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Color Comparing and Selection Help [Bathroom Hardware]

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Color Comparisons to Show You how Some Vary From the Others:

Wow, this first photo was great. Emphasis on the WAS.

AC Product is out of business, as of November, 2022. As of January, 2024, Our inventory is drastically limited. And we are going to leave this page alone, because it was helpful. But do note, what you see on this page most likely is not available in abundance or at all.

This first photo showed 66 of their gloss and matte colors, in numeric order, and was taken in the sunlight. Natural light tends to portray colors more accurately. And when photographed together, the camera seems to pick up on the individual colors better.

Throughout most of 2023, our goal was to find a new ceramics producer, hopefully one that makes many colors and items like ACP did. Thus far, luck is not with us. YET, Lenape has stepped up. Lenape has several collections of ceramic bathroom hardware. They are not as extensive as AC Products was, but they have some very nice items. Colors are limited too, some collections having only white. BUT WORTH A LOOK! Check out our Lenape selections at that link.

Note: This page has a lot of older images on it. Many of these colors are not available in anything. But it still can help people decipher colors and if you happen to find some ceramic bathroom hardware somewhere else, let us know. We would like to take a peek. We have seen some from HCP, the shower shelf site, Alibaba, some from Mexico, and a couple of others. Lenape already supplies our need for what we saw there, OR, some of those choices were exaggerated about being available, or just junky looking. We saw some self-adhesive stick on ceramic bath hardware. STUPID idea. May as well ask for it to fall off the wall one year. So we are not looking for a junk line to replace ACP. Nor do we want only white that we bring in on pallets. We may just have to concede and realize that ceramic bathroom hardware producers are an endangered species. Times change.
AC Products group photo of the colors for ceramic bathroom hardware
Now for some group and specific comparisons to help you choose your color.

Compared: C1 gloss white to C3 gloss bone.
Very difficult sometimes to know which you have since you would not have both to compare to. Bone is sometimes confused as an off white, which it is, but it is not white.
C1 gloss white compared to C70 gloss biscuit colors
C1 gloss white compared to C70 gloss biscuit. Biscuit is a very faint yellowish white, creamy or light ivory tone. But there is a difference when you can see it next to white.
C1 to C34 to C144 comparing the glossy white colors
Comparing C1 gloss white, C34 gloss ice white, and C144 gloss Kohler white (left to right). The ice white is the whitest of the glossy whites offered. If you have bright white tile, or your tile is named Snow White, Glacier White, Ice White, or anything that implies a bright bright white, go with the C34 ice white color.
M23 to M66 to M84 matte white color comparisons
Now the Matte Whites: left to right M23 matte mocha, M66 matte white, M84 matte ice white. The M66 is the most commonly requested matte white, it is milky looking. The M84 matte ice white is a very bright pure white. And M23 matte mocha is like an antique white color, has a faint muting to it. Notice how the shine changed when compared to the glossy white photo.
C3 to C150 to C16 to C165 colors compared
Left to right: C3 gloss bone; C150 gloss French provincial; C16 gloss almond; C165 gloss Kohler almond. All very close to each other. This picture was taken in our photo booth with cool white LED lights on the white tent. The photo shown after this will be these colors and more, but taken outdoors in the shade. Notice how they look different in a different light. Thus the colors in your bathroom change from daytime to night time, especially if you have a window in the bathroom. This is one of the aspects that makes it very difficult for you to take a picture of your light tone tiles in your bathroom. The lighting at the time really can alter a photo, sometimes drastically.
AC Products bone and almond tones compared
Then, the bone and almond tones compared in a picture taken outdoors in the shade. Top row starting on left: M27 matte bone; M81 matte almond; M13 matte almond recessed soap dish. Then the bottom row from left: C3 gloss bone; C16 gloss almond; C165 gloss Kohler almond; and C150 gloss French provincial.
ACP color comparison of C304 left to C3 right
Compared: C304 gloss French Provincial to C3 gloss bone (on right).
Very difficult sometimes to know which you have since you would not have both to compare to. Bone is a real good match to French Provincial. Amazing what the light color can do. Under cool white LED light, the French Provincial is a hint more brown, not by much. Under warm white LED light, the bone looks lighter and picks up a yellowish hue. This photo was taken in our photo tent with CW LED light on it.
Space reserved for a future photo.
(not any more)
AC Products grey ceramic colors compared
Here's our Grey Group photo. Top row are gloss colors, left to right: C12 sterling silver; C143 Kohler ice grey; C17 light grey; C118 tender grey; C97 desert grey; C67 smokey grey; C409 architectural grey; and C432 uptown taupe. Then the bottom row are Matte colors: M57 matte pearl grey; M99 matte sterling silver; M69 matte smokey grey; M53 matte steel grey; M704 matte light smoke; M128 matte dove; M709 matte architectural grey. Photo taken outside in the shade.
AC Products brown group photo of ceramic colors
Now the brown group photo: The far left by itself is C6 gloss dark taupe. Then the full top row starts with Gloss colors C461 urban putty; C256 fawn beige; C21 Mexican sand; C466 elemental tan; C444 artisan brown; C171 city line Kohl. The bottom full row are Matte colors starting with M732 matte uptown taupe; M736 matte fawn beige; M79 matte Mexican sand; M766 matte elemental tan; M944 matte artisan brown; M771 matte city line Kohl.
C5 to C171 to C444 dark colors compared
Here's how C5 gloss black, C171 gloss city line Kohl, and C444 gloss artisan brown compare. Black is a distinct dark black. City Line Kohl is the darkest of the browns.
M137 to M771 to M944 matte dark colors compared
And then the corresponding Matte tones: M137 matte black; M771 matte city line Kohl; and M944 matte artisan brown.
AC Products light tone colors compared
Jumping back to the lighter tones. Photo taken in direct sunlight. Top row: C1 gloss white; C3 gloss bone; C14 gloss majorca; C16 gloss almond; C34 gloss ice white. Then the bottom row is: C70 gloss Kohler biscuit; C144 gloss Kohler white; C139 gloss crisp linen; C150 gloss French provincial; C165 gloss Kohler almond. The sunlight does pull out more depth of color. Indoors, all of these will appear lighter.
AC Products blue colors compared
Blue tone colors, taken in direct sunlight: C115 gloss heron blue; C722 gloss medium blue; C469 gloss galaxy blue; C220 gloss cobalt; C133 gloss navy blue.
AC Products green colors compared
Green shades compared, photo taken in shade outdoors: C73 gloss cypress; C753 gloss aspen green; C129 gloss seafoam; M76 Matte seafoam green.
AC Products pink tones compared
Pink tones compared: C119 gloss shell; C235 gloss pink; M98 matte shell; M736 matte fawn beige (because of its rosiness).
AC Products yellow colors compared
Yellow tones compared, photo taken in direct sunlight: C70 gloss biscuit; C139 gloss crisp linen; C320 gloss Texas yellow; C460 gloss cornsilk.
AC Products speckled colors on white compared
Speckled colors, from left: C101 gloss granite; C201 gloss gold dust; C301 gloss pepper white.
AC Products stoneware colors for ceramic bathroom hardware
These are the six stoneware colors available only in the Exceptional 900 Series and for some of the recessed bath hardware.
AC Products standard 14 ceramic color choices
Above is a group photo of the Standard colors, there are 14 of them. The 500, 600, and 800 series are available in all of these colors, and in quantities of 1 or greater. The 700 Series is available in these and all the other colors also. We just wanted to show a group of the 14 basic colors. And the black and white diagram below is an index of the colors above.
AC Products standard ceramic color index
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