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Replacement Bath Hardware Parts

Lenape section index

Lenape replacement bathroom hardware items

There is not too much in the way of replacement parts. First of all, if you are looking for the Spring Loaded replacement towel bar, we have that set up on a page all to itself. The Lenape Re-Place-A-Bar has a lot of info written up about it on that page.

But if you are looking for the few other parts that we have available: towel rings, TP rollers, mounting clips, and even the spring loaded ends by themselves, these will be on this page.

For replacement towel bar posts (always sold together as left and right), please look on the individual collection pages for replacements. That of course would go for soap dishes, TP holders, and corner shelves too. We know that these items get broken from time to time in your bathroom. Wives will say my husband hit his head on the corner shelf and broke it. Husbands will generally blame their kids for doing chin ups on a towel bar or using the soap dish as a step ladder. No one ever blames the dog. Guess that is a good thing. But when accidents do happen, all the Lenape items are available individually. If you need only a TP holder, that is fine. We do not offer the hardware in sets. We leave it up to you to decide what you want in your own set. Every bathroom is different, every household has different needs. And if we ever do hear about someone blaming the dog for breaking a towel bar, we know you are blowing smoke up our ass....
Manufacturer: Lenape
Lenape 642-01 white round painted towel ring replacement w/grommets, 6" diameter, tubing is 3/8" dia.
Manufacturer: Lenape
Lenape 642-72 chrome round towel ring replacement w/grommets, 6" diameter, tubing is 3/8" dia.
Manufacturer: Lenape
Lenape 660-01 white plastic toilet tissue roller replacement, nub ends are 3/8", but sometimes 5/16", it varies. Overall non-tensed length is 6-1/16" tip to tip
Manufacturer: Lenape
Lenape mounting clip 621-98 - tapered clip for porcelain hardware. Measures: 1-1/8" across the top, 1-1/16" across bottom, 1-1/4" tall, hole ctc is 1" vertical - SOLD EACH
LEN-spring ends
Manufacturer: Lenape
Lenape spring loaded ends used in Re-Place-A-Bars, sold by the pair (no guarantees about them fitting every kind of hollow bar, but they can be glued into looser fitting bars.)
On the TP roller replacement above, it does have the Small nubs on the end to fit into small holes. All too often in hardware stores, you find rollers that have the larger ends, like 5/8" or more, and those do not fit into the smaller holes. These will. But, if you find that you need a larger end and do not want the tiny nub, you can adapt this roller. Just snip the end off, then you will be using the next size tier on the roller. Click on the roller picture above. There is an additional close up picture showing the ends. You will understand.
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