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Ceramic Toilet Paper Holders [Selection Guide]

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Stylish 700 Series Ceramic Toilet Paper Holders

There are only a few choices in ceramic toilet paper holders. For the most part, surface mount or recessed. The model 777 surface mount does come in 4 mounting methods. Then it has a larger version, the 778 that is available only in the thin-set mount. The BR796 fully recessed TP holder requires a 3-1/2 to 3-5/8" depth to fit into. It can be mounted in tiled wall surfaces, as well as sheet rock or even to the side of a wood cabinet. You just have to make sure you have the available depth within your wall or cabinet face you are mounting it upon.
Now, the Scoop on AC Products. Yes, they are out of business, as of November, 2022. They announced it, halted production, and only sold off what they had had currently made. We were a "little" lucky. We were able to stock up on some towel bars, TP holders, shower caddies and a few other items. This note is now updated as of Feb. 17, 2023. Stock is selling off. There are some holes already for the items we normally kept in our stock, primarily the 700 Series and 900 Series. We are noting in the product "select your color" drop down menus as to how many of each item we have left in each color. And we have erased options for items that are completely gone. Updating it pretty much every other day. We still have a fair amount of stock on hand. But when it comes to all those wonderful colors, they are pretty much gone. We will continue to sell what we have until it completely runs out. We still offer Lenape Bath Hardware, and hope to find a source to re-invent some of what AC Products had offered. Many of our AC Products web pages still have a lot of older info. This note supercedes everything....
All the TP holders on this page are available in 80ish colors. Model 777 and the BR796 are available in the stoneware colors also. Model 777 is the compliment to model 725 in the soap dishes. Same shape and just about the same size. But if you are doing a thin-set mount and you like using those rolls that are a bit bigger than the normal double size roll, model 778 is a good choice for that. We placed a normal POM roll from Sam's Club on it and had considerable more space for a roll an inch larger in diameter. The POM roll also fits quite well in the BR796. It does not drag or bind up on a full roll. It spins smoothly. If you do use those triple Charmin rolls or Extra Quilted rolls, these do not fit on the 777 and 796. They just do not work with triple size rolls. But normal double size rolls are fine.

An explanation for the 4 mounting methods for model 777 to help aid in your decision follows our next set of product photos:

We still have a lot of various TP holders in stock. We have quite a few of the BF777-C1 gloss white that will last a while.
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BA777 surface mount TP holder, THIN-SET mount 6-1/16'' w x 5-1/8'' h x 3-1/8" proj., tile inset is 4-1/8"x4-1/8" - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BF777 surface mount TP holder, FLAT BACK mount 6-1/16'' w x 5-1/8'' h x 3-7/16" proj., - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BC777 surface mount TP holder, CLIP ON mount 6-1/16'' w x 5'' h x 3-5/16" proj., - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BM777 semi-recessed TP holder, MUD-SET mount 6-1/16'' w x 4-7/8'' h x 3-1/4" proj., requires 4-1/8"x4-1/8" hole by at least 1-1/4" deep - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BA778 surface mount JUMBO TP holder, THIN-SET mount only, for larger TP rolls, 6-1/8" wide x 5-1/8" tall x 4" protrusion, tile inset 4"x4". Comes as thin-set mount only. - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BR796 fully recessed toilet paper holder, 6-3/8'' square overall size, fits in 6'' x 6'' x 3-5/8'' deep cutout, 3/8" projection on flange over wall - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
The BA777 and BA778 thin-set mount:
Each must set into a 1/4" deep or slightly greater depth opening that measures 4" x 4". Thin-set basically gets put in place where a piece of tile has been omitted, and thus it attaches to the same wall surface that the tile is attaching to. And it can be applied using the same adhesive. The additional full width of the TP holder and full height will overlap adjacent tiles and grout lines.

The BF777 flat back mount:
It can be glued to ANY flat surface. Glue them over tile, wood, drywall, greenboard, sheet rock, or glass. Flat back does not require opening to sit into. Flat back is great for adding a TP holder pretty much anywhere. You do not need to follow the lines of tile or be restricted to cut outs.

The BC777 clip on mount:
Great for drywall and wood surfaces. Can be used on tile too if you wish. Each BC777 toilet paper holder comes with one mounting clip, plastic anchors, and screws. The clip screws onto the wall first, then the TP holder slides down over it. Make sure that it seats tightly so you do not accidentially bump it off the mounting clip one day. Clips are tapered and desinged to wedge the TP holder against the wall. Tapping it from the top with your knuckles or softly, very softly, with a rubber mallet can wedge it tighter. But you only need to do this a spec. Hitting it too hard could loosen the mount of the clip from the wall.

The BM777 mud set mount:
For setting into a deeper hole in the wall, at least 1-1/4" or deeper. Only a 4" x 4" opening is required. Can be set with a mud pack if you like, this is what the Pros do. Can also be adhered with a good quality adhesive caulk such as Loctite or Liquid Nails. Mud set mount is very popular on tiled wall surfaces.

The BR796 fully recessed mount:
This needs a 6" x 6" opening. It only comes in this size. And your hole depth should be 3-5/8", sometimes 3-1/2" is enough but we have measured some needing a spec more room. For retrofitting, if you yanked out one of those recessed metal TP holders that fit in a 5x5 hole, sorry, you will need to make your hole larger for this one to fit into. It comes only in the one size. It does have a flange all the way around it that overlaps the edge of your hole. If tiling up to the hole, then the flange will rest over the top of the tile for a very clean install. Watch out for plumbing or electrical wires where you may be planning to cut your hole for new installs.

Will my roll of TP fit in this holder? A new blog page with answers.

And a commonly asked question about the BR796:

The BR796 recessed toilet paper holder will hold normal double size rolls.
In the expanded images when you click on the TP holder picture just above, a picture is shown with a roll shown inside it, a double roll POM tissue from Sam's Club.
This TP roll measured 4-3/4" in diameter and there was still a little room left over in the TP holder.
If you use super jumbo rolls and triple rolls, they will NOT fit into this holder.
Rolls up to 4-7/8" in diameter will work fine. Anything just over 4-7/8" will drag when attempting to unroll some paper.

UPDATE to the above sizing note: It seems that the width of the roll is important too. We conducted more tests. The POM tissue from Sam's Club has undergone a few packaging / size changes. We have two versions we just tested. One roll is 4.6" in dia. and 4.7" in width. It hangs up in the holder and does not want to roll well, because of the width. The second roll we have is 4.75" (4-3/4) in diameter and 4.07" (4-1/16) in width. It spins freely with no problem. What is causing this is that the TP holder starts to curve inward toward the farthest inside depth. So a wider roll pushes on the back inside of the holder and jams itself on the roller.

So our updated advisement is, you can use rolls up to 4-7/8" in dia. BUT they should not exceed 4-1/4" in width if that big of a diameter. So various rolls can work. If slightly wider, then important that the dia. be slightly less. Take a ruler with you the next time you buy TP. No harm in measuring a roll in the store through the packaging.

Clicking or tapping on any of the 6 images above will allow you to see expanded photos of the back sides so you can see how the mounting methods change. When mounted, all 4 model 777 methods look alike from the surface.

To view images of all the ceramic color choices, please select that link.

AC Products also publishes a color cross reference chart of how their colors coincide with some popular tile brand colors. If you know your tile brand and color code, you can see if there is a reference in that chart. There use to be over 140 color choices, now that has been reduced to around 80ish. Some colors are just way out of date and not as popular anymore. Keeping glaze made in obsolete colors just does not work. Glaze dries out over the years and becomes unuseable. So some colors just have to be deleted.

Then we have a third help page set up for colors. Our color comparing and selection help page. We have taken group photos of the whites, light tones, greys, browns, blues, greens, etc. For the greys and browns this is helpful since there are about a dozen choices each in those tones. And telling the difference between white, biscuit, and bone is sometimes tough when you have no reference to go by. So that page can be very helpful when trying to match to tiles in your bathroom.

Stock and Lead times:

  • All toilet paper holders on this page are stocked in C1 gloss white and C5 gloss black, for all multiple mounting methods for each. These are the two most popular colors, so we keep them on hand. Some in small quantities, some in approx. 10 to 20 at a time. We keep a large number of BR796-C1 in stock.
  • Then many, we also stock in C3 bone and C70 biscuit. Sometimes just a couple of each, but many are kept in stock in these two colors also, in the various mounting methods.
  • The BA778 we stock in C1, C3, C5, C34, C70, and M66 colors, several of each.
  • The BR796 we normally stock in C1, C3, C5, C12, C16, C34, C70, C144, M31, M66, and M81 colors. White and black quite a few, most of those others mentioned, just a few.

Pretty much all other colors take us approx. 3 weeks to receive. Generally 2 weeks for AC Products to make them, and then a week for us to receive them. Please plan that into your installation timing.

The Stylish 700 Series is large. We have divided it upon several pages. For a complete summary, view the Stylish 700 summary page

For a quick overview of the 700 Series towel bars, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and more, you can select from the below thumbnail images.

If you are looking for these same items in the stoneware colors, please go to the Exceptional 900 Series page.
One design, three mounting methods
One design, three mounting methods
Three designs, all fully recessed
One choice, four mounting methods
Six choices, multiple mounting methods
Seven choices, multiple mounting methods
Three choices, multiple mounting methods
Each of these thumbnails represents a whole lot more to see on each page. Every item in the Stylish 700 Series is available in approx. 80 colors, with the exception of the two huge shower caddies and a couple of specialty corner shelves. Review each page for product desriptions and measurements. You can order from any of the product pages. Phone orders are also accepted.

This ceramic bath hardware is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

For other toilet paper holder choices, check out the below.
The model 820 oval shape shown below is excellent for larger rolls too. It has longer arms on it.
2-piece, smaller footprint
Surface mount and recessed stoneware finishes
Arch, oval shape, holds larger rolls
Shell shape, thin-set mount, larger
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