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3D Laminate Raised Panel Cabinet Door Profiles

Brushy Creek Custom Doors section index

Brushy Creek Custom Doors Profile Choices

There are 3 groupings of door profiles: Raised Panel, Flat Panel, and Slab. The differences:
  • Raised Panel: (shown first on this page) the door and drawer fronts will have a distinct frame, top and bottom, left and right. From the inside profile of the frame it will drop down in various configurations. Then the profile will rise again to the center panel which is the same thickness of the frame. This profile that is cut downward away from the frame and upward to the panel is the pass pofile. All the profiles are a little different from each other, some simple, some complex with more waves and ripples to them. Some will have radius inside corners, and profiles which are cut several times will have inside square corners. Those with greater detail and square corners will be priced a little higher than doors with radius inside corners.
  • Flat Panel: (shown on the shaker style doors page) the door frame will look the same with top, bottom, left, and right rails all the same width, but when the profile comes down on the frame to the panel area, it does not rise back up. The panel is flat all the way across, and sunken. This is commonly referred to as a shaker style door. Yet a true shaker will have mostly square or simple angled profiles to it. Anything scrolly or with curves to the profiles would be called just flat panel. The flat panel doors from Brushy Creek are referred to as Mission or Shaker Style, they do have the more squared off profiles, and even beaded flat panel looks. Matching drawer fronts are made the same way.
  • Slab: (shown toward the bottom of this page) this is a simple door and drawer front style, yet elegant and depending upon the color selection, can be made to look very modern. Slab is flat, all the way across except for the edge profile that you select. Any of the six edge choices can be selected for slab doors. And there are 3 specialty Slab doors with special deeper inward cut edges. Slab drawer fronts would match. Additionally, if you wanted to mix slab drawer fronts with raised panel or flat panel doors, you can.

Flat Panel and Slab are square (rectangular) door styles only. The raised panel doors can come in square or arch top doors. More info on that on the Door Styles page.

Below we will divide all the Profile choices into groups as they apply to door styles, and how they apply to the Raised Panel doors we described above. We will show a colored photo of a door with a black and white diagram after it of how the profile is cut. You can click or tap to enlarge any of them. Slab door and drawer front designs will also be on this page. The shaker style designs will be on the Shaker Doors page since there is more to explain about them.

Raised Panel Door and Drawer Fronts - Inside Rounded Corner Panel Profiles

Available in all door styles: Square, Arch, Cathedral, Half-round, Double Arch, Double Cathedral, Roman Arch.
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Raised Panel Door and Drawer Fronts - Routed Square Corner Panel Profiles

Available in select door styles: Square, Arch, Cathedral, Roman Arch.
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Raised Panel Door and Drawer Fronts - with Inside Corner Panel Profile Options

Available in select door styles: Square, Arch, Cathedral, Roman Arch.
You can pick from the 1/8" standard inside rounded corner or a 9/16" rounded corner.
Or the option of a True Square inside corner. Three choices for each Profile design.
* Notice, the downward frame profile is the same on all 5 designs, just the cut width and upward panel profile is changing.
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Raised Panel Door and Drawer Fronts - Outside Edge Profiles

This refers to the very perimeter of a door or drawer front. Any door style or profile selection can have any of the following six edge choices. Make the doors look the way you would like them to look.
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Slab Doors and Drawer Fronts

The 3 special slab designs will have black and white diagrams after the color photo showing various spec views and how the edge is cut. All can be enlarged by clicking or tapping on them.
On slab drawer fronts, you do have the option of horizontal or vertical grain on the woodgrain patterns. You would specify this on the order form.
Then the standard slab design diagram is shown on the bottom. You will complete it with one of the 6 edge choices shown just above on this page. Standard slab drawer fronts are made with your same edge choice. And again, you can select horizontal or vertical grain for grain pattern 3D Laminates. Doors pretty much always will have a vertical grain. But on drawer fronts, they are done both ways and personal preference will determine which.
If you still have questions, you are welcome to e-mail or call us. This page is reference for the raised panel profile selections, edge profile choices, and the slab door designs.

There are other helpful pages referring to hinges, measuring, and other accessories. Links are at the bottom of each Brushy Creek Doors page, or in our menu at the top of every page.
And then after you piece it all together, you can request a quote by using our Quotation and Ordering Form.
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