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Brushy Creek Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Brushy Creek Custom Doors section index

Custom Made Wood Cabinet Doors for Kitchens and more!

Cabinet doors are not only for the kitchen. There are so many other places in the home and office that they are used. Most bathrooms have a few cabinet doors and a sink false front. Modern designed closets could have many built in chest of drawers and some hinged doors. Bedroom furniture has the same kind of doors. Living rooms, laundry rooms, your garage, your office desk, your custom filing cabinet, seems like cabinet doors are everywhere. And with creativity, the way you design your furniture projects can be endless.
Wood kitchen cabinet doors from Brushy Creek Custom Doors
The Wood Door selections from Brushy Creek have a lot of customizing to them. Very similar to their 3D Laminate Doors, you can mix and match profiles and edge choices, pick your design and wood choices, and all are made to the sixteenth of an inch.

We have set up four web pages to guide you toward creating your quotation request or order for the wood cabinet doors.
  1. This intro page - which will outline your next steps
  2. The designs and profiles page - where you create the look of your doors and drawer fronts
  3. The wood choices and options page
  4. And then the wood door quote and ordering page

The wood doors are not as extensive in choices as Brushy Creek's 3D Laminate selections. You have choices of doors and drawer fronts. There are no refacing materials, moldings, or other options. All wood doors are UNFINISHED only. They will be fine sanded and ready for you to stain, clear coat, or paint. We recently lost our other wood door supplier due to them choosing to make doors for their own cabinet division only and no longer supplying them to the public (April 2022). Thus we will be considering another wood door line that can offer finished doors. The wood doors and drawer fronts on these next few page come unfinished only. Which is great. Over the last 21 years, the majority of our customers ordered wood doors unfinished. Everyone has their own color that they are looking to do. And with thousands of stain and paint finishes, limiting it to a choice of a half dozen options per door species did not work for everyone. So we are grateful to offer these high end wood cabinet doors unfinished, and then you get to put your dazzling touch on them!

Designs and Profiles Page

Start on this page! You will be able to select a square design door, cathedral arch, or eyebrow arch style. Then you will see your frame choices, and panel choices, and edge choices. Mix and match them as you like. Lots of diagrams on that page.

Wood Choices and Options Page

Looks like there are 11 wood choices you can pick from. Yes, 11. One is paint grade. So if planning on painting your doors in a solid color paint, thus you are hiding all the woodgrain and want a smooth even color finish, select paint grade. Paint grade doors are generally sanded and prepped in a way to accept "paint." Raised panel are solid wood. Plywood panels are veneered plywood. Paint grade is generally made from Maple.

For the other 10 wood species, these are "stain grade" doors. It is expected that you will finish them with a translucent stain or lacquer, or just a clear coat finish. Most people stain their doors. But for woods like Cherry, Knotty Alder, Knotty Pine, Rustic Cherry, sometimes you only want to clear coat them. Why? Have you ever seen clear coat on "real cherry wood." Cherry is a name of a tree and a fruit. Cherry color usually refers to the fruit. Real Cherry wood is so gorgeous, that a clear coat is all you need. Same with Hickory. It looks incredible with a clear coat. But to each his own. If you need a specific stain color, stain your doors. We just love the way some woods look in their natural clear coated state. Just our opinion.

Contractors will normally spray stain their doors. Some may bake the stains on with heat lamps or a booth. And some may clear coat them after for greater durability of the stain. There are also wipe on stains, and wipe on and wipe off. Glazing is a technique of adding another color into the crevices of the doors and drawer fronts, kind of adding an antique or rustic look to them. There are many ways you can finish your doors. Probably lots of helpful videos on-line too.

The Quotation and Ordering Form Page

This will be an easy on-line form to select the criteria you just read about on the other two pages and put it all together for a quote request. No pricing will be shown on-line because it has its fair share of factors that make it different for every request. So we take care of the pricing. All submissions are considered as a quote only first. We will tell you what they will cost along with a shipping quote. Then you decide after that.

Also, there is no limit on the size of an order. If you just need a few doors, or a whole kitchen, order what you need. If you are uncertain about a wood, you can order one door first to check it out. It will be yours to keep, doors are not returnable or cancelable once ordered. So with any uncertainty about what you may get, a one-door order is fine. If you already know what some of these special woods look like, you can request your whole project at once.

Three other pages of help that relate to both the thermal foil doors and wood doors are:

So please begin with our Designs and Profile Page. And if you have any questions along the way, you can call or e-mail us.
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