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Unpacking Your Cabinet Doors and Warranty Info

Brushy Creek Custom Doors section index

Receiving and Unpacking your Door Order and Warranty Info

From Brushy Creek: "Brushy Creek Custom Doors strives to ship all orders accurately and on time. We make every attempt to insure all orders are produced correctly. However, final inspection of the product is the responsibility of the customer upon reciept."

Thus, when you receive your door order, open it as soon as you can. Have a large "safe" area to unpack them and lay them out, and to double check the measurements. And by safe, we mean somewhere clean and free from kids or dogs rough housing. Just don't lay them on the couch. Set them somewhere in which they would not incur any damage.

If any door, drawer front, or any item arrives damaged, save the packaging that it came in. You will report it to us, and we will report it to Brushy Creek. An explanation of the damage and if the packaging appeared damage will be necessary. If you can take photos of the damage and e-mail them to us, that is extremely helpful. But do report it right away. For larger orders that arrive via common carrier (a big truck), look over the outer packaging before signing for them. If you suspect anything might be damaged due to what the packaging looks like, note it with the driver, or open that box right then and there and double check. If there is damage, do make sure the driver notes it. For UPS orders, as most of us know, we rarely see the UPS driver as he drops and leaves without asking for signatures. Any damage via UPS delivery, report to us as soon as you can, send us pictures, we will take care of making it right for you. Happy to say, most orders arrive perfectly fine. Brushy Creek's intention, as we stated with that opening paragraph is to do it right. They do not want damage, so they protect the doors and accessories well. But as they also said, the final inspection is the customer's approval of a job well done.

If by chance something is made wrong, wrong size, wrong color, wrong profile, report that to us right away. Doors and drawer fronts are made to within 1/32" of the size ordered. So plus or minus 1/32" of an inch is the tolerable variance, and not considered a defect in size. Check the quantities of all doors. Check the grain direction. Check everything. When you place an order with us, most start as a quotation first. We e-mail back the data you sent us. Which is all your sizes, quantities, door specs, drawer front specs, hinge boring info, accessories, everything. We send the info you sent us back to you to review. When you place your order, we then send that data onto Brushy Creek, which we look over again to make sure we are relaying all info as we have confirmed it with you. So if any error occurs on Brushy Creek's part or our part, it will be rectified for you at no further cost. If the error was a mismeasurement or count on your part, you would need to re-order. This is why you measure twice or three times, and we review the data back and forth. All doors and accessories are made to order, everything is custom, so all of us take part in making it right.

The rest of this page will be information directly from the Brushy Creek Custom Doors catalog. We are going to re-type it word for word because all of it is important information for the recipient of the products. So the below is their information.

MDF & 3D Laminate Product Information

Board Specifications
The highest quality double-refined Medium Desity Fiberboard (MDF) is used to provide a smooth surface and superior rout quality on all parts that we manufacture. The back of your parts can be a raw MDF surface, white melamine, or a melamine that is a match to many of the 3D Laminates stocked.

3D Laminate Specifications
We offer a wide selection of 3D Laminates that include several variations of whites, vibrant and contemporary solid colors, realistic wood grains, metallics, abstracts, and exotics. Our 3D Laminates are purchased from reliable industry recognized manufacturers. Upon arrival at our facility, each roll of laminate is tested for consistency in color and texture.

For routine cleaning of 3D Laminated surfaces, use a mixture of warm water (99%) and a mild, nonabrasive dish washing detergent (1%). Using a clean cotton or microfiber cloth saturated with this mixture, wipe in a vertical direction while applying light pressure. To disinfect 3D Laminated surfaces, a solution of water (90%) and bleach (10%) is recommended. DO NOT USE abrasive detergents, vinegar based detergents, furniture polish, ammonia, lacquer thinner, or any other product containing acetone, as these will damage the surface of the 3D Laminate. Also, avoid abrasive brushes or scrubbing pads, as they will scratch the surface. Brushy Creek Custom Doors is not responsible for any damage that is caused by abrasive cleaning agents or processes.

Heat Advisory
Because of the affect hot air can have on 3D Laminate products, you must allow adequate room or install a non-3D Laminate filler between 3D Laminate doors / drawer and any stove or oven. Also, advise homeowners to open all doors & fronts near an oven when (1) operating the self-cleaning mode or, (2) broiling with the over door open or, (3) boiling for a significant period of time. This should allow excess heat to vent away from the doors and drawers, reducing the chance of damage. Obvious heat related damage will void any warranty provided by Brushy Creek Custom Doors.

MDF & 3D Laminate products that are manufactured and/or sold by Brushy Creek Custom Doors are warranted against defects in the manufacturing process for a period of 5 years from the date of the original invoice. Complete warranty information, including all terms and conditions, is contained in our Warranty Certificate that is available via download from our website: or via mail by contacting a customer service representive.

Design Specifications
All doors and drawer fronts are 3/4" thick. Standard rails and stiles are 2-1/2" wide on doors. On raised or recessed panel drawer fronts the standard left and right stiles are 2-1/2" wide and the top and bottom railes are 1-1/2" wide. Doors and drawer fronts are manufactured to within +/- 1/32" of the size that you order. Door and drawer front min sizes: 5-1/2" wide x 5-1/2" high. Door and drawer front max sizes: 49" wide x 96" high.

When your doors arrive

We just received some doors from Brushy Creek, so here is our opportunity to brag about the protection they use for UPS shipping. We took some step by step pictures as we opened this door.
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