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Testimonials for Custom Cabinet Doors

Brushy Creek Custom Doors section index

Testimonials from our Customers in picture format

We have been offering custom made cabinet doors since 2001. It was Quality Doors from 2001 to 2009 until they shut down their operation. Then in 2009 we picked up the Woodmont Doors line and shortly after that Walzcraft doors. In 2019, we added the Brushy Creek Custom Doors line to our website. With Brushy Creek, we can offer a lot of nice RTF door profiles and designs, and over 70 fantastic 3D Laminate colors. These are very nice doors.

Over the years, many customers have sent us pictures. And we would really appreciate more pictures to continue. We do not always think about asking for them, so we are making a plea here.

Some of the pictures below are of Quality Doors, some will be Woodmont Doors and their RTF selections when they had them. We are working on adding some current Brushy Creek pictures, just a lot to keep up with on this website. Brushy Creek has been producing cabinet doors for over 11 years.

Several pictures below will be before and after, which are pretty cool. Others are just of the finished product.

Well since 2001, and now on 5 or 6 PC's later, we have misplaced a lot of our notes about which door designs were which and from whom the pictures were sent from. So we are just going to display them in two groupings, one that shows before and after photos, and one that shows just some finished product photos. This page more or less is about bragging a little, but also to show you what some people have done to their kitchens, living rooms, and other furniture. Ideas come from various places, and seeing what others have done can help. So we do hope that this page helps you a little. Thanks.

Some Before and After photos

And now just some finished project photos

Anyone who would like to send us pictures of their finished kitchens or other room projects, please do. If you have before and after photos, those are always interesting. Refacing a kitchen with new doors and drawer fronts, and using SAC and cut to size plywood, turns an old kitchen into a brand new kitchen. If all your cabinet boxes are strong and you are not considering changing their sizes and locations, half the work is already done. No need to tear them out if they are still good. And in most "taken care of" homes, they generally are still good.

We do have a questions and answers page that may be of help too. Most of the pages in the Woodmont Doors section of our website are set up as information and help pages. Whenever you might become stumped, you are welcome to e-mail or call us with your questions.

From Woodmont Doors, we offer real wood cabinet doors. Finished or unfinished. Many people need to finish them in their own stain or paint colors, so doors can come as unfinished or as Paint Grade also.

From Brushy Creek Custom Doors, we offer 3D Laminate doors in raised panel, recessed panel, and slab designs. Lots of designs, and lots of colors. Well worth skimming through those pages.

From Walzcraft, we are still making a decision about how to format that section of our website. We expect to have it updated in early 2020. It has been a lot of work getting the other 220+ pages rewritten throughout most of 2019.
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