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Brushy Creek Custom Doors and Cabinet Materials

Brushy Creek Custom Doors section index

Custom Made 3D Laminate Doors for Kitchens, Bathroom, and Furniture Making

When most people think about cabinet doors, just the kitchen comes to mind. But there are so many other places in the home and office that they can be used. Most bathrooms have a few cabinet doors and a sink false front, some bathrooms have a dozen cabinet doors. Incredibly designed closets could have many built in chest of drawers and some hinged doors. Bedroom furniture has the same kind of doors. Laundry rooms, your garage, your office desk, your custom filing cabinet. Seems like cabinet doors are everywhere. And with creativity, the way you design your furniture projects can be endless.

Brushy Creek Custom Doors kitchen example

Ordering doors, drawer fronts, and accessories for your kitchen or bathroom can be overwhelming. There are a lot of steps to get the right look, and the right stuff. This intro page is going to be a brief lesson on what criteria you need to select to have your doors built. We have a separate page, Measuring for your Cabinet Doors set up to help with measuring. Use that page for help when you are ready to start measuring.

This page outlines our various Brushy Creek Custom Doors pages. Then each page gives you a lot of helpful information about choices and what to select to order your cabinet doors.

DECIDE FIRST: Would I like a Raised Panel Door, A Flat Panel Door (also called recessed panel and Shaker Style), or a modern Slab Style (flat face). THEN:

On Raised Panel Doors: a) select style, b) select profile, c) select edge, d) select color, e) select options like matching backs, hinge boring, finger pulls.
On Recessed Panel Doors: a) select style (which is the profile too), b) select edge, c) select color, d) select any of those extra options.
On Slab Doors: a) If standard slab, select edge choice, b) select color, c) select options like matching backs, hinge boring, finger pulls.
On Specialty Slab Doors: a) select the style, b) select color, c) opt for hinge boring, d) matching back.
Then with all doors, choose a matching drawer front style or slab drawer front. More info below, and on the pages.

Brushy Creek cabinet door styles
This page shows the various raised panel door designs. Basically square or one of the various arch tops to the raised panel cut. All doors are retangular on the outside, but the perimeter of the raised panel cut inside the door is the door style or door design. Double panel doors and finger pull info is shown on this page also.
Brushy Creek Custom Doors raised panel door profiles
The profile is different from the style. The raised panel profile refers to how the inside cut takes shape starting down on the inside of the frame, across, and then back up to the panel. There are many profile selections. Not all are available on every door style. It will be noted on this page which combinations you can make. Slab doors and specialty slab doors will be shown on this page also. And then information about matching raised panel drawer fronts, or slab drawer fronts. Color photos and black and white diagrams of how the profiles are cut are shown.
Brushy Creek Custom Doors shaker style doors
Technically, these are more door designs, but they are recessed panel (flat panel), not raised panel. So they are special designs. You can pick your edge choice to go with them, and of course your color, hinge options, and finger pulls. You have the option of matching drawer fronts. Or you could choose slab drawer fronts to go with them.
Brushy Creek Doors 3D Laminate color selections
This page shows the solid and woodgrain color selections. Doors, drawer fronts, moldings, valances, wine bottle racks, fluted fillers and pilasters, all come in these colors. Colors that allow matching backs for the doors will have a notation of availableness. Watch grain patterns. On some items you will select vertical or horizontal grain.
Brushy Creek Door frame only and mullion cabinet doors
More detailed information on what frame only and mullion doors are. Doors suited for glass panels, predominately for upper cabinets, china hutches, and entertainment centers. You can add interior cabinet lighting behind them to show off your stuff. Pretty much a raised panel door with the panel missing. Info on profile selections, door styles, etc.
Brushy Creek Doors concealed hinge boring
Illustrations and info on which hinge boring you should select. We offer hinges too. There are options and we explain them. And if you are NOT planning on using concealed hinges, then you can skip this page.
Brushy Creek Doors Crown molding and other molding
If you are considering Crown Molding or any other kinds of molding, options here. All come in all RTF colors.
Brushy Creek Custom Doors 3D Laminate refacing material
Sold by the linear foot, all are 48" or slightly wider, choose your length in 12" increments. It is not PSA. You will apply it to your face frames and cabinet box ends using contact cement. Can easily be cut to size with a straight edge and sharp razor. Same 3D Laminate covering that is used on the doors and other accessories.
RTF Fluted Fillers options for decorative kitchens
Decorative options common in larger and more fancy kitchens. Nice for islands and breakfast bars. Also information about plain filler strips too.
Kitchen wine bottle racks in 3D Laminates
More decorative items. Items of choice to jazz up your kitchen and to create unique storage space. Inserting wine bottle racks in one of your cabinet boxes is a nice way to store and present your wine. A valance is a nice bridge over windows.
Measure your kitchen for cabinet doors
Doors and drawer fronts have widths and heights, and all can be made to the sixteenth of an inch. Kitchens and other cabinetry can be face frame or frameless. This page will offer some assistance in how to measure properly. How to determine overlays. What hinges can do for overlays too.
Receiving your new cabinet doors
Info on what to do when you receive your doors. What to check. Reporting errors or damage. And then Brushy Creek's warranty and care instructions.
An extensive form with helpful notes and the ability to leave comments throughout it. The form covers the scope of all the products and is somewhat self-guiding to help you fill it in. All your info submitted will be treated as a no obligation quotation for all submissions. Then after we reply and answer questions back and forth, you can decide later whether to proceed as an order.
Links to this form, as well as other pages, will be near the bottom of all our Brushy Creek Custom Doors web pages.
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