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Ceramic Toothbrush Holders [For Bathroom Sinks]

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Stylish 700 Series Ceramic Toothbrush Holders

Old description: The model 770 toothbrush and tumbler holder is the complement to model 768 soap dish. They are both square and meant for mounting above your bathroom sink. The toothbrush holder is available in 2 mounting methods and the same 80+ colors as all the other items in the 700 Series. The center has a flat bottom round recess to accommodate a small bathroom tumbler.
The Scoop on AC Products: This note will be the same, or similar on all 7 of the Series 700 pages.

ACP went out of business in November, 2022. Production stopped, they sold off excess inventory for 5 weeks, and in December, 2022, closed up shop entirely. Since November of 2022, we have been selling off our inventory and the inventory we were lucky to grab before their demise. As of January, 2024, we actually have a small number of toothbrush holders left. Mostly oddballs, some mainstream colors. It is worth looking through the color drop down menus to see which items we have. We might surprise you and fill your need. Items completely gone are steadfastly being removed from our web pages.

The Lenape Pro Series most resembles the ACP Stylish 700 Series. Check it out for thin-set mount toothbrush holders in white, black, and bone/almond.

Additionally, these two pages will be of help to outline substitute items:
For new installs, it is common to match it up with model 768 soap dish. If you are repairing a broken one, you might have to consider the matching soap dish to go with it if you have a set. There have been many manufacturers of ceramic bathroom hardware in the United States over the past 80 years. All have had their own design preferences. Some even made the half height toothbrush holders. The only choices available to us now are this one, and a similar styled one from Lenape. The model 770 definitely offers the most choices when it comes to colors and the multiple mounting methods.

To view model 768 soap dish in the same 3 mounting methods and colors, please go to the ceramic soap dishes page.

The 3 mounting methods are explained below the pictures:

AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BA770 toothbrush-tumbler holder, THIN-SET mount 4-3/4'' w x 4-3/4'' h x 4" proj., tile inset is 4"x4" - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BF770 toothbrush-tumbler holder, FLAT BACK mount 4-3/4'' w x 5'' h x 4" proj., - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
The BA770 thin-set mount:
It must set into a 1/4" deep or slightly greater depth. Thin-set is the popular choice for new tile walls. Fits in a 4x4 tile opening, and then does overlap adjacent tiles because is it approx. 4-7/8" square overall. If you are looking for a smaller version where the whole toothbrush holder fits into the 4x4 opening, we do not have that. Ours is almost 5x5 overall. You can adhere it using the same tile mastic. The BA768 soap dish is the same dimensions.

The BF770 flat back mount:
Designed to be glued onto ANY flat surface. Glue them over existing tile or sheet rock. Flat back does not require an opening to set into. Flat back is great for a currently tiled wall surface. You can glue the flat back to any position on the tile. Be aware that super smooth glossy tile like glass, may need to be scuffed up a little in the bonding area for a greater hold with the adhesive.

The BC770 clip on mount:
Designed for drywall, greenboard, and wood paneled walls. Can be used on tile too if you wish. Each BC770 ceramic toothbrush holder will come with one mounting clip, plastic anchors, and screws. The clip goes on the wall first, the holder slides down onto it. Very easy installation.

Clicking or tapping on any of the images above will allow you to see expanded photos of the back sides so you can see how the mounting methods change. When mounted, all 3 methods look alike from the surface.

To view images of all the ceramic color choices, please select that link.
A popular question we receive is:
Are the holes large enough for today's toothbrushes?

Well ... no. We have asked if they could be redesigned to accommodate today's ergonomic toothbrushes. No luck so far. So toothbrushes with smaller tails can fit into them, but then stick up in the air. Bigger toothbrushes do not fit at all. And paddle style brushes, which are still common, do slide down into the holes. There are many bamboo handle brushes that fit nicely into the toothbrush holder. And then there are people like me who will lay my fancy ergonomic toothbrush just across the top of the holder. What else can you do.

We like answering questions thoroughly, and honestly. In our picture, the toothbrush holder was not mounted to the wall, it was just on our photo table. So the bamboo brush will fall all the way down into it when it is mounted to the wall - with enough clearance under it.
Ceramic toothbrush holder shown with toothbrushes

Stock and Lead times:

  • All there is is all that is. Thus, very limited choices left now.

If you are looking for these same items in the stoneware colors, please go to the Exceptional 900 Series page.
Three designs, all fully recessed
One choice, four mounting methods
Six choices, multiple mounting methods
Seven choices, multiple mounting methods
Three choices, multiple mounting methods
One design, three mounting methods
One design, three mounting methods
Our old array of thumbnails that represented a lot of choices back in the day. Just left here so you are aware of other options potentially remaining.

This ceramic bath hardware is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

And for other toothbrush holder choices, check out the below.
Pro Series thin-set mount
Clip on, white oval shape
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