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Questions About Custom Cabinet Doors

Woodmont Doors section index
(And links to all pages, including individual door design pages, are in all Woodmont Doors page footers.)

Questions we have received about custom cabinet doors

We hope that this summary of general questions and answers will help you with your selections, finish options, measuring help, and more.
If you do not find the answer to your question here, please e-mail us. We will get back to you.

Where do I begin on your web site to order doors?
Woodmont Doors has organized their wood cabinet doors into three categories:
Shaker and Transitional Style Doors | Traditional Style Doors | Modern Style Doors
On each of those 3 pages, they will have door and drawer front color pictures. Some desings are variations on other designs with wider frames. The Shaker page has the most choices, and the more popular choices for today's kitchens. Start on one or all 3 of those pages. The finish the doors are shown in are NOT the only finish they come in. All come in multiple finish options, or unfinished.

Which door design best meets my needs?
The majority of door choice are what is called recessed panel. The panel portion is flat all the way across. There are a few raised panel designs mixed in, but Shaker style and recessed panel are what is more popular. And less costly than raised panel. On most of the recessed panel doors, you have the option of a 1/4" thick veneered panel, or RRP (reverse raised panel which is 3/8" thick). Choose either, the 1/4" veneer panel costs a little less, and still looks the same. Some designs offer a slab drawer front combo, and a few have matching 5-piece drawer fronts.

What are the differences amongst the Woodmont Doors designs?
Some are mortise and tennon corner (those straight up and down line joints). And some are mitered corner (the 45 degree angle seam lines). M&T corners are the more normal shaker look, mitered corner doors are considered a little more old fashioned, yet kind of classier. When finished in stain colors, you will see the seam lines and lots of grain. When finished in the solid paint colors, the corner seams are concealed and it is hard to tell how the corners were assembled. M&T applications also allow for shorter height matching 5-piece drawer fronts. There is an advantage there.

Do I have framed cabinets or frameless?
We have a page titled: face frame cabinets explained
This page has sketched front views of framed and frameless cabinet boxes. A face frame cabinet has a frame mounted to the front of the 3 or 4-sided cabinet box. Doors mount onto the face frame and generally cover over a small portion of the frame. A Euro box or frameless cabinet has no frame. The edges of the cabinet box are seen when the door is open or not in place.

How can I see stain colors for doors?
Woodmont makes a stain block kit for its dealers. We have taken pictures of the real stains on real wood, and the solid paint colors too. And you can view them by wood selection on that page. A few pictures of the unfinished woods are shown on that page too. You can order doors unfinished or as paint grade if you do not wish to have Woodmont finish them. When Woodmont does finish your doors and other refacing materials, they bake the finish on. It is an extremely hard and durable finish. Additionally, Woodmont can send a color block with the stain or paint color on it, but they do charge for them, and they are not returnable. Stain blocks are $6 each with a shipping charge of $12 for any number.

Which wood species do the doors come in?
Most every design offered comes in Maple, and then a few designs are available in Cherry and Red Oak. Any design can be ordered as "unfinished." When unfinished, door and drawer front panels will have a woodgrain to them. When ordered at Paint Grade, because you plan to paint your own doors and not stain them, then panels are MDF. MDF panels paint better as Woodmont says. When ordering any of their six solid paint colors, those are applied over Maple Doors with MDF panels.

How do I measure for the correct doors?
The Measuring guidelines page offers our measuring advice with pictures.

How do I determine the right hinges for my doors?
There are three general applications: 1) concealed hinges for a face frame application; 2) concealed hinges for a frameless application; and 3) semi-concealed hinges for a variable overlay application on a face frame. The Blum hinge boring pattern page shows how Woodmont Doors will bore their doors for concealed hinges. They offer self-closing concealed hinges for 1/2" overlay on a face frame mount. If you have frameless cabinets, we can offer Euro box hinges too. If you are planning semi-concealed hinges, then you do not want your doors bored. We show some Blum hinges on our hinge page.

What are your stock sizes of doors?
There is no such thing. Every door is custom made. Everything is considered custom. You can have your doors made to the sixteenth of an inch. Plan an average lead time of 2 to 3 weeks for production time on your door order.

How do I select the right drawer fronts to go with my doors?
When you are on the Shaker/Transitional, Traditional, and Modern pages, each door design is shown with a drawer front above it. Many have only a slab drawer front choice. But some desings change names with just a '5' added after them. Such as Brookstone Maple and then Brookstone5 Maple. The '5' in the part number represents the drawer front changing to a 5-piece matching drawer front. So many designs offer a matching drawer front, but some do not. Slab drawer fronts are allowed to be made in shorter heights. Minimum sizes are shown on the pictures when you rest your mouse over them or click them to enlarge.

I need cabinet refacing material, what do you have? Veneer, mouldings, plywood?

How do I see door pricing?
We do not post door pricing. It is tricky. Each door design, wood choice, and then finished or unfinished option is priced differently. Hinge boring, hinges, plywood, moldings, and the extras are all a little different. There are numerous factors that compute into how each order is priced. We would prefer that you use the on-line quotation form as the main means of sending us your data. Door quotations over the phone can be very time consuming, but we will quote small orders over the phone. Most on-line and fax quotes are answered in 1 to 3 days depending upon our daily work volume.

Can I just order a sample door to begin with?
Most certainly. There is no minimum order. You do have to purchase the sample, but you can order one of anything.

How long do door orders take to receive?
Unfinished wood door orders will normally ship within 9 to 12 days after your order is placed, it depends upon Woodmont's weekly volume which can fluctuate. Finished wood doors normally take about 3 days longer, glazing can add another 1 to 2 days to that. Veneer, moldings, and plywood, when ordered with doors take the same amount of time if finished because they will be finished together with the doors. Door orders are set up as direct ships within the continental US to help speed up delivery time to you. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii, we will ask WD to quote freight on and then proceed accordingly. Sometimes we have small orders ship to us first, then we will reship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other destinations via Priority Mail to save on your freight cost. Every order is different and has to be judged as to what is best for its travel.

What is glazing? How do I order glazing?
Glazing is done on doors, drawer fronts, and moldings that have nooks and crannies for the glaze to catch in. It is the process of making a brand new evenly finished door have an antique look. Many kitchens today have glazed wood doors for a elegant look. Raised panel doors seem to be the most popular for glazing requests. Glaze colors are coffee (near black), cocoa (caramel or medium bronze look), and pewter (grey). On the on-line quotation form, there is a drop down field to select a glaze color if you like. Glazing does add to the price of finished doors. Only Maple and Cherry finished doors, drawer fronts, and moldings can be glazed. Glazing is not done on oak doors. Glaze colors are shown on the wood finishes page.

Do you paint doors?
Woodmont Doors offers six paint colors now. White, and Antique (antique white). And then six grey-tone colors, all are very nice and also baked on finishes. Painted doors are on Maple only. Frames are solid maple, panels are MDF. The finish is kind of between an eggshell and satin finish. Very smooth and only a small amount of sheen to it. They look great.

I want mullion doors but am not sure about how to order them.
Every door design except the Bristol Maple and Cherry can come as frame only. They can also come as mullion doors with the one big frame opening divided into smaller Lites. Frame only and Mullion Doors are generally only for upper cabinets, dining room hutches, and living room furniture. Bathroom cabinet doors, laundry room doors, no no. Glass front doors are meant to show something off, and not your bottle of laundry soap. So for normal height upper cabinets, you would most likely choose a 4-lite, noted as ML4, or possibly a 6-lite, noted as ML6. The frame is divided into 4 or 6 mullion Lites, and the height of the door kind of tells you the max. number you should do. Since most doors are taller than they are wide, follow the same theme with the Lites. They look better taller than wide. If the other way, well they would not look good. On the on-line quotation form, there is an Options field on every door line for your measurements. In that field write ML4, ML6, ML8, etc. for the number of lites. It will be two columns and then your designated rows. China cabinets and really tall doors might have 8 or 10 lites. Eight is common in a door over 48" tall, ten is starting to push it unless the door is taller yet.

What is the warranty on cabinet doors?
Woodmont Doors has a warranty policy that we will place here: (re-typed exactly as they print it)
Limited Warranty
Woodmont Doors warrants all standard products for one year from date of shipment against warpage to these tolerances. Doors: Raised panel doors less than 22" in width and 48" in height are warranted against warpage of more than 1/8". Frames and plywood insert panel doors less than 22" in width and 48" in height are warranted against warpage of more than 1/4". Doors more than 22" in width and/or 48" in height are not warranted. Drawer fronts: Drawer fronts less than 8" in height and 30" in width are warranted against warpage of more than 1/4". Drawer fronts more than 8" in height (across the grain) or 30" in width (with the grain) are not warranted. Warranty covers replacement of product and shipping only. Woodmont Doors assumes no responsibility for damage, other than warpage, incurred by the customer during storage, handling or finishing process. All claims for shortages or damage must be made within 10 days of receipt. Due to the natural characteristics of wood, metal, vinyl and stains, all items will not match exactly. Example: Real wood will not match RTF SAC exactly. Items are manufactured to blend in color and textures. Display sample colors may vary slightly from actual product received.

(And now a little clarity from us on the above, because as we read it, it needs a little.) The abbreviation RTF SAC does not refer to Rigid Thermal Foil. In this case RTF is Ready To Finish. And SAC means Self Adhesive Covering. Thus they mean the veneer. And the note about not covering damage, Woodmont is referring to damage you cause to the doors due to improper storage, handling, or your finishing of the doors. If any doors arrive to you damaged due to any reason, you report it to us, right away, and we report it to them. And they will re-make the damaged or defective doors. Their warranty primarily is about warpage of wood on normal to small size doors. Huge doors they cannot control. Wood changes over time. When wood is locked down 3-dimensionally, it can hold square. But lean an 8' board against your garage wall, then check it for flatness 2 months later. Wood changes. Sealed and finished cabinet doors in a climate contolled interior of a home will hold up incredibly well, for decades. And Woodmont strives to make a superior product. If you have a beach house with the windows open and no air conditioning all year long, your interior humidity may be 60% or greater most of the time. That is not climate controlled. Most of us are aware that climate controlled interiors are drier, and more comfortable. This was just our added thoughts.
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