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Color Choices Ceramic Bathroom Hardware [Help Page]

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Glossy, Matte, and Stoneware Color Choices:

(This page has been left as how it was before AC Products went out of business.)
The first 14 colors shown are the basic colors, of which the Inspired 500 Series, Sleek 800 Series, 600 Series, and Stylish 700 Series are all available in. Every piece, every mounting method, all available in these 14 colors, and in any quantity that you would like. If you need just one towel bar, TP holder, or soap dish, that is fine.

After these 14 colors, we will show the extended colors for the 700 Series. The list will be long, especially if on a smartphone. It will be a 60 story tall column, be ready. And then after that, the 6 stoneware colors for the Inspired 900 Series.

ALSO NOTE: This is a help page, not a product page. Thus the colors shown below are for reference for the bathroom hardware items. To order any of the available items, you will need to be on one of the AC Products collection pages. Access to these pages is in the top Orange menu button or the text menu toward the bottom of the page.

We also show most of the colors below in side by side comparisons of similar colors on our color comparison page.
The Scoop on AC Products: They went out of business in November of 2022. Production stopped, they proceeded to sell off excess inventory for approx. 5 weeks. As of December 2022, they closed up shop entirely. Since November of 2022, we have been selling off our inventory and the inventory we were lucky to grab before their demise. As of January, 2024, we have some items left, but choices are scarce. Most mainstream items sold out quick. So we have bits and pieces and try to keep our website updated at least every other day when we sell items off. So the counts we show in the item description or color drop down menus are accurate (within a day or so).

For our current ceramic bathroom hardware line WHICH IS STILL PRESENTLY BEING MADE, please see the Lenape section of our website. We have offered Lenape bathroom hardware since 2001. Their selections are not as extensive. Yet, Lenape is opting to re-produce a few of the AC Products items to keep them going.

WE HAVE LEFT all the color images that were on this page. Mostly for reference only. Pretty much most of the colors shown below are not available in much of anything now. But we have all kinds of leftover pieces shown on our product pages.
The original standard colors for the 500, 600, 700, and 800 Series
AC Products C1 gloss white ceramic color
C1 Gloss White
This is the standard gloss white. Goes with most white tiles, it is the most common white.
We stock the entire 700 Series in C1 gloss white.
AC Products C3 gloss bone ceramic color
C3 Gloss Bone
The most popular of the several bone shades. Best described as white with a hint of brown mixed in to make a very pale tan.
AC Products C5 gloss black ceramic color
C5 Gloss Black
Completely black, as dark as black can be. Very nice shine, kind of resembles an automotive finish.
Most every 700 Series items stocked in gloss black.
AC Products C12 gloss sterling silver ceramic color
C12 Gloss Sterling Silver
An elegant light grey with a mild hint of blue to give a silver overtone.
AC Products C16 gloss almond ceramic color
C16 Gloss Almond
Just a little darker than bone. Almond has some brown and yellow tinge both and is a couple shades darker than bone. Still a light color.
AC Products C34 gloss ice white ceramic color
C34 Gloss Ice White
The whitest of the glossy whites. A pure white, no hues of any other color. If you have bright white tiles, go with this color.
AC Products C70 Kohler Biscuit ceramic color
C70 Gloss Kohler Biscuit
Yes, the match to Kohler brand biscuit color. Considered a faint cream or light ivory tone.
AC Products C119 gloss shell ceramic color
C119 Gloss Shell
This is a very faint pink. Basically white with a hint of red to make an elegant light pink color.
AC Products C256 gloss fawn beige ceramic color
C256 Gloss Fawn Beige
Beige is a spec darker than almond, but as the light reflects on it, you can pick up on a faint rosiness to it.
AC Products C304 gloss French Provincial ceramic color
C304 Gloss French Provincial
Very similar to a bone color, kind of like French Vanilla ice cream. A little yellow but not overdone.
AC Products M31 matte biscuit ceramic color
M31 Matte Biscuit
Very faint, almost white-like, but you can pick up on the faint creamy tone.
AC Products M66 matte white ceramic color
M66 Matte White
This is the standard matte white. Kind of a milky tone to it, not the brightest of whites, but a clean white.
AC Products M81 matte almond ceramic color
M81 Matte Almond
A light almond hue but in the matte sheen. The most popular of the several matte almonds offered.
AC Products M84 matte ice white ceramic color
M84 Matte Ice White
A nice bright pure matte white, definitely whiter than the M66 color.
Color Selection Help
Whites are hard to decide upon. If you have a white tile that is called Snow White, Ice White, Glacier White, Bright White, or anything that implies a brighter white, go with color C34 gloss ice white, if it is glossy. If a matte tone, go with M84 matte ice white. These are the two Whitest Whites! Subway tiles are generally a brighter white, in both gloss and matte. C3 bone is an off white with a brown hint. C70 is an off white with a cream-ivory hint.
What we had Stocked (now limited)
In our 700 Series, most every item is stocked in C1 gloss white and C5 gloss black. Many items in C3 bone, C34 ice white, and C70 biscuit, but potentially in not all mounting methods. A few items in the 3 more popular matte colors: M31, M66, and M81. With near 40 items available in approx. 80 colors each, even AC Products doesn't stock them. The 500 Series is stocked in C1 gloss white. The 600 Series in C1 and C5 and sometimes bone and almond too. In the 800 Series, most every item is ordered as requested.
Would you like to see all the Stylish 700 Series items grouped together? Check out one of our latest blog posts: Retro Black Vintage Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

Extended Colors for Stylish 700 Series

ALL items in the 700 Series, with the only exceptions being the large BR791 and BR793 shower caddies, are available in these additional colors, and in any quantity that you desire. You can order one of anything from the 700 Series in the following colors.

The 500, 600, and 800 Series items are available in these colors also, BUT with a quantity restriction. A requirement of 20 or more of the same piece must be ordered for the 500, 600, and 800 Series to be made in these colors. Being that the 700 Series is by far the most popular, all items can be ordered one at a time in any of the following colors.

Color C220 Gloss Cobalt carries a premium price on all items. It is a specialty color, but available one at a time on any Series 700 items (except those large shower caddies).

Colors below are in numeric order by color code: all Gloss (C) colors first, then all Matte (M) colors follow.
AC Products C6 gloss dark taupe ceramic color
C6 Gloss Dark Taupe
AC Products C8 gloss fawn beige ceramic color
C8 Gloss Fawn Beige #2
AC Products C14 gloss majorca ceramic color
C14 Gloss Majorca
AC Products C17 gloss light grey ceramic color
C17 Gloss Light Grey
A nice even light grey tone, no other hue distortions.
AC Products C21 gloss Mexican Sand ceramic color
C21 Gloss Mexican Sand
Yes, when light reflects on it, you can pick up on a rosey hue. Overall, it is a light brown.
AC Products C67 gloss smokey grey ceramic color
C67 Gloss Smokey Grey
This is a medium grey tone.
AC Products C73 gloss Cypress ceramic color
C73 Gloss Cypress
A medium green tone, somewhat mossy green.
AC Products C97 gloss desert grey ceramic color
C97 Gloss Desert Grey
In the light grey family but getting a shade or two darker.
AC Products C101 gloss granite ceramic color
C101 Gloss Granite
A high concentration of darker spots on a white background.
AC Products C115 gloss Heron Blue ceramic color
C115 Gloss Heron Blue
A light baby blue with a faint greyish hue to it. The lightest of the blues that we offer, and a very popular color for over 60 years.
AC Products C118 gloss tender grey ceramic color
C118 Gloss Tender Grey
Kind of like taking bone and grey and mixing them, a soft warm grey tone.
AC Products C129 gloss seafoam ceramic color
C129 Gloss Seafoam
This is a bluish hue seafoam green. It is not the standard green only kind of seafoam, you do see a distinct bluish-green hue in it.
AC Products C133 gloss Navy Blue ceramic color
C133 Gloss Navy Blue
Yes, it really is blue even though it looks almost black. An extremely dark blue.
AC Products C139 gloss crisp linen ceramic color
C139 Gloss Crisp Linen
Definitely a cream or ivory tone, more yellowish than what biscuit is.
AC Products C143 gloss Kohler Ice Grey ceramic color
C143 Gloss Kohler Ice Grey
The real Kohler ice grey, matches their accessories.
AC Products C144 gloss Kohler White ceramic color
C144 Gloss Kohler White
A nice bright white that matches to Kohler's standard white.
AC Products C150 gloss French Provincial ceramic color
C150 Gloss French Provincial
Another version of a creamy vanilla tone color.
AC Products C165 gloss Kohler Almond ceramic color
C165 Gloss Kohler Almond
The match to Kohler's popular almond color. A little different from the C16 standard almond.
AC Products C171 gloss City Line Kohl ceramic color
C171 Gloss City Line Kohl
Yes, a Kohler dark brown. It is the darkest of the brown colors that we offer.
AC Products C201 gloss gold dust ceramic color
C201 Gloss Gold Dust
Golden speckles on a white background.
AC Products C220 gloss Cobalt ceramic color
C220 Gloss Cobalt (premium color)
Cobalt is an iridescent purple. In dark light, it can look black, when light hits it, the corners will reflect purple. Considered a purplish-blue.
AC Products C235 gloss pink ceramic color
C235 Gloss Pink
The most popular pink tone over the last 60 years, considered a medium pink tone.
AC Products C301 gloss pepper white ceramic color
C301 Gloss Pepper White
A light concentration of black speckles on a white background.
AC Products C320 gloss Texas Yellow ceramic color
C320 Gloss Texas Yellow
This is yellow, normal yellow, common yellow, real yellow. Not light, not dark, just a normal yellow.
AC Products C409 gloss architectural grey ceramic color
C409 Gloss Architectural Grey
Grey with a brownish overtone and the most faint addition of a green hue. Hard to see the green, but it is a brownish-greenish-grey.
AC Products C432 gloss uptown taupe ceramic color
C432 Gloss Uptown Taupe
AC Products C444 gloss artisan brown ceramic color
C444 Gloss Artisan Brown
It is brown, but their is a hint of grey added in. So a medium brown with a dusty hue of grey lightening it a spec more.
AC Products C460 gloss cornsilk ceramic color
C460 Gloss Cornsilk
Yellow but washed out a bit. A light yellow, more of a watercolor yellow.
AC Products C461 gloss urban putty ceramic color
C461 Gloss Urban Putty
AC Products C466 gloss elemental tan ceramic color
C466 Gloss Elemental Tan
A very nice light brown tone.
AC Products C469 gloss galaxy blue ceramic color
C469 Gloss Galaxy Blue
A rich tone blue a bit darker than medium blue.
AC Products C722 gloss medium blue ceramic color
C722 Gloss Medium Blue
Traditional sky blue color, an even blue with no other hues.
AC Products C753 gloss Aspen Green ceramic color
C753 Gloss Aspen Green
A distinctly lighter green tone. Not a seafoam look, just a light pastel type green.
AC Products M13 matte almond ceramic color
M13 Matte Almond
Another matte almond choice slightly darker than the M81 version.
AC Products M23 matt mocha ceramic color
M23 Matte Mocha
If you are seeing white, that is right. This is a faintly off white shade.
AC Products M27 matte bone ceramic color
M27 Matte Bone
One of the faintest brown tones achievable.
AC Products M37 matte parchment ceramic color
M37 Matte Parchment
AC Products M39 matt French Provincial ceramic color
M39 Matte French Provincial
AC Products M51 matte grey ceramic color
M51 matte grey
AC Products M53 matte steel grey ceramic color
M53 Matte Steel Grey
A very nice light grey tone in the matte sheen.
AC Products M57 matt pearl grey ceramic color
M57 Matte Pearl Grey
The lightest of the grey tones in a matte option.
AC Products M69 matte smokey grey ceramic color
M69 Matte Smokey Grey
Still a very light grey with a warm hue.
AC Products M76 matte seafoam green ceramic color
M76 Matte Seafoam Green
There is the faintest hint of green, you can see it, but it is incredibly light.
AC Products M79 matte Mexican Sand ceramic color
M79 Matte Mexican Sand
This is a rich warm tone light brown in a matte sheen.
AC Products M98 matte shell ceramic color
M98 Matte Shell
Light pink.
AC Products M99 matte sterling silver ceramic color
M99 Matte Sterling Silver
The faint bluish-hue grey to create the silver look.
AC Products M128 matte dove ceramic color
M128 Matte Dove
AC Products M137 matte black ceramic color
M137 Matte Black
Pure dark black but in the matte sheen.
AC Products M704 matte light smoke ceramic color
M704 Matte Light Smoke
AC Products M709 matte architectural grey ceramic color
M709 Matte Architectural Grey
That brownish-most faint greenish-grey hue. We see the faintest hint of green in it when we look at it.
AC Products M732 matte uptown taupe ceramic color
M732 Matte Uptown Taupe
AC Products M736 matte fawn beige ceramic color
M736 Matte Fawn Beige
Yes, there is a distinct rosey hue visible in this matte color. Rosey-light brown color.
AC Products M739 matte crisp linen ceramic color
M739 matte crisp linen
AC Products M761 matte urban putty ceramic color
M761 matte urban putty
AC Products M766 matte elemental tan ceramic color
M766 Matte Elemental Tan
A nice light brown matte color.
AC Products M771 matte City Line Kohl ceramic color
M771 Matte City Line Kohl
A direct compliment to the gloss version. This is the darkest matte brown color that we have.
AC Products M944 matte artisan brown ceramic color
M944 Matte Artisan Brown
A direct compliment to the glossy version. A warm greyish-hue brown.
Gloss and Matte Colors
There are more gloss color choices than there are matte colors. Not every gloss color has a matte counterpart. Some do, but not many.
Matte Explanations
M23 Matte Mocha, despite its name, is a matte white tone. There is just a tinge of color to it to make it an off white.
M137 matte black kind of looks like it has a leather appearance.
M771 matte City Line Kohl is the darkest of the matte browns.
Colors C115 Heron Blue and C235 Pink are generally the very popular blue and pink from the 1950's to 70's.
Note that C129 Seafoam is a bluish seafoam, not the pale green like a mint green. It will NOT match the greenish seafoams.
The M76 matte seafoam is such a pale green, extremely light.

Stoneware colors for the 900 Series

These six colors are for the items shown on the Inspirational 900 Series. The 900 Series is made up of almost the entire 700 series and a few items from the 800 series. Additionally, most of the recessed items come in most of the stoneware colors. All of that is explained on the 900 Series page.
AC Products S901 white marble stone ceramic color
S901 White Marble Stone
A brownish-greyish-white mix, granular pattern to look like real stone. The main hue is not white, it is a dingy white to resemble real stone. Matte sheen.
AC Products S902 red clay stone ceramic color
S902 Red Clay Stone
A mix of red, dark orange, and some light speckles to make a reddish granite look. Semi-gloss sheen.
AC Products S904 smoke grey stone ceramic color
S904 Smoke Grey Stone
This will have several light greys mixed together, including a bluish grey, and some cream tones. Varies, sometimes the bluish-hue grey is a little more dominate. Matte smooth sheen.
AC Products S906 blue grey stone ceramic color
S906 Blue Grey Stone
Predominately darker blue, but a mix of greys and off cream tones mixed in. Semi-gloss sheen.
AC Products S909 dark bone stone ceramic color
S909 Dark Bone Stone
A mix of browns and lighter tones. Overall a caramel like appearance. Matte sheen.
AC Products S910 sandstone ceramic color
S910 Sandstone
Distinctly a golden dominance. A mix of brown, gold, yellow, cream. Lighter than the dark bone stone and much more golden. Matte sheen.
It has been difficult to take spot on photos of any of the above colors. In the sunlight, shade, or in our photo tent, they pick up shadows and do not always look like what we see without the camera. We have various product photos on our other pages for the shopping cart items. We mix up the colors we use instead of all just in white. Clicking on any of the cart images generally open views to additional picures.
The S904 has multiple grey and cream tones, with a faint bluish hue. S909 is predominately a caramel type tone in the brown family. And then S910 has a more dominant golden hue. These are the three most popular stoneware colors. We try to keep many items in stock in these three colors. We cannot keep all items in stock, but some of the more popular items are kept on hand.
This page was set up to show the individual color images only. On the Cross Reference Color Tile Chart page, we have a grid of color number for the tile brands that AC Products is basing their colors upon. Many are Dal Tile and Kohler colors.

And then on the Color Comparison and Selection Help page, we are going to show almost all of the same gloss and matte colors on this page, but in group photos. Comparing the greys to greys, browns to browns, etc. Seeing how some of the colors change in respect to others does help. We will show the difference between white and bone, or white and biscuit, since many colors are easy to confuse when you have no basis to work upon.

Then lastly, we can help kind of in person. If you have a tile piece, or a broken shard of your towel bar or soap dish and wish to mail it to us, we can tell you which ACP color it might match to, or what the best compliment colors will be to it. AC Products has 80+ gloss and matte colors. There are probably a thousand tile colors out there. So we cannot make any promises about a match, and we can match only to their existing color pallet. They do not create custom colors. So the matching we do is just reporting what exists that can work with what you have.

You can mail your tile pieces or broken shards to:
attn: John, Eclectic-ware, 3110 Turkey Walk Lane, Wimauma, FL  33598.
Make sure to include a note with your name, phone number, and e-mail address. And a brief description of what you are looking for. We will get back to you.
If you write in big letters COLOR MATCH on the outside of the box, that is helpful too.

If you wish to e-mail us GOOD photos of your colors first, before sending anything in the mail, you can. Note: taking accurate pictures of colors, especially within your bathroom, is not always easy. Bones can look like greys or peach colors. Whites can look like all sorts of tones. Picture taking of light colors, or any color in an odd indoor light, or with a flash, can really distort colors. We can try to offer explanations to e-mailed images. And we will comment on any we are completely unsure about. Best pictures are in naturual outdoor light, but not direct sunlight. Our e-mail address to use for this is

We will help to the best of our ability, and to the limited number of color selections. There definitely are a thousand or more tile colors available from lots of manufacturers. AC Products offers some of the more popular tones. It's much better than just plain white like you find with most imported ceramics.

AC Products makes their bathroom hardware in the USA.

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