no longer available to the public. Please see our Brushy Creek Thermal Foil Doors.

Decorative cabinet knobs and drawer pulls section:

Arthur Harris was removed from our website in Jan. 2024 when they decided to stop making their stainless steel handles and knobs.

Siro Designs (limited stock remains, Siro is out of business, our remaining stock:)

Shelves and shelf supports section:

Kitchen storage and accessories section:

Furniture hardware section:

hinges for cabinet doors (Still available)

Close outs and Deals:

close out knobs and pulls (to be updated soon)
close out bathroom hardware (to be updated soon)

Customer information pages:

blog - main page (individual blog post links shown in the first column or higher up in this column if you are on a smart phone)

Website summarized into product categories:

Blog posts - listed in chronological order as we posted them:

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