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Shell Shape Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

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AC Products Inspired 500 Series - shell shaped ceramic bathroom fixtures

The Inspired 500 Series DID have scallop shell pattern soap dishes, TP holders, and towel bars. All items but the AR151 were Thin-Set mounted. The AR151 is a flat-back mount only. Each item comes in only one mounting method and is available in the remaining stock that we have. (Which is next to nothing as of January 1, 2024.)

This collection was not widely stocked by us except in white, while AC Products was in business. Now we just have the stray remaining items below.

We do not have a substitute line that was big and square, and that had the shell pattern. Sorry.
The Scoop on AC Products: They went out of business in November of 2022. Production stopped, they proceeded to sell off excess inventory for approx. 5 weeks. As of December 2022, they closed up shop entirely. Since November of 2022, we have been selling off our inventory and the inventory we were lucky to grab before their demise. As of January, 2024, we have some items left, but choices are scarce. Most mainstream items sold out quick. So we have bits and pieces and try to keep our website updated at least every other day when we sell items off. So the counts we show in the item description or color drop down menus are accurate (within a day or so).

For our current ceramic bathroom hardware line WHICH IS STILL PRESENTLY BEING MADE, please see the Lenape section of our website. We have offered Lenape bathroom hardware since 2001. Their selections are not as extensive. Yet, Lenape is opting to re-produce a few of the AC Products items to keep them going.

Click or tap this picture for a lengthy explanation about mounting methods
Thin-set mounting for the CA525, CA530, and CA577. And flat back mount for the AR151.
AC Products Inspired 500 Series
AC Products CA525-C119 shell (light pink) tub soap dish shell design, THIN-SET mount 6-1/2 x 6-1/2 x 3-1/4 proj., thinset inlay 5-3/8" square
(Only 2 left in stock, and the light pink color only)
AC Products Inspired 500 Series
AC Products AR151-C5 gloss black shell soap dish on square tile with drain hole, FLAT-BACK mount, 5-5/8" wide x 5-7/8" high x 3-1/2" projection
(only one left in gloss black, white is our old picture)

You can go to our colors page to see the C119 shell color (a very pale pink). And C5 gloss black is just black.

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