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Kitchen Trash Cans Door Mountable Slide Outs

Slide Out Waste Management Solutions

Kitchen conveniences are one of the big things that makes it desireable to be in your kitchen. If anyone remembers their grandparents or great-grandparents house, odds are it was a pretty small house. And sometimes half of the kitchen was taken up with the one dining room table in the whole house. There were not breakfest nooks or separate rooms for a dining room table at that time. All was strategically crammed into the one little kitchen. The trash can either sat in the corner of the room, or a tiny can was kept under the sink. And it had to be tiny because that is where all the plumbing pipes hung down and there was not much room in that cabinet.

In today's houses, kitchens are not so tiny anymore. Most of the time they are a focal point that is open to the main living room or partially open. Kitchens are generally accessible from two sides. The dining room table is in an area of its own now. And trash cans are hidden in a full size cabinet, and are more fancy single and double bin slide out units. Many attached to the door so when you pull on the door, the trash can is there and ready to be used. And ready to be pushed back out of plain view when not needed.

This is what is on this page, Great-Grandma's wish list for us to have fancy hidden slide out trash cans.

The Rev-A-Shelf 53WC and 5349 waste slide out series are door mountable "ready" units. You do not have to attach your cabinet door to them if you do not want to. You can keep your door on hinges, and then reach in and pull out your trash and recyling cans. Or you can conveniently take your door off its hinges and mount it onto the slide brackets. Thus when you pull your door straight out, the trash and recycling cans come out with it. We like that plan better, one step, instead of two steps. And easy to close with your foot sometimes instead of using your hand.

The 53WC Series is designed for 15", 18", and 21" wide base cabinets. There are multiple choices of waste bins, and choices of single or double bin units. The bins are polymer containers in a metallic silver color. Full extension steel slides are rated for up to 90 pounds, and have a soft-close mechanism. The powder coated wire frame color coordinates with the bin(s) and slides. Easy mounting to the cabinet floor, and your option of making it door mountable. Single can units have storage space behind them for boxes of trash bags, cleaning supplies, or whatever you would like to store behind your trash can. That is within the slide frame, so the storage area slides out with the can portion.
Manufacturer: Rev-A-Shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-1527SCDM-217 double 27 qt waste slide out, self closing, steel slides, square silver bins, 11-1/4'' wide, 19'' tall, 22-1/8" deep
Manufacturer: Rev-A-Shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-1835SCDM-217 double 35 qt waste slide out, self closing, steel slides, silver bins, 14-3/8'' wide, 19'' tall, 22-1/4" deep
Manufacturer: Rev-A-Shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-1535SCDM-117 single 35 qt waste slide out, self closing, steel slides, silver bin, 10-7/8'' wide, 19'' tall, 22-1/4" deep
Manufacturer: Rev-A-Shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-1550SCDM-117 single 50 qt waste slide out, self closing, steel slides, silver bin, 10-7/8'' wide, 22-7/8'' tall, 22-1/4" deep
Manufacturer: Rev-A-Shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-2150SCDM-217 double 50 qt waste slide out, self closing, steel slides, silver bins, 15-1/2'' wide, 22-7/8'' tall, 22-1/4" deep
The 5349 Series is also designed for 15", 18", and 21" wide base cabinets. There are 27 quart, 35 quart, and 50 quart bin size choices, most available as double bin units allowing one bin to be for recyclables. This is the Elite Slide Out Waste System. The bins are polymer containers in a pure white color. Full extension aluminum slides with 1-1/2" of overtravel are rated for up to 85 pounds, and have a soft-close mechanism. Their is a 10" high door mountable aluminum frame. Easy mounting to the cabinet floor, and your option of making it door mountable. Single can units have storage space behind them. Extremely silent smooth motion when opening and closing. Built with incredible strength. Units come fully assembled. You just need to mount them to the base of your cabinet, and then choose to mount the cabinet door to the front for convenient door mount opening.
Manufacturer: Rev-A-Shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 5349-15DM-1 singe 35 qt waste slide out, self closing, aluminum slides, white bin, 10-3/4' wide, 19-1/4' tall, 21-15/16" deep
Manufacturer: Rev-A-Shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 5349-1527DM-2 double 27 qt waste slide out, self closing, aluminum slides, square white bins, 11-11/16'' wide, 18-15/16'' tall, 22-1/4" deep
Manufacturer: Rev-A-Shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 5349-18DM-2 double 35 qt waste slide out, self closing, aluminum slides, white bins, 14-13/16'' wide, 19-1/4'' tall, 21-7/8" deep
Manufacturer: Rev-A-Shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 5349-2150DM-2 double 50 qt waste slide out, self closing, aluminum slides, white bins, 14-13/16" wide, 22-5/16" tall, 22-1/8" deep
Please take note of the dimensions listed with every unit above. These are the MINIMUM size opening you must have in order for the waste slide out unit to fit in your "opening." Some kitchens have face frame cabinetry, some have frameless. The opening of the individual cabinet must accommodate the width and height of the slide out unit. And then the depth must allow it to sit fully within your cabinet. Generally depth is not a problem. BUT, if you are considering mounting one of these units in your sink base cabinet, there is a strong possibility that your sink drain pipes are not going to allow it to fit. Most kitchens will have a large cabinet to the left or right of the sink. This would be a better option for the slide out unit. If you have a shelf in the cabinet, take out the shelf.

But do notice on the 50 quart units shown above. They require a greater height measurement. You can see from the pictures that the tops of their cans are exceeding the bottom line of the drawer fronts above adjacent cabinets. So measure and double measure to make sure these units will fit. And when most say 19" height requirement, give some consideration to how you control your trash. Some of us take it out when it is around 7/8ths full or almost all the way full. And some of us let it overflow especially if it is Junior's job to take out the trash and he is not always on top of it. So if you let your trash heap up a day or two before emptying it, a little extra height in your cabinet is appropriate. And most base cabinets have close to 21" of useable height. Again, that depends upon face frames and how wide the frames are.

About door mounting:
When attaching the built in brackets to the "back" of your door, if you have raised panel doors, you are usually good to go if your cabinet opening size is just a little greater than the minimum required. Screws will generally line up with the frame of the door, which is almost always 3/4" thick. If they line up with the thick part of the panel, that is usually good too. Best to eyeball the screws to make sure that they will not protrude out the face of your door when screwed in. For shaker style doors with plywood panels, it would be so easy to screw through the front of the door face and ruin the door. So you must check the alignment of your door where the brackets fall upon it and make sure you have enough wood depth that you will not damage the front of your door. If it does not line up well, there are extension brackets that can be used, or even flat pieces of wood slats can be used behind your door, then you just mount the unit a small amount deeper within your cabinet. Or you just leave your door as a hinged door. You definitely want to look over all angles before potentially damaging a door, which could then be difficult to match up should you require a new door.

If you have any questions in advance, please ask us.

About shipping costs:
These units are big, thus all of them ship as "dimensional size boxes." They may weigh only 10 to 15 pounds, but with UPS, they will ship at 28# to 50# dimensional weights. We set up most every order for the Rev-A-Shelf slide out watse containers as a direct ship from our vendor. Orders shipping within the state of Florida have a shipping cost of $16. Orders outside of Florida will gradually increase as your distance from Florida increases. Thus shipping could range from $20 to $22 when going to Georgia, Tennesse, Mississippi which are close to Florida to potentially $44 to $50 to west coast states. The size of the box determines how much it costs. So the double 50 quart units cost a little more to ship than a single 35 quart unit. We can quote shipping in advance if you like. We are going to charge what we are being charged to ship them. And orders to Colorado and westward do cost more to ship.

Orders going to AK, HI, Canada or anywhere else, please do let us get a shipping quote for you first. For areas such as these, we may have the unit come to us first, then we will ship via Priority Mail or International Mail to get it to you. Note that US Priority Mail also ships by dimensional size packages for anything over one cubic foot. Which all of these are definitely over that. So shipping a 32 pound dimensional size box to Hawaii via Priority Mail will be around $95 plus insurance. (And those rates generally go up every 18 months.)

Orders going outside the US, other than Canada, may not be too practical. Because of the sizes of these boxes, shipping costs can become quite ridiculous. We can quote shipping, but do not expect it to be a low amount. Larger or heavier boxes shipping internationally can become quite expensive.

Shipping charges are not automatically displayed in our shopping cart. That is up to us to calculate the correct amounts. This is why we gave examples above for US based shipments. Shipping will be calculated correctly and fairly for your zip code and the size of the box. We do not over-charge alarming amounts, we charge what we are being charged. May look alarming for these big boxes. That is why we are addressing it in advance. Most shipments on the east half of the US are not too bad. When UPS has to travel farther with a package, it costs more, that is just how their system works. Fuel and time are related to distance. C=FT/D squared. Don't tell Einstein I just made that up.
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