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ACP 600 Series Towel Bars and TP Holders

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600 Series Small base towel bars and matching TP holders

There are only two items to select from in this series. Both are clip on mount only. And they are available only in the 14 standard color choices. We do get requests for a near square shape base for towel bars. This is the answer for that. But, only in the clip on mounting method. The towel bar posts have a square opening to receive the bar, and the bar will rest in them with a flat side up, not the typical diamond formation.

The TP holder posts have a small round opening to allow the tiny 3/8" end nubs of the roller to snap into. These pieces are ideal for smaller bathrooms, and even for a towel bar in the laundry room. Their smaller footprints allow them to not look bulky on the wall in smaller rooms.
AC Products 600 Series
AC Products AC625 pair towel bar brackets w/ 24'' bar, CLIP-ON 2-3/8" w x 2-1/2" h x 3-5/8" proj. - SELECT YOUR COLOR
AC Products 600 Series
AC Products AC624 two-piece toilet paper holder w/roller, CLIP-ON 2-1/2" w x 2-1/2" h x 3-1/2" proj. - SELECT YOUR COLOR
Manufacturer: AC Products
AC Products Bar Exchange: Use this part number AS MANY times as you need to change from the default 24" bar included to a different bar color or size. Or even the option of no bar.
*For the no-bar option, and reduction to 12" bar, if the dollar deduction does not show up in the shopping cart, fear not. We will make sure it processes correctly when we write up your order.

About the towel bar set:

Each 600 Series towel bar set comes as 2 posts, 2 mounting clips, and a 24" bar. So when selecting a quantity of 1 above, you get two posts, two clips, and one bar. The BAR EXCHANGE part number is for changing the bar option. You can switch the color of the bar, or choose to go with a longer or shorter bar. You can even order a pair of posts with no bar by choosing the no bar option. Posts always come as a pair. We cannot sell just one post. So they all come as a set and by default with the 24" bar.

How do we decide the default color if you do not choose to change? This is how:
  • White colors C1, C34, M66, and M84 by default will come with the white bar.
  • Black color C5 will now come as a default with a black bar.
  • Every other color comes with a clear bar.

White and Clear bars come in 12", 24", 30", and 36". Black bars are available in 12", 24", and 36". All bars are plastic and can be cut easily with a fine tooth saw such as a hack saw. Or even a powered mitre saw. So if your application requires a 18" long black bar, order the 24" and cut it down to size.

Use this part number as many times as you need for the changes you need. Thus using it multiple times on the same order for various sizes or color changes is fine. You can mix it up however you like. Change to a black bar in white posts for black and white themes, or change to a clear bar for anything. We also have a comments field if you need to add any notes for clarity.

If you need to order an extra bar, we have that option on the bathroom replacement parts page.
Our standard colors, group photo shown here, are available for the AC624 and AC625. To view each color individually and with its description, please go to our main ceramic colors page.
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