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Eclectic-ware Return Policy

Ordering and Company Info
Eclectic-ware Return Policy

a) General return of merchandise received
b) Cancellation of custom made or non-returnable/cancelable merchandise
c) Merchandise discovered to be defective
d) Damaged merchandise upon delivery
a) General return of merchandise received
a1) Items that we choose to stock (many Hera Lighting products, select Loox lighting, close-out AC Products items, most Lenape items, Omega-National, some Expo Design, and some close-out Siro Designs), stock items are restocked with a 15% restock fee. Items need to be returned within 60 days after purchase and in new and unused condition.

a2) For non-stock items, items that are allowed to be returned are restocked at a 35% restock fee, and must be returned within 30 days. After 30 days, we cannot accept them back. (Best to order one or a small quantity of anything first that you are uncertain about.)

a3) Most companies that we set up direct ships from generally do ship right away for products in stock. And most do allow returns. You must check with us first before returning anything. We will either authorize the return to go back directly to the manufacturer, or possibly come to our address at our discretion. But please, contact us first and wait for an answer before returning anything. Most manufacturers require RMA numbers and have time frame allotments, and we have to follow their rules.

a4) For made to order CUSTOM products from Arthur Harris, Rock Solid, Sietto Decorative Hardware, Brushy Creek Custom Doors, and Walzcraft Doors, absolutely no returns or refunds are allowed. Manufacturers rules. Always double check your measurements and colors before ordering.

a5) Orders that were under $8 in total value are not returnable because it costs us about $8 to process a return. And sometimes your postage to send it back could be equal or greater than the return value.

a6) For items returned, in order to receive a refund, we must receive them in unused new condition, as we sent them to you. If damaged on the way back to us, we cannot issue a refund. If you insured your return, claims can be filed with the transportation company by you. Pack things WELL.

a7) Exchanges? Contact us first. Let's figure it out and figure out how to reduce costs for everyone involved.

b) Cancellation of custom made or non-returnable/cancelable merchandise
b1) CUSTOM made products from Brushy Creek Custom Doors, Walzcraft Doors, and specially sized or ordered Hera Lighting specialty lights are NOT cancelable or returnable. We have no time window. When a door order or refacing order is placed, it is already yours to keep. If specially requested panel lights or other specialty lights are ordered, they are on the way from Europe. This is why we stress measuring and checking those measurements, and be certain at the time of ordering that this is what you need.

b2) CUSTOM made products from Arthur Harris, Sietto Decorative Hardware, and Rock Solid are also not cancelable or returnable. We sometimes have a very small window to make a change. Sietto and Rock Solid have an absolute no return policy, and sometimes they are fast and an order can ship in a couple days (most of the time it is about a one to two week lead time). Arthur Harris makes their handles to the sixteenth of an inch, very custom. So again, be certain about your sizes.

c) Merchandise discovered to be defective
c1) Defective merchandise is NEVER the customer's fault. And it should be this way for every business on the planet. When you receive your product, and it is defective in appearance, workmanship, or function, report it to us RIGHT AWAY. Do not delay in reporting it. On direct ships, we will inform the manufacturer and replacement item(s) will be sent. Some manufacturers will require the defective product to be sent back to them, and will make arrangements to collect it. If shipped from us, we will make arrangements for replacements and the collection of the defective merchandise. We must verify that the items are truly defective. Items that are not defective and returned to us on the pretense that they are will result in all shipping charges and restock fees being applied. If a color option or finish is not to your liking, that is not a defect.

c2) Defective merchandise from Arthur Harris, Rock Solid, Brushy Creek Custom Doors, or Walzcraft Doors will be RE-MADE. These companies do not give refunds or allow returns. So if something they shipped is defective, they will re-make it AND to the exact same specifications as when ordered. Again, manufacturers rules. We have no say in their policies.

d) Damaged merchandise upon delivery
d1) When you receive your products, if anything is discovered damaged, contact us RIGHT AWAY. Even on direct ships, contact us, not the manufacturer. If you contact the manufacturer, most likely they refer you back to us. Do not hesitate in contacting us. In most cases, we will be filing a claim for damage with the shipper. We pack items quite carefully and well under 1/2% of our annual shipments arrive with a complication. If we learn about damaged items weeks after you received them, it can lessen our chances of filing a successful claim. And on direct ships, many manufacturers do not accept damage reports past 5, 10, or 20 days, or whatever their individual policies are. So please, if something arrives broken, tell us right away. Arrangements will be made to have replacement items sent to you. Sometimes proof of damage will be required by e-mailing us photos of the product and shipping box. UPS may require an inspection, if they do, they will come to you. Retain ALL shipping boxes (outer and inner) and ALL packing materials. On higher value items, UPS generally does come to pick up the damage. If they see "insufficient packing," they deny the claim. So do not throw away any of the packing materials until we have resolved this for you.

d2) This note just added May, 2, 2021. New rules involving postal claims. Please see that page.

Returns must be packed well to arrive to us or the manufacturer SAFELY. They must be in new and unused condition. If product was installed or used, it is not returnable.

On every product line that we offer, there is no minimum order. A few companies will have small order fees on tiny orders, but they have no restriction on purchasing just one whenever you want to check it out first. Companies that do charge small order fees will be noted on our various web pages; there are currently only 4 of them. All the other manufacturers that we represent are very friendly toward shipping small orders.

Any and all return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer (related to section A above). We will cover shipping costs only if an error was ours. And of course if we do make an error, there are no restocking charges either. We would never charge someone for our mistake. We strive to not make errors, but once in a great while....

Please do not allow the above to be discouraging. Companies have to have guidelines. There is some wiggle room where it is feasible. Manufacturers with strict rules, well, those are their rules. We do try to work with our customers, especially on exchanges and general returns of stock merchandise. It's not our goal to make UPS or USPS richer than they are, or to make you or us take a hit. Small businesses have expenses in processing an order. When processing a return, that initial order expense is still there and then added to with the expense involved in processing the return. Please be understanding of that. (Ever wonder why huge companies issue their own brand of credit card? To avoid excessive credit card commissions with the processors, and the same fees when a return is processed. Big companies have greater options in dealing with costs, and of course massive revenue to cover costs. Small businesses work hard to stay in business, pretty much daily.)

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