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AC Products Ceramic Bathroom Hardware Made in the USA

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AC Products Ceramic Bathroom Hardware Made in the USA

The Scoop on AC Products: They went out of business in November of 2022. Production stopped, they proceeded to sell off excess inventory for approx. 5 weeks. As of December 2022, they closed up shop entirely. Since November of 2022, we have been selling off our inventory and the inventory we were lucky to grab before their demise.

As of January, 2024, we have some items left, but choices are scarce. Most mainstream items sold out quick. So we have bits and pieces and try to keep our website updated at least every other day when we sell items off. So the counts we show in the item description or color drop down menus are accurate (within a day or so).

For our current ceramic bathroom hardware line WHICH IS STILL PRESENTLY BEING MADE, please see the Lenape section of our website. We have offered Lenape bathroom hardware since 2001. Their selections are not as extensive. Yet, Lenape is opting to re-produce a few of the AC Products items to keep them going.

June 23, 2023, this web page just added:
What AC Products Items Will Remain Available

And now the various Series pages:

The majority of the 700 Series items in the stoneware colors
(And surprisingly, we still have a lot of stock in this collection.)
The most choices, most color availability, rectangular shaped pieces. By far, the more traditional style bathroom hardware for the last century. (Lot's of odds and ends left. Also notes about what Lenape will make to revive a few items.)
Oval shaped ceramic bath hardware. Nice styles in multiple mounting methods.
(Pretty much all gone, just a few stray pieces left.)
All the recessed items shown together on one page: soap dishes, TP holders, and shower caddies.
Lenape is currently making the recessed TP holder and matching recessed soap dish.
So these items will remain in current production.
Smaller towel bars and toilet paper holders
(Mostly gone, but look at the Lenape Carrousel collection, almost the same.)
These are the shell design towel bars, soap dishes, and TP holders. Larger base items.
(Pretty much all gone, just a couple stray pieces left.)
Replacement Parts page: on this page, we will show the replacement towel rings (just the ring), towel bar rods by themselves, mounting clips, toilet paper rollers, and anything else considered an ACP replacement part.

About the colors:

We have 3 pages set up to assist you with your color sections. NOW mostly for reference purposes since no more of this hardware is being made except for what Lenape is stepping up to make.

Ceramic Color Choices is a page of individual pictures that we have taken ourselves. It has most of the colors shown. Then there is the AC Products Color Cross Reference Chart. This is a list that AC Products DID produce with popular tile brands and their color codes and how they match to the 80ish colors that AC Products produces. And third, we have a Color Comparison page. We have taken group photos of the browns, greys, light tones, whites, and others so you can see how some vary from each other. This page was helpful while the products were being made. Now just left on our site for reference if it can be of help to some customers.

About the mounting methods:
This is one of the more complex aspects of selecting your hardware. Which method do I need? We have set up a page to explain the differences: Mounting Method Examples. If you are creating or remodeling your bathroom yourself, the explanations will be helpful. If you are just fixing one item in your bathroom, you can still get help here. And if you have hired a professional to install the pieces, most likely he or she has already told you what to get. Unless they have no idea of the extensive selections that we offer. Have them look at that page....

About Ordering and Lead Times:

There are no more lead times. Whatever we have in our stock is all we will have. Thus all orders for what we have will ship right away. And we are not aware of any other distributors beside DalTile that had the AC Products line. And even DalTile did not seem to stock much of it.
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