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Lenape Solutions for AC Products Discontinuations

Lenape section index

Lenape Solutions for AC Products Discontinued bathroom hardware

This page has two purposes.

  • To outline which items that Lenape Products currently offers to take the place of specific AC Products bathroom hardware that was discontinued in November, 2022, when AC Products went out of business.
  • And, to show which AC Products items that Lenape has added to their production, and are now once again available.

The Lenape Pro Series

Traditional rounded corner rectangular shaped thin-set mounted pieces. The Lenape Pro Series has been around for decades. This collection is currently composed of: a towel bar, tub soap dish, tub soap dish with cradle, vanity soap dish, vanity toothbrush holder, toilet paper holder, large corner shelf, and small corner shelf. All thin-set mount. Thin-set mount means, there is a small protrusion in the back of each piece that is meant to sit "in-line" with tile, thus taking the place of where a tile or tiles are omitted for it to set into. They can be mounted on sheet rock also if you cut a hole through, or at least create a divot for the pieces to set into. This is the only mounting method for the Pro Series.

If you are familiar with the AC Products Stylish 700 Series, it had very similar items. Rounded corner rectangular shaped items in thin-set mount, as well as a few other mounting methods. From the Lenape Pro Series, we will focus on the thin-set mount AC Products equivalents only. And ONLY in these three colors: gloss white, gloss bone/almond, and gloss black.

First, you can click or tap on either of the two links we just made above to advance to the Pro Series page. We are not going to re-show all the Pro Series items on this page. On its page, you will find pricing, dimensions, pictures, and the ability to add items to your shopping cart. The Lenape Pro Series is available ONLY in 3 colors: gloss white, bone/almond, and black. AC Products use to offer well over 100 colors at one time, and around 80 colors closer to the time when they shut down their business.

So, what AC Products substitutes does Lenape have?
For the BA730 towel bar, you can use the Lenape 1800 towel bar.
The BA777 TP holder, you can use the 1772 TP holder.
The BA725 tub soap dish, use the 1975 soap dish.
The BA728 tub soap dish with cradle, use the 1787 soap dish.
The BA768 vanity soap dish, use the 1803 vanity soap dish.
The BA770 toothbrush holder, use the 1883 toothbrush holder.
The BA765 large corner shelf, use the 1704 large corner shelf.
The BA764 small corner shelf, use the 1703 small corner shelf (white and bone only).

Quick Note about the 3 Colors

Lenape makes their Pro Series in only Gloss White, Gloss Bone/Almond, and Gloss Black. The bone we will reference as a bone/almond on many of our pages because it is a deeper bone and a good sub for almond colors as well. But here is how Lenape colors compare to AC Products colors. And this variation is related to the color of the clay compound used to make the items.

AC Products C1 standard gloss white is WHITER than the Lenape 01 color white. They are NOT identical. The Lenape white is not as bright and has a very faint greyish hue in it. So if mounting on bright white Subway tiles or other brands of brighter white tiles, the 01 white color will look less white. You WILL see a difference. It is white, it is just not a pure white.

AC Products C3 standard bone color was lighter than Lenape's 17 bone color. Lenape's bone is more of a bone-almond than it is a very pale tan like AC Products had. It will blend or compliment with many bone or almond type tile colors. Since there are potentially 400 shades of bone or almond out there to choose from, it most certainly will not match most. But it will compliment many. Please keep that in mind.

AC Products C5 gloss black color and Lenape's 02 gloss black are identical. A deep even dark black. They match.

Lenape Carrousel Collection

A simple collection now. In the Carrousel Collection, you have a choice of a small square style towel bar, and the same shape for a two-piece TP holder. There is also a robe hook. This collection is also available in white, bone, and black. Some limitations on some pieces. It is CLIP ON mount only. Thus, it is a great match for the AC Products 600 Series which had only a towel bar and two-piece TP holder in clip on mount. So something almost identical. Dimensions are slightly different, style is near the same.

Lenape Classic Collection

An oldie but a goodie. The Classic Collection are the Oval shaped pieces. It is available in white only. As well as with floral decals on two separate pages, the Blossoms on White and Watercolors on White. Prior to 2009, it was made in the bone color also. But as of today, it is made only in White. And it comes only in the CLIP ON mounting method.

Thus, if familiar with the AC Products Sleek 800 Series, these were also curvy kind of pieces. Some oval shaped, some half ovals with a flat side. The two collections are not completely alike, but if you would like something not rectangular, this is the collection to check out. It is also the only collection that has a DOUBLE towel bar. You have two choices of single towel bars, a TP holder, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and double robe hook.

Now for the AC Products items that Lenape will make

These will now be Lenape brand items, and the molds will be the same and dimensions identical or near identical. Lenape was able to acquire the molds for the BR796 and BR794.

Lenape cannot just make everything that AC Products once offered. It is great that they are going to keep these two popular items in production. But factories have minimum requirements for production runs and it can turn into a warehouse space issue and up front cost to sometimes make thousands of one item at a time.

Color restrictions will be limited to the Lenape 01 gloss white, 17 gloss bone-almond, 02 gloss black.

Images of the white and black below. Bone just arrived into us on 3-7-24. So all 3 colors are in stock now.
The BR796 recessed TP holder. Fits into a 6x6 wall opening approx. 3-5/8" deep. Holds "normal size" double rolls, not the large large rolls. Available in gloss white, gloss bone/almond, and gloss black. Already shown on our website. White, bone, and Black are in stock.
The BR794 recessed soap dish. Also fits in a 6x6 opening that is 3-1/2" deep. Lenape also acquired this mold from AC Product. Available in gloss white, gloss bone/almond, and gloss black. Already shown on our website. White, bone, and Black are in stock.
Thus, Lenape has already produced the recessed TP holders and recessed soap dishes. The gloss white, gloss bone, and gloss black are in our stock now.

We did show towel bars and robe hooks on this page and Lenape's factory even made prototypes, but that project is on hold due to the factory requesting a minimum run of 16,000 items to cover the 12 choices we asked for. So this is being re-thought.

In the AC Products Stylish 700 series, there were a TON of items. Multiple soap dishes, towel bars, robe hooks, toothbrush holder, corner shelves, TP holders and more. And MANY came in multiple mounting methods, and most in 80 colors or more. It was a huge operation based in Ohio. Lenape will keep the two items above alive. They cannot do it all. That would be an incredibly huge undertaking. This is why earlier on toward the top of this page, we put a lot of explanation into the Lenape Pro Series. Many solutions for AC Products items being gone will reside in that collection.

As we progress with these revived items, we will post updates about them. (Last updated March 7, 2024)
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