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Re-Place-A-Bar Repair Broken Towel Bar [Fix It Help]

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Lenape Re-Place-A-Bar, just as it sound, how to replace your broken towel bar

Whether you call it a bar, a rod, a towel rack, or holder, we have a solution to fix your broken plastic shower and bathtub towel bars.

Did someone yank on, or fall into your shower bar?
Did it snap out of its holders?
Was your grandchild doing chin ups?
Are the holders glued into the wall and cannot be removed?
Do you need a replacement bar with an economical solution?
Lenape Re-Place-A-Bar replacement towel bar
White and clear square shower bars available.
12", 24" or 36" lengths, can be cut shorter to size.
Spring loaded ends are removeable when cutting to length, then re-insert.
Square portion measures 3/4" square.
AND NOW Black is Back in 24" Re-Place-A-Bars!

Many more instructions will follow lower on the page.
Manufacturer: Lenape
24" long Re-Place-A-Bar, bar is 24'' long, with removeable spring loaded ends
LEN-2024-00 clear 24'' bar
LEN-2024-01 white 24" bar
LEN-2024-02 black 24" bar (only size that comes in black)
Manufacturer: Lenape
36" long Re-Place-A-Bar, bar is 36'' long, with removeable spring loaded ends
LEN-2036-00 clear 36'' bar
LEN-2036-01 white 36" bar
Manufacturer: Lenape
12" long Re-Place-A-Bar, bar is 12'' long, with removeable spring loaded ends
LEN-2012-00 clear 12'' bar
LEN-2012-01 white 12" bar
Small order quantities of Re-Place-A-Bars are generally shipped via US Priority Mail.
Please make sure you provide us with a valid mailing address when ordering. For Canadian shipments and other countries, we normally ship via International First Class Mail through the US Post Office. We can ship to PO Boxes!
We can ship most everywhere in the world.
Bulk 100 case packs will generally ship via UPS.
We keep all sizes in both clear and white bars in STOCK. And the black 24" are in stock too.

NOTE: US Mail shipping on the Re-Place-A-Bars is the most economical (on small orders). UPS likes to charge Dimensional Box Size shipping rates. So when in our shopping cart, please consider letting us to decide the best way to ship, which 998 times out of 1000, the US Mail wins for the much lower shipping cost. (As of April, 2022, with the US Post Office has two new surcharges. On boxes over 22", there is a $4 fee. And on boxes exceeding 30" long, there is a $15 fee. We did ship a few 36" Re-Place-A-Bars via UPS to avoid that $15 fee, only to find out that UPS is charging us an extra $17.50 fee for using a strong round tube to ship in. When we ship via the Post Office, we use their Priority Mail triangular shipping boxes, which we get from them at no cost. So because UPS is as fee happy as the rest of them, the 36" Re-Place-A-Bars, when small quantities, will still be sent via Priority Mail. For qty one, shipping within FL is $8.70 to $9.45 + $15. If going to the US west coast: CA, OR, ID, NV, WA, AK, HI, for example, then $11.60 + $15. Still cheaper than UPS. If you ever want a shipping quote prior to finalizing your order, we can do that. And no idea if the postal fee is temporary or permanent. It is ridiculous and high, and quite unfair.)

Estimated shipping costs:
If one 36" bar or up to two 24", we can keep that box under one pound. Priority Mail shipping will be $8.70 to $11.60. The higher amounts reflect a greater distance away from Florida such as all far western states, Alaska, and Hawaii. For a few more bars that increase a box weight over 1 pound, then shipping is by postal zone, which still averages to around $9 to $16.10.

To Canada: One 24" Re-Place-A-Bar, when packed in a box is about 11 to 12 ounces. Shipping cost for 1 bar to Canada is $27.10 via International First Class Mail. And technically, this is up to the 32 ounce rate. So if you need 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the 24" bars, we can keep that box under 2 pounds and at that same rate. The 36" bars would ship International Priority due to International First Class having a maximum 24" length limit. These are the lowest cost shipping methods to Canada. We can ship any size order to Canada, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. And we can quote shipping in advance of ordering. (We believe the post office's $15 fee on 30" or longer boxes applies domestically only)

Bulk Packs and Shipping:

We have had hotels, state parks, military bases, and other organizations whom need these bars in bulk. The white and clear bars do come in cases of 100 each. Use the product numbers just below when purchasing in multiples of 100 bars each.

On the Bulk 100-packs, we will WAIVE the shipping costs for cases shipping via UPS Ground to all addresses within the continental 48 US States. Rush shipments, or shipments outside of the 48 States will have appropriate shipping costs applied for the zip code or postal code that they are traveling to. A box of 100 is somewhat heavy, generally around 28 pounds for the 24", and 40 pounds for the 36". We can ship the Re-Place-A-Bars internationally. We will gladly quote international shipping costs in advance when you ask.
Manufacturer: Lenape
24" long bars BULK PACK of 100: Re-Place-A-Bar 24'' long, with spring loaded ends
LEN-7024-00 clear 24'' bars (100 pack)
LEN-7024-01 white 24" bars (100 pack)
Manufacturer: Lenape
36" long bars BULK PACK of 100: Re-Place-A-Bar 36'' long, with spring loaded ends
LEN-7036-00 clear 36'' bars (100 pack)
LEN-7036-01 white 36" bars (100 pack)
Lenape Re-Place-A-Bar installation instructions


  • In the above black and white diagram (from Lenape), you only need to saw your old bar out if it is still in place. Odds are, it is not.
  • Please print the above diagram or this paragraph of instructions. Bars do NOT come with instructions! (Note, the diagram above does NOT EXPLAIN ENOUGH. See the rest of Eclectic-ware's instructions and notes below.)
  • Please bookmark this page now, should you need it for future reference (in case you forget to print the instructions).
  • The Re-Place-A-Bars are designed as a replacement for ceramic posts that cannot be removed from your wall.
  • Here are the rest of the most popular answers to the questions that we have had over the years:
  • The bar starting length is 12", 24", or 36". This does NOT include the spring loaded ends into that equation.
  • The bars are 3/4" square. This is the only size they come in.
  • The spring loaded ends DO come with the bar. Two ends come with each bar.
  • We are not aware of any round replacement bars with spring loaded ends. We have only square.
  • The plastic bars can be cut down to size (by you) by using a hack saw. Or other fine tooth saw.
  • You can use a Ginsu knife it they still exist to cut the bars down.
  • The spring loaded ends can be removed from the bar, and you will remove at least one when you cut the bar to size. Then you will put the end back in.
  • The spring loaded ends can argue with you about being removed. Most fit in pretty tight. The way we have removed stubborn ones is to use a utility knife. We gently wiggle the blade in under the collar of the spring loaded end and then gently twist. We are not pressuring the razor edge on the plastic, we are just using it as a thin pry bar. Using anything thicker would most likely break the plastic. Look at the color photos above and you can see how the spring loaded ends are slipped into the bar. And of course sometimes the ends just slide out easily.
  • The ends technically are 3 pieces: the wide part that slides into the bar, the spring inside, the smaller plunger portion. If you happen to pull the plunger out, and the spring flies across the room, it is very easy to put it back together. You did not break it.
  • The new bar is NOT meant to rest on the spring loaded ends when finalized. (see next instruction)
  • The length of your new bar is the distance between your posts PLUS half the recessed depth of both openings in your posts. Thus the new bar goes halfway into each post and the bar itself rests in the posts.
  • For example, if you have 22" between your posts, and the square or diamond shaped holes are 7/16" deep each, you want your bar to be 22-7/16" (22 + 7/32 + 7/32).
  • Thus, the spring loaded ends self-center the bar, and the bar rests halfway into the depth of the openings in BOTH towel bar end posts. Now the bar strength sits in both posts, not just the spring loaded ends.
  • When you fully compress one spring loaded end by inserting the new bar into the first post (AND HOLDING THE POST SO YOU DO NOT PUSH IT OFF THE WALL), you then hold the other end compressed in and slip the bar to the inside of the second post and let go, the spring loaded ends will self-center the bar, and then the bar rests upon itself halfway within each post. (Yes, we are trying to emphasize that point.)
  • When putting your spring loaded end back into the bar, clear the bar of debris, and you may have to push hard. Sometimes they are quite snug. And other times they just float right in.
  • Years ago, bars did come in black, AND as of August 2018, Black 24" bars are back. No black in 36".
  • Yes, the clear bars give the illusion of ribs in them. They are translucent.
  • If you are planning on painting the bars, get clear, you will have better luck with that.
  • And then the Rust-Oleum brands of enamel spray paint designed for plastic or automotive use will be your best bet for a sturdy colored finish.
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