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For Product Support & Phone Orders:
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Color Choices Ceramic Bathroom Hardware

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Glossy, Matte, and Stoneware Color Choices:

The first 14 colors shown are the basic colors, of which the Inspired 500 Series, Sleek 800 Series, and Stylish 700 Series are all available in. Every piece, every mounting method, all available in these 14 colors, and in any quantity that you would like. If you need just one towel bar or soap dish, that is fine.

After these 14 colors, we will show the extended colors for the 700 Series. And then after that, the 6 stoneware colors for the Inspired 900 Series.

ALSO NOTE: This is a help page, not a product page. Thus the colors shown below are for reference for the bathroom hardware items. To order any of the available items, you will need to be on one of the AC Products collection pages. Access to these pages is in the top menu or the text menu toward the bottom of the page.

Now: the standard colors for the 500, 600, 700, and 800 Series

Click or tap any picture to enlarge.

Extended Colors for Stylish 700 Series

ALL items in the 700 Series, with the only exceptions being the large BR791 and BR793 shower caddies, are available in these additional colors, and in any quantity that you desire. You can order one of anything from the 700 Series in the following colors.

The 500 and 800 Series items are available in these colors also, BUT with a quantity restriction. A requirement of 20 or more of the same piece must be ordered for the 500 and 800 Series to be made in these colors. Being that the 700 Series is by far the most popular, all items can be ordered one at a time in any of the following colors.

Color C220 Gloss Cobalt carries a premium price on all items. It is a specialty color, but available one at a time on any Series 700 items (except those large shower caddies).

Stoneware colors for the 900 Series

These six colors are for the items shown on the Inspirational 900 Series. The 900 Series is made up of almost the entire 700 series and a few items from the 800 series. Additionally, most of the recessed items come in most of the stoneware colors. All of that is explained on the 900 Series page.
This page was set up to show the individual color images only. On the Cross Reference Color Tile Chart page, we have a grid of color number for the tile brands that AC Products is basing their colors upon. Many are Dal Tile and Kohler colors.

And then on the Color Comparison and Selection Help page, we are going to show almost all of the same gloss and matte colors on this page, but in group photos. Comparing the greys to greys, browns to browns, etc. Seeing how some of the colors change in respect to others does help. We will show the difference between white and bone, or white and biscuit, since many colors are easy to confuse when you have no basis to work upon.

Then lastly, we can help kind of in person. If you have a tile piece, or a broken shard of your towel bar or soap dish and wish to mail it to us, we can tell you which ACP color it "might" match to, or what the best compliment colors will be to it. AC Products has 80+ gloss and matte colors. There are probably a thousand tile colors out there. So we cannot make any promises about a match, and we can match only to their existing color pallet. They do not create custom colors. So the matching we do is just reporting what exists that can work with what you have.

You can mail your tile pieces or broken shards to:
attn: John, Eclectic-ware, 3110 Turkey Walk Lane, Wimauma, FL  33598.
Make sure to include a note with your name, phone number, and e-mail address. And a brief description of what you are looking for. We will get back to you.
If you write in big letters COLOR MATCH on the outside of the box, that is helpful too.

If you wish to e-mail us GOOD photos of your colors first, before sending anything in the mail, you can. Note: taking accurate pictures of colors, especially within your bathroom, is not always easy. Bones can look like greys or peach colors. Whites can look like all sorts of tones. Picture taking of light colors, or any color in an odd indoor light, or with a flash, can really distort colors. We can try to offer explanations to e-mailed images. And we will comment on any we are completely unsure about. Best pictures are in naturual outdoor light, but not direct sunlight. Our e-mail address to use for this is

We will help to the best of our ability, and to the limited number of color selections. There definitely are a thousand or more tile colors available from lots of manufacturers. AC Products offers some of the more popular tones. It's much better than just plain white like you find with most imported ceramics.

AC Products makes their bathroom hardware in the USA.

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