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About Eclectic-ware - a brief who we are

Eclectic-ware began in December, 2000. We are a family based business and we try to keep things simple and small. Our office is home based - and for many reasons. Keeping to just the essentials of running the business helps us help our customers better. The products we offer are not the typical off the shelf hardware and accessories you would find in the big box stores. Some are, but many are made to order and to your specifications on some.

Our totally custom products would include kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors made to the sixteenth of an inch. Options of unfinished wood doors, and then of course many designs, wood choices, and profiles to select from. Cabinet doors are not just for the kitchen or bath either. You use them on living room entertainment centers, furniture, bedrooms, laundry rooms, garages, boats, and commercial offices. And more. For the majority of people or contractors looking to make a nice kitchen or bath, we can help with the products needed.

We do more than just cabinet doors. We have tons of handle choices to dress them up. From simple to elegant. We will say, we do not get into the cheap plastic hardware or the scruffy plated stuff that pits the year after you buy it. Much of our decorative cabinet knobs and pulls are pretty high end. We offer the super popular European Railing, those handles that seem to stretch the full width of a drawer or the height of a door - to some pretty tall heights. Made from solid stainless steel and from lengths of 2" to 96". Corian and Wilsonart cabinet pulls from a custom handle maker. The fantastic selections from Century Hardware, Schaub & Co., and a few others. A little bit of something for everyone, except the guys looking for that cheap plastic stuff. You can go to our Decorative Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls summary page to get an idea of what we offer.

Cabinet and Display Lighting is a big thing with us!

We have offered Hera Lighting since 2001. We offer design help and solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of your home. We can help with the older phased out lighting and describe what you can do now. Hafele lighting systems are available through us also. Got a boat? We have helped thousands of boat owners with repairing or replacing their cabin lights. (Let us note right here, we do not go out into the field to fix anything, we are a distributor. But if you have a 50' yacht and wouldn't mind a house guest for a week or two in the Caribbean, we could be persuaded to help you install those lights.)

Hera Lighting is also installed in office buildings, restaurants, dentist offices, museums, etc. It is cabinet and "display" lighting. So if you are looking to highlight something to show it off, this is the kind of lighting that can meet that task. Hera and Hafele are both German companies and their engineering is top notch. The lighting we offer is quality. And you have a lot of options with spotlights or linear lighting. In-cabinet lighting as well. There is a lot to know about lighting and more than we can just briefly mention here. Get started with Cabinet Lighting Fixtures by choosing that link.

You will see the rest of our product lines by exploring our website. Pretty much home improvement hardware that relates to kitchens and bathrooms. But not limited to that. We believe more homeowners renovating a home find us and use our service more so that someone having a new home built. Now if that new home is a custom built home, we most certainly can help. Subdivision homes that go up fast by a builder, we do not have too much interaction with. Builders generally have their set suppliers for their products and most of the time buy in huge bulk direct from manufacturers. But for the Do-It-Yourselfers and Custom Builders, we have some nice offerrings. Hotel renovators have used our service when needing large quantities of ceramic soap dishes or corner shelves for their renovations and maintenance. We help more homeowners than anything, but we are ready to help businesses too. Anyone can purchase from us. And in volume for the big guys, we can offer price breaks.

Eclectic-ware is a home based office; thus, we do not have a showroom or store front set up. (Our physical address is shown in the smaller print copyright notice on every web page. We do not hide where we are. We just do not promote foot traffic to our location.) This has worked well for us since 2001 and we see no need to rent shopping mall space, or set up delivery vehicles, or a lot of hoopla that comes with running a multi-stage larger business. When it does come to color matching or seeing the products first, we do it the best we can. Customers can mail us sample colors to match to if selecting from the website images does not work for you. Pretty much every line of hardware we offer does not impose a minimum. If you want to order one cabinet door, one cabinet handle, one light, or towel bar first to check it out, you can do so. The majority of items are returnable, but some are not. If you order a raised panel door that is 14-13/16" wide by 28" tall, that is a custom product that is not returnable. But better to order one first if you are unsure instead of the whole kitchen. Same goes for cabinet handles and other items. If they are mainstream items, they are returnable. We do stock popular items such as cabinet lights and many of the ceramic bathroom hardware choices in the four popular colors. The other 80ish colors, we order as requested. The manufacturer pretty much makes them to order when requested. With thousands of choices, you cannot stock everything. And across all the products lines, their are hundreds of thousands of choices. Even into the millions of choices with a few product lines that make custom products.

Let us know how we can help. You have the phone, e-mail, texting ability, US Mail. We are responsive to our customers' requests. We also welcome comments to improve our service. Contact methods are in the header and footer of every web page.

And we are Pug people. You will see our boys popping up on some web pages. All part of the fun of being a small business with minimal rules, and home based so we can be with the boys all day. They even get involved with some of the work now and then. And sometimes they make more work. But it is all good....
The Pug brothers of Eclectic-ware
In Loving Memory of T'ai Chi. March 2008 to August 2020. He will always be in out hearts.

From left to right: T'ai Chi, Khenpo, Miyagi, Kanji.
Kanji is the boss and now 16 years old as of 2022. Khenpo and Miyagi are twins. T'ai Chi is the BEST photo ham ever....

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