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Triangular Tempered Glass Shelves

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Lenape Luxury Glass Shelf Kits - triangular tempered glass

Lenape Luxury Glass Shelf kits - triangular glass corner shelves
The glass shelf kits are composed of: 1 triangular piece of tempered glass, 2 half moon shaped solid brass mounting clips with set screws, stainless steel mounting screws, and half moon shaped clear rubber cushions. And then an Allen wrench to tighten the set screws. A near bracketless look with the stylish half moon brackets. They do hold the glass securely in place. The shelves can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, or any room that you would like a decorative glass corner shelf. Suitable for use in the bathtub area. (We do recommend that after installing in a bathtub area that you check the set screws about a week later. Give them a little tweak to make sure you set them tightly.)

Set screws are positioned from the bottom of the half moon mounting clip. They are rubber tipped, so when pushing on the glass, you have a cushion. Then the half moon shape of clear thin rubber is on the top side of the shelf within the half moon clip so you have rubber cushioning on both sides of the glass, and not metal touching glass. You do not need to overtighten them like Hercules. But you should snug them properly.

The kits do come with 2 brackets each. Yet, the half moon brackets are available separately if you wish to use them with your own glass. They can be used with triangular or arched front corner glass. And also with rectangular shelves of "shallow" depth. By shallow depth we mean 4", 5", or 6" deep shelves, preferably 3/8" glass. Tempered glass is always a safer idea as it usually with have a smooth edge that will not cut. When you start to go beyond a 6" deep shelf, we do have other glass mounting brackets in the Expo Design section of our website. We also offer rectangular pieces of 3/8" thick tempered glass shelfing in that same section of our website.
Manufacturer: Lenape
Lenape TC12-72 Luxury glass shelf - 12'' corner shelf - clear glass with chrome accent clips. Shelf dimensions: 12" on each wall side, 8-3/8" from corner to center front, 3/8" thick tempered glass (Kit is shelf, 2 half moon mounting clips, allen wrench)
LEN-TC12-70 shelf with 2 polished brass mounting clips
LEN-TC12-96 shelf with 2 brushed nickel mounting clips
Manufacturer: Lenape
Lenape LGSC-70 luxury glass shelf clip lifetime brass, sold each, solid brass, half moon shape: 1-15/16" wide, 1" projection, 11'16" tall, gap is 15/32", set screw in bottom
Manufacturer: Lenape
Lenape LGSC-72 luxury glass shelf clip polished chrome, sold each, solid brass, half moon shape: 1-15/16" wide, 1" projection, 11'16" tall, gap is 15/32", set screw in bottom
Manufacturer: Lenape
Lenape LGSC-96 luxury glass shelf clip brushed nickel, sold each, solid brass, half moon shape: 1-15/16" wide, 1" projection, 11'16" tall, gap is 15/32", set screw in bottom
NOTE: Each kit does come with two half moon brackets. Either brass, chrome, or brushed nickel finish. The half moon brackets are shown as separate items when you want to purchase just them to use with your own glass. Brackets are packaged individually. In most cases you will need two. But sometimes for longer rectangular glass pieces, you may want to consider a third bracket. This is why they come individually.

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