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Questions About Custom Cabinet Doors

Brushy Creek Custom Doors section index

Questions we have received about custom cabinet doors

We hope that this summary of general questions and answers will help you with your selections, finish options, measuring help, and more.
If you do not find the answer to your question here, please e-mail us. We will get back to you.

Where do I begin on your web site to order doors?
You will find 3-D Laminate (Rigid Thermal Foil) doors from Brushy Creek Custom Doors. Then the Melamine doors with wood pulls on the top and bottom from WalzCraft. All Woodmont Doors pages have been removed from our website. In early 2022, Woodmont Doors chose to stop offering cabinet doors to the public.

Which door design best meets my needs?
There are three basic types of cabinet doors: raised panel doors, flat panel doors, or slab doors. Flat panel are referred to as Shaker Style. You have the 4 frame pieces surrounding a flat panel. You can choose square or scrolly type profiles to dress them up differently. Raised Panel are more elaborate and offer a lot of choices, including arch top doors to get even more fancy. There are dozens if not hundreds of raised panel profile combinations you can create with frame selections and edge selections. Then slab doors are just flat, like a big chunk of solid wood, or RTF covered MDF. Slab doors are not ugly doors, they can be dressed up very nicely with the color options and even edge options. They are clean and simple and still very popular.

Do I have framed cabinets or frameless?
We have a page titled: face frame cabinets explained
This page has sketched front views of framed and frameless cabinet boxes. A face frame cabinet has a frame mounted to the front of the 3 or 4-sided cabinet box. Doors mount onto the face frame and generally cover over a small portion of the frame. A Euro box or frameless cabinet has no frame. The edges of the cabinet box are seen when the door is open or not in place.

How can I see stain colors for doors?
Since Woodmont Doors chose to stop offering their doors to the public in April, 2022, we do not currently have stained wood doors. We will be working on more pages from WalzCraft. WalzCraft can do most anything. Their selections are so huge that we would need two full time website authors to keep up with showing their options. So we will reference which Brushy Creek 3-D Laminate colors may coincide with the old Woodmont stains. Until we can get some new Walzcraft pages written, real wood doors are kind of on hold.

How do I measure for the correct doors?
The Measuring guidelines page offers our measuring advice with pictures.

How do I determine the right hinges for my doors?
There are three general applications: 1) concealed hinges for a face frame application; 2) concealed hinges for a frameless application; and 3) semi-concealed hinges for a variable overlay application on a face frame. The Blum hinge boring pattern page shows how Brushy Creek Custom Doors will bore their doors for concealed hinges. They offer self-closing concealed hinges for 1/2" overlay on a face frame mount. If you have frameless cabinets, we can offer Euro box hinges too. If you are planning semi-concealed hinges, then you do not want your doors bored. We show some Blum hinges on our hinge page.

What are your stock sizes of doors?
There is no such thing. Every door is custom made. Everything is considered custom. You can have your doors made to the sixteenth of an inch. Plan an average lead time of 2 to 3 weeks for production time on your door order. And 3 to 6 weeks during holiday periods, and when other things in the US News are slowing down travel or supply chains. It varies so much now throughout the year.

How do I select the right drawer fronts to go with my doors?
Drawer fronts come the same way as doors: matching raised panel, matching flat panel, or slab. Since drawer fronts are generally a lot less in height than doors, some minimum height restrictions apply to raised panel drawer fronts. In the event your drawer fronts are too short, some may have to be made as slab drawer fronts.

I need cabinet refacing material, what do you have? Veneer, mouldings, plywood?

How do I see door pricing?
We do not post door pricing. It is tricky. Each door design, wood choice, and then RTF color option is priced differently. Hinge boring, hinges, plywood, moldings, and the extras are all a little different. There are numerous factors that compute into how each order is priced. We would prefer that you use the on-line quotation forms as the main means of sending us your data. Door quotations over the phone can be very time consuming, but we will quote small orders over the phone. Most on-line quotes are answered in 1 to 3 days depending upon our daily work volume.

Can I just order a sample door to begin with?
Most certainly. There is no minimum order. You do have to purchase the sample, but you can order one of anything.

How long do door orders take to receive?
RTF door orders will normally ship within 3 to 4 weeks after your order is placed, it depends upon Brushy Creek's weekly volume which can fluctuate. Melamine doors from Walzcraft can be 4 to 8 weeks. Door orders are set up as direct ships within the continental US to help speed up delivery time to you. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii, we will ask our vendors to quote freight on and then proceed accordingly. Sometimes we have small orders ship to us first, then we will reship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other destinations via Priority Mail to save on your freight cost. Every order is different and has to be judged as to what is best for its travel. Some orders travel on a pallet via a semi-truck. All door orders are different.

What is glazing? How do I order glazing?
Glazing was something that was offered on finished wood doors from Woodmont. It is no longer available through us.

Do you paint doors?
Again, since Woodmont Doors stopped selling to the public, we no longer offer painted wood doors. There are many solid and woodgrain colors in the 3-D Laminate doors. Some are textured and look like real wood.

I want mullion doors but am not sure about how to order them.
Raised panel and flat panel door designs can come as frame only. They can also come as mullion doors with the one big frame opening divided into smaller Lites. Frame only and Mullion Doors are generally only for upper cabinets, dining room hutches, and living room furniture. Bathroom cabinet doors, laundry room doors, no no. Glass front doors are meant to show something off, and not your bottle of laundry soap. So for normal height upper cabinets, you would most likely choose a 4-lite, noted as ML4, or possibly a 6-lite, noted as ML6. The frame is divided into 4 or 6 mullion Lites, and the height of the door kind of tells you the max. number you should do. Since most doors are taller than they are wide, follow the same theme with the Lites. They look better taller than wide. If the other way, well they would not look good, unless making Shoji screens. On the on-line quotation form, there is an Options field on every door line for your measurements. In that field write ML4, ML6, ML8, etc. for the number of lites. It will be two columns and then your designated rows. China cabinets and really tall doors might have 8 or 10 lites. Eight is common in a door over 48" tall, ten is starting to push it unless the door is taller yet. Or you can write frame only.

What is the warranty on cabinet doors?
Generally one year after the time of purchase. No manufacturer can control the conditions of your home or office, or how you clean your doors. Humidity levels and climate. In the event of warpage, or potential 3-D laminate separation, inform us. We really do not get warranty requests. The cabinet doors seem to hold up a very long time. Thus part of why we offer American made cabinet doors.
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