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Siro Designs Cabinet Door Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Siro Designs section index

Siro Designs decorative cabinet knobs and handles

Siro was a diverse collection of eclectically styled cabinetry hardware.

Yes, was. As of December 17th, 2021, Siro has closed. We received the news last week. We are going to go through all our Siro pages as quickly as we can, and NOTE our stock remaining on the items. Quite a few items in the stainless steel collection, European Railing, Caribe and many others we have some small to medium stock on. So it will be a bit of a chore to update all the part numbers and to remove those that are completely gone. We will try to work on it over the next couple of weeks. But being year end, it might take a little longer.

Each collection is completely different from the previous. Thus, there were so many choices for door pulls to accommodate kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, entertainment centers, furniture and more. Modern, traditional, rustic, childrens themes, and considerably more. We will attempt to give a brief description of what each collection contains, but for some it is sad to be brief. A few collections are sometimes hard to describe. And one collection, the Stainless Steel collection, is so large that we divided it onto 3 web pages.

Whenever you encounter any questions about any of the items, please call or e-mail us your questions.

This paragraph applies to ALL Siro Designs collections:
For every Siro catalog item, you will see measurements for the knobs and pulls written out in metric and Imperial standards. Sometimes there are several finishes available per piece, or multiple sizes. We try to list all variances in the opening paragraph, and you can make your selections in the drop down menus. The paragraphs use these abbreviations: (OL) for overall length, (CC) for center to center, (D) for diameter, (W) for width, and (P) for protrusion or height. Pictures of the items are not necessarily proportional. Go by the measurements listed to compare sizes.
The Siro Caribe knobs are fish and other sea life knobs, great for bathrooms.
The very popular European Railing style of long and short round bar handles. Several finish options, many length choices.
Egyptian and Asian themed cabinet pulls. Buddha head, elephants, tall tribal handles. Definitely an eclectic collection to take a look at.
The adjustable center to center handles are in the Metro collection, as well as a few bow pull choices.
Antique designs and antique finishes. Nuevo Classico is one of Siro's oldest collections. Ideal for rustic or old world furniture styles. Rustic kitchens too.
The Provence collection are the popular cage style pulls and knobs. Sometimes called the twisty pulls. The centers do resemble a wire mesh cage. Rustic finishes.
The Siro Rio knobs and pulls are two-tone handles. Colored glass inlays within metal framed pulls. DISCONTINUED.
Stainless Steel Pulls (page 1 of 3)
The Siro Designs Stainless Steel cabinet handles. Only the handle designs shown on this page. Lots of choices, many come in multiple lengths. Brushed stainless steel finish on all.
Stainless Steel Knobs (page 2 of 3)
The Siro Designs knob choices of the Stainless Steel collection. Many shapes and sizes, much to choose from. All 304 grade, brushed finish.
Installation instructions, Care for your handles, and how to size down the metric breakaway screws.
Siro sadly has gone out of business, in the US. Siro Austria still exists but they sell primarily to the European market. We no longer have access to all their products. We will continue to sell off our odds and ends of our own inventory. Quanitites left on items will be shown on each of the active web pages.
We have offered Siro Designs hardware since we launched our website in Dec. 2000. We are sad to announce that they have decided to close as of December 2021.

For a wide variety of variously styled cabinet pulls and knobs, please see the Century Hardware section of our website.

BuckSnort Lodge also has some eclectically themed knobs and pulls.

AND NOW, Sietto Decorative Hardware is our new front line for awesome knob and handles selections.
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