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Bathroom Hardware [Selection Help Page]

Our Bathroom Hardware Selections

We offer a lot of bathroom accessories, especially in ceramic. In the above main menu found on every web page, under Bathroom Hardware, we have the AC Products section, Lenape section, and then a page for the Solid Surface bathroom accessories from Rock Solid. This section will also be expanded upon a little when we have time to work on more product pages.

AC Products is our elite ceramic line of ceramic bathroom hardware. Towel bars, soap dishes, corner shelves, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, toothbrush holders, shower caddies and a few other recessed items. The Stylish 700 Series is by far the most versatile in that most items come in over 80 colors each. There are 3 web pages set up to help with color selections. One shows individual colors, the next has a cross reference chart from AC Products listing color codes in how they relate to tile brand color codes. And then we have a page where we have taken more group photos of the colors to show how they contrast from one another. That page is helpful when you are trying to match, or closely match, to an unknown color from your bathroom from 1950 or whatever year it was built.

Lenape is a brand that we have offered since 2001. They have downsized their selections, but the Pro Series, Classic, Meridian, and Carrousel lines are hanging in there. There are limited color selections. A couple of collections have the option of white, and that is about all. But Lenape has been a very popular brand for close to a half century. And Lenape offers options of round and oval bath hardware, and even double towel bar choices. The Blossoms on White oval shaped items are still available.

Rock Solid has been on our website since 2000 when we began. They make their bathroom accessories from real Corian, Wilsonart Solid Surface, Staron, and other solid surface brands. There is a nice selection of recessed soap dishes, TP holders, and multiple shower caddies. Also Rock Solid produces matching corner shelves, switchplates, and knobs and pulls which we have placed those pages in more relavent sections of our website.

Spring loaded replacement towel bars are a popular item we offer to fix broken bars in your shower or tub area.
This will be a page that looks similar to this outline page. All collections from AC Products will have a brief summary and links to their pages. As well as the color and other help pages in that section. This is a LARGE variety of ceramic bathroom hardware. If you need colors, this is the place to start. If looking for the vintage rounded corner rectangular shaped items in popular thin set, flat back, and clip on mounts, you can go directly to the Stylish 700 Series page outline. The yellow picture shown next.
By far the most extensive on choices and colors from AC Products. The series is so large that we displayed it across multiple web pages. If you are creating a new bathroom or remodeling, or just need a replacement for something you broke, this collection offers the most solutions.
Porcelain bathroom accessories in rectangular, round, and oval shapes. Most collections are clip on mount. The Pro Series is the tile inset mount. Very limited color selections. But still vintage ceramic bathroom hardware. Classic Blossoms floral pieces still available.
Our line of solid surface, such as Corian and Wilsonart, designer bath hardware items. If you have solid surface counters, showers, or tub surrounds, you can get some matching bath hardware.
Rock Solid is currently re-defining their offerings.
The easy to use, replacement towel bar rod. To fix a broken square plastic towel bar. If you have two ceramic towel bar posts glued to your wall and the bar between them broke, this is the solution for NOT having to remove the posts. The spring loaded ends self center the bar and allow you to replace it with ease. Much more info about it on that web page.
We are seeking out a quality brand of metal bathroom hardware.
When we have success, we will update this page with it.
Now for some other related bathroom accessory items that we have placed in other areas of our website. We have glass shelves and shelf brackets from Expo Design. There are Corian corner shelves, and a left over selection of granite corner shelves. We have summarized the shelf choices on the Bathroom Shower and Tub Shelves summary page.

The solid surface switchplates are common in bathrooms and kitchens both. Some of the stainless steel wall hooks can be used in bathrooms, linen closets, or normal closets. Under cabinet lighting can be used in bathrooms too, and we have two great companies that offer that. As well as cabinet doors. So many products cross over from the kitchen, to the bathroom, and to other rooms of the home. When you are building a new bathroom, or renovating your existing one, you will need cabinets, lighting, and a place to hold your toilet paper and hang a towel.

For replacement towel rings, we show them on the Lenape replacement parts page.

If you have trouble locating anything on our website, please e-mail us. And do glance through the additional suggestions below. The search field at the top and bottom of each page also works well, as long as we thought to call something the same as you are thinking to call it.

The pictures below are links to their respective hardware pages. Mixing and matching product lines is quite common. Such as with the glass shelves. Glass goes with most every decor, it blends well. When accompanied with decorative brackets, try to accent to a metal or solid color that you already have in the room. And shelves aren't only for function of stacking usable items. Sometimes they are just there to display little non-usable items. Family pictures, bath soaps that are never used, or a floral arrangement. A bathroom use to be a sink, toilet and tub with maybe one useable cabinet. Today's bathrooms in new homes are rather elaborate. Adding little details to a smaller bathroom can help it feel more friendly.

So much of our hardware offered can be used in the bathroom. Most people think of bathroom hardware as just towel bars, soap dishes, and TP holders. But it is the cabinetry, the sinks, the faucets, and then the light switch covers, the cabinet knobs and pulls on the cabinet doors. And everyone likes extra lighting in the bathroom. You may have the main overhead lights, or even a celing fan. But concentrated light around the sink and mirror area. Or accent light around the tub area. Get creative, there is so much you can do to turn Grandma's 1960's basic bathroom into a room you actually like to be in.
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