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Siro Designs breakaway screw info

Siro Designs section index

Siro Designs User Guidelines and break-away screw info

We show the majority of the Siro Designs catalog on our website. There are a few current collections we have chosen to omit, but they are available. If you need anything not shown, we can get it. We have changed our emphasis to show most of their long term popular collections, and their new additions. And instead of having every collection on its own web page, we have grouped some that are similar on the same web pages. This is meant to help you compare similar selection quickly.

An explanation of the measurement abbreviations:
Each knob and pull image will have dimensional info entered within its information block. Sometimes there are multiple sizes or finishes shown beyond the first picture. By clicking on it, it will expand, and if any additional photos are present, they will appear as thumbnails below it. For the dimensions, here is what the abbreviations mean: (OL) overal length, (CC) center to center, (D) or Dia. for diameter, (W) for width, and (P) for surface protrusion, the height off the surface. If you have questions, you can e-mail us or use our contact form.

For pictures representing multiple sizes or finishes, select from the drop down choices.

All Siro Designs knobs and pulls will come with M4 metric screws that are 25mm long (1 inch), or M4 metric break-away screws. The Break-away screws you can break to the length that you need. Gives you options for thicker doors or double wall drawer fronts.

On this page, we show Siro's guidelines as they have written them in their catalog.
Siro Designs cabinet knob and pull guidelines
Siro Designs metric break-away screws guidelines

Siro Designs Cabinet Knobs and Pulls Collection Pages: (That we still have odd stock left.)

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