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Shell Shape Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

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AC Products Inspired 500 Series - shell shaped ceramic bathroom fixtures

The Inspired 500 Series has scallop shell pattern soap dishes, TP holders, and towel bars. All items but the AR151 are Thin-Set mounted. The AR151 is a flat-back mount only. Each item comes in only one mounting method and is available in the 14 standard colors. In the standard colors, you can order any item one at a time, or in whatever quantity that you require. The extended color choices have quantity requirements per piece (min. of 20 pieces of a single item to be made). To view color images of the standard colors, please select that link.

The drop down lists for the part numbers will only contain the 14 standard colors, choices in gloss and matte finishes. If you do require a quotation on any of the extended color selections, the minimum order is 20 pieces per piece, not mix and match, we will gladly quote it for you. Best to submit your request via e-mail. For the most part, the average homeowner would not need 20 of any item, unless you are building a dormatory. So the extended colors primarily would be for business customers needing a lot of a single item. We also have volume discounts for larger orders, and that discount increase as the volume meets greater tiers.

But for the homeowner, the following items are available in individual quantities in the standard colors. We stock this collection in C1 gloss white. That is by far the most popular color requested. All the other colors we order as requested, and that generally takes us 3 weeks to receive once ordered. (Usually 2 weeks for production time, then a week travel time to reach us.) Direct ship orders are possible, but ACP does require a minimum size order, and it still generally takes them 2 weeks to produce them. They do not stock too many items in advance except for highly popular items and colors.

Click or tap this picture for a lengthy explanation about mounting methods
Thin-set mounting for the CA525, CA530, and CA577. And flat back mount for the AR151.
AC Products Inspired 500 Series
AC Products CA525 tub soap dish shell design, THIN-SET mount 6-1/2 x 6-1/2 x 3-1/4 proj., thinset inlay 5-3/8" square -SELECT YOUR COLOR
AC Products Inspired 500 Series
AC Products CA530 pair of towel brackets shell design with 24'' bar, THIN-SET mount 5 x 5 x 3-3/8 proj., thinset inlay 3-7/8" square - SELECT YOUR COLOR
AC Products Inspired 500 Series
AC Products CA577 toilet paper holder shell design, THIN-SET mount 6-3/16" w x 6-1/4" h x 4-1/4" proj., thinset inlay 5-5/16" square - SELECT YOUR COLOR
AC Products Inspired 500 Series
AC Products AR151 shell soap dish on square tile with drain hole, FLAT-BACK mount, 5-5/8" wide x 5-7/8" high x 3-1/2" projection -SELECT YOUR COLOR
AC Products Inspired 500 Series
AC Products CA4PC FOUR-piece bath set, 500 series shell design, THIN-SET mount: composed of (1) CA525 soap dish, (1) CA577 TP holder, and (2) CA530 towel bar sets with 24" bars - SELECT YOUR COLOR
Manufacturer: AC Products
AC Products Bar Exchange: All towel bar sets come as a default as 2 posts with a 24" bar. So a 24" bar is already included and you do not need to order it separately. But if you wish to change from clear to white, or white to clear, or to a no bar option, or to a 12", 30", or 36" bar, select from the drop down menu (per towel bar set that you are altering from the default 24" size bar). *For the no-bar option, and reduction to 12" bar, if the dollar deduction does not show up in the shopping cart, fear not. We will make sure it processes correctly when we write up your order.

To view standard color choices, tap that link.

About the bar portion of the towel bar set:
The CA530 in colors C1 gloss white, C34 gloss ice white, M66 matte white, and M84 matte ice white will come with a 24" white bar.

All other standard colors will come with a 24" clear bar. If you wish to switch from clear to white, or white to clear, or change the length of bar that you require, or even omit the bar and just order as a pair of posts, use the Bar Exchange part selection above.

And the same is true for the CA4pc part number. The 4-piece set comes with TWO towel bar sets within it. If you need to switch around the bars to fit your needs, use the Bar Exchange selection, and remember, if you are changing both bars in the set, then use that Bar Exchange as many times as you need to set all the parameters correctly.

This ceramic bath hardware is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

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