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Hafele Hardware Loox LED Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

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Hafele Loox LED Lighting Products

Loox5 2094-3094 under cabinet spotlights

This will become one of our main under cabinet spotlights. Popular 2-9/16" in overall diameter.

Loox5 2090-3090 Miniature Eye LED spotlights

Bookcase and shelf lighting is becoming so popular. And mostly for ambient lighting.

Loox 2047 LED economical 12 volt spotlight

GREAT for Carver Yachts!
The 2047 carries an IP20 rating for water and contaminant resistance.

Loox 3038 LED 24V spotlight

This is the 24 volt version of the model 2047 light. It is 3 watts, but 24 volt.

Loox 2020 12v LED spotlight

Also great for Carver Yachts. IP44 rated. This was the first light choice to take the place of the 12v halogen lights.
Model 2020 LED light is the normal size of under cabinet light, 2-9/16" diameter. It is 3.2 watts and comes in 3 finishes: polished chrome, matte nickel (similar to stainless steel), and matte black. The Loox 2047 light is very similar but is only an IP20 water resistance rating. Sadly, both are discontinued because Hafele is now focusing on Loox5. BUT WE STILL HAVE STOCK. It is sporadic, and we do list what remains on each of those pages.
And we have brought in another 12v LED light to use on boat, the Estar LED light.

Slim Height LED lights - surface mounted

There are four different 24 volt LED lights on this page. Some that are very large, and some normal size.
Headboard Lighting

Hera Edenroc-LED Flex Light

As a substitute for the Hafele 2018 light which was discontinued.

Loox 2034 Flexible personal reading light

Very similar to the Edenroc with the conical head. The 2034 has a round head with a 1.5 watt LED.

Loox5 12V Power Drivers, Distributors, and adapters

The NEW Loox5 power drivers and distributor choices to work with both new and old Loox LED lights.

Loox5 24V Power Drivers, Distributors, and adapters

The NEW Loox5 24v power drivers and distributor choices to work with both new and old Loox LED lights.

Loox5 Power Driver & Distributors Q&A

Questions and answers to help you with your Loox5 Power Driver choices.

Making Sense of Loox5 Drivers

We thought our Q&A page was good, until we saw this diagram and felt that further explanation was needed.
The Loox5 12V and 24V LED power drivers and distributors are stocked by us. We still have quantities remaining on a couple of the older Loox4 LED drivers, and will continue to sell those until Hafele runs out of them. When they are completely sold out, then you will need to solely use the Loox5 components. Remaining stock on the Loox4 drivers is shown on this web page: LED power drivers and dimmers.

As more Hafele Loox lights capture our attention, we will expand upon our selections.
We are planning on adding some of their TAPE LED lighting soon since they have quite a few selections.

Loox Dimmers and Switches

We moved all the round dimmers and switches, and the square dimmers onto their own page.

Loox5 Terminal Block Extenders and Extension Cables

All the 12 volt and 24 volt Loox5 terminal block extenders and extension cables are on this page.

12V and 24V Line Voltage Dimmable E-series Driver

This is a hardwired driver, suggested to be installed by a licensed electrician. 120v.
Below are some of our older Loox4 pages which still have products available. Quantities remaining will be shown.

Loox4 12v and 24V power drivers

What is left of the Loox4 LED power drivers will be shown on this page.

Loox4 Terminal Block Extenders and Extension Cables

All the older Loox4 12 volt and 24 volt terminal block extenders and extension cables are on this page.
Hafele continues to have leftover stock on SOME lights. If you would like us to inquire about more than what we show left in our stock, e-mail us your request. If we know for fact that some light part numbers are completely gone, we will update our part numbers to reflect that fact.

Loox 2039 LED IP65 rated 12V spotlight

On Closeout: Model 2039 features an IP65 rating for great water resistance.
read more, stock remains
Hafele Loox 3038 light in entertainment center
Hafele Loox LED Lighting is great for the home or office. There are so many possibilities on where you can use this lighting. This is one of many 3038 spotlights I have in my entertainment center.

About Loox LED Lighting

All Hafele products available in the USA are available through us. And we do fully intend to expand upon our offerings as time permits.

Hafele Loox LED lighting is high quality lighting. German engineering through Hafele, Loox LED continues to expand. As shown below with several of the new Loox5 lighting systems shown. Loox5 seems to be offering the same lights in 12v and 24v versions, making some things easier. Sizes, designs, and then the decorative rings and surface mount rings can work on their 12v and 24v counterparts. Most of the 24v lights have a higher lumen output, thus 24v generally are a spec brighter.

We still show some of the Loox4 version lights, the 2047, 2020, 2039, and 3038 lights which have been fantastic in fulfilling the need for LED lights to fit into that popular 2-1/8" size recessed hole. Very common on Carver Yachts and Formula Boats.

Follow the links above. Each page will of course have far more information, pricing, and the ability to order on-line.

Hafele Loox5 and Loox4 LED Lighting web page links:

Loox5 12v and 24v spotlights: model 2094 and 3094 | model 2090 and 3090
Flexible Arm Reading Lights: Model 2034 round head | Model 2018 conehead
Surface Mounted Slim Height LED spotlights: Models 3023 and 3025
Older Loox4 12v spotlights: Model 2047 | Model 2020 | Model 2039
Older Loox4 24v spotlights:
Model 3038
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