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Kitchen Organizing Storage Products [Home Improvement]

Kitchen Cabinet Storage and Organizing Products

We offer many products used in the making of kitchen cabinetry and finishing off your kitchens. Most of our products are used for furniture making. Then we have many great items for the bathroom.

But when in your kitchen, you want to find ways to make it more functional and best use the space you have. Face it, very few people knock out a kitchen wall and make the kitchen bigger. That usually does not happen. If a kitchen is open to a dining area or the living room, you may be able to expand in that direction, or add a pantry on the edge of the kitchen by taking up space from an adjacent area. More or less though, you are stuck with the existing design. You can reface it to give it a new look. But how do you develop more useful space.

Here are some of the products that we offer that provide a different way of stacking space, or hiding some items in the kitchen to take them out of view. Some bring items into light to display them. Nonetheless, the categories below will provide useful space creation in your kitchen. Sometimes you sacrifice a little space to gain better use of the space. And as we expand on products, we will add more to this page.
Here you will find unfinished wood items: wine bottle racks, wine rack lattice, stemware glass holders, appliance garages, and plate displays. These are most certainly kitchen organizers that also add beauty to your kitchen. They become focal pieces as well as functional. Unfinished wood can be stained or painted to match your cabinetry. (Notice too, someone placed a glass shelf under the stemware holder.)
More shelf space is always desired in a kitchen. Whether it is for food, utility items, or to show off prize possessions, shelves can normally be added to almost any open wall space. And glass shelves go with just about every single decor. They blend, no color matching required. And Expo Design offers glass shelves and decorative brackets in many useful sizes from small to large.
Hide your trash and recycling can in a cabinet, attach the door to the slide out, pull on the door and all slides out together. How cool is that? Slide out waste containers come in several different widths. A great way to keep the trash cans from being visible. It will take up a base cabinet, but it will be neatly hidden.
Cabinet doors and drawer fronts, believe it or not, add to organizing. When you have one base cabinet that has a door over it, and you have to dig all the way back into a narrow cabinet that might have one shelf in it, sometimes not always the most favorable thing. But convert that cabinet into a 2 or 3 drawer bank and bring what is inside the cabinet out to you much easier. Converting cabinets, especially during a remodel, is a great way to turn equal space into better used space. (See the drawer bank on the far right.)
Wood cabinet door options available from Brushy Creek also.
We do not want to try to go overkill on this page and specify every use that every product could potentially have. We have other product category pages created on our site. Links to them are in the footer of every page, unless on a smartphone, then there is one general link to the summary of the summary pages. We will have various ways of getting you around on our website. The menu at the top of every page is basically the product category headers. Whenever you are having a little difficulty locating something, try the search bars. If we labeled something in the same way that you would phrase it, you will find it. If not, there is always e-mail.
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