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Ceramic Corner Shelves - Large and Small Shower Shelf

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Stylish 700 Series Ceramic Shower Corner Shelf Choices

The 700 Series actually offers now 10 corner shower shelf choices. There are 3 sizes, the jumbo corner shelf comes with or without a hook below it, and then all four come in thin-set mount and also flat back mount. And of course these 8 choices are available in 80ish colors each. The 9th and 10th choices are lower rise jumbo corner shelves in a flat back mount and in standard colors only. The side walls are not as tall as the normal jumbo. The new BF784-RETROKIT just added (you will see it much lower on the page), has two distinct looks and comes boxed with adhesive and instructions. (It is the only choice that comes boxed with adhesive. This is a specialty shelf.) The small corner shower shelf equates to holding one bar of soap or one bottle, considered a corner soap dish. When you need a ceramic corner wall shelf for your shower, this is the best page to reference. Color options are shown on the colors page. Adding wall shelves in your shower creates a friendlier storage space.
Now, the Scoop on AC Products. Yes, they are out of business, as of November, 2022. They announced it, halted production, and only sold off what they had had currently made. We were a "little" lucky. We were able to stock up on some towel bars, TP holders, shower caddies and a few other items. This note is now updated as of Feb. 17, 2023. Stock is selling off. There are some holes already for the items we normally kept in our stock, primarily the 700 Series and 900 Series. We are noting in the product "select your color" drop down menus as to how many of each item we have left in each color. And we have erased options for items that are completely gone. Updating it pretty much every other day. We still have a fair amount of stock on hand. But when it comes to all those wonderful colors, they are pretty much gone. We will continue to sell what we have until it completely runs out. We still offer Lenape Bath Hardware, and hope to find a source to re-invent some of what AC Products had offered. Many of our AC Products web pages still have a lot of older info. This note supercedes everything....
AC Products Stylish 700 Series ceramic corner shelves
The small corner shelf can serve as a corner soap dish. It can hold one bar of soap, or one bottle. It is small. The large corner shelf can hold a couple of bottles, or a bar of soap and another item. One side is tiered and the other side level. Either side can be mounted as your top side. And then the jumbo is nice because it can hold much more. Several bottle or items. If you opt for the jumbo with a hook, you can hang a scrub brush, or scrubbie from it. If you decide to mount several corner shelves in the same corner, and you use the jumbo with a hook, that would generally be the bottom shelf of your shower caddy stack.

The explanation of the corner shelves 2 mounting methods will follow after the product pictures below:
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BF764 small corner shelf, FLAT-BACK mount 4-7/8'' x 5-1/16'' x 2-3/8'' h, corner to drip groove is 5-3/8", drip groove on top side only - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BA765 large corner shelf, THIN-SET mount 6-5/8'' x 6-5/8'' x 2-7/16'' h. corner to drip groove 7-9/16", tile inset 6-1/4" long x 1-5/8" high for both sides. Top side is tiered, bottom is level, either side CAN be used as the top side. - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BF765 large corner shelf, FLAT BACK mount 6-9/16'' x 6-9/16'' x 2-3/8'' h. corner to drip groove 7-1/2". Top side is tiered, bottom is level, either side CAN be used as the top side. - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BA780 jumbo corner shelf, THIN-SET mount 8-1/4'' x 8-1/4'' x 2-5/8'' h, corner to drip groove is 9-1/4", tile inset 8" long by 2" high for both sides - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BF780 jumbo corner shelf, FLAT BACK mount 8-1/4'' x 8-1/4'' x 2-5/8'' h, corner to drip groove is 9-5/16" - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BA781 jumbo corner shelf with HOOK, THIN-SET mount 8-3/8'' x 8-3/8'' x 2-5/8'' h, corner to drip groove 9-1/4", tile inset 8" long x 2-1/8" high on both sides - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BF781 jumbo corner shelf with HOOK, FLAT BACK mount 8-3/8'' x 8-3/8'' x 2-5/8'' h, corner to drip groove 9-1/4" - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BF783 low-height jumbo corner shelf, FLAT-BACK mount 8-1/4'' x 8-1/4'' x 1-11/16'' h, corner to arch center is 9" - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BF784-RETROKIT low-height jumbo corner shelf, dual design, FLAT-BACK mount 8-1/4'' x 8-1/4'' x 1-3/4'' h, corner to arch center is 8-7/8", comes with adhesive, applicator, sand paper, and mounting assist blocks . EITHER side can be mounted as the top side. - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
The BA thin-set mount:
The shelves must set into a 1/4" deep or slightly greater depth on both wall surfaces. You will have slots within your tiled wall to accept the protrusion on both side walls of the corner shelves. This has been the more traditional and popular mounting method for ceramic corner shelves. Most manufacturers past and present seemed to make this version. The thin-set protrusion on the shelf is adhered to the same wall surface as the tile.

The BF flat back mount:
Designed to be glued onto ANY flat surface. Glue them over tile, marble, granite, or sheet rock. Flat back does not require the same inlay opening as thin-set. Flat back is great as an after thought mounting. If you have a fully tiled wall and would like to add shelves, the flat back does not require you to chisel out slots in your surface. It would be adviseable to check the squareness of your corner. The shelves are made with a 90 degree corner to them. Sometimes shower walls are off a little. If only a little, you can float the adhesive slightly thicker to make up for it. But if off by too much, the shelf may not meet the corner, or the corner will end up wider than the shelf. So a good idea to put a square to your corner to check it first.

Use the corner walls of your shower more efficiently by adding stackable shower caddy space. Corner shelves are easy to clean due to their kiln baked ceramic glaze coating. Add one or several to your shower or tub walls. Mix and match the small corner shelf with the large and jumbos. Or use all large or all jumbos. It is a personal preference and a need. How much space do you need for your assorted bottles and possibly bar soap? Anticipate that by having a little extra stacking space, that this is not a bad thing. Better to space your bottles apart slightly, than to have them crammed in and sitting unevenly on a shelf.
Clicking or tapping on any of the 10 images above will allow you to see expanded photos of the back sides so you can see how the mounting methods change. When mounted, both methods look alike from the surface. Note model 765 can be mounted with the tiered side up or down.

Special Note about the new BF784-RETROKIT shelf

The BF784-RETROKIT was recently added to our site. This shelf comes with everything you need! It is packed with a 2-part adhesive, an applicator, sandpaper, mounting assist blocks, and instructions. It is meant as a bathroom or kitchen shelf, or even in the laundry room. You can glue it to any flat surface, no need to have cutouts in the tile. It doesn't even have to be a tile wall that you mount it too. It has two distinct designs to it. Click on the picture and additional pictures of it will be made available that you can expand to see larger views. The one side has a complete perimeter drain groove with a V-notch in front to direct water off from one point. The pie-cut raised surface within the groove has an extremely faint waterfall texture to it, there are ripples, yet they are hard to see. They are very faint. On the other side, it is a 100% smooth surface. The back edges have a 3-step down look to them, but then the whole surface of that side is level and can provide a lot of surface space. So if planning for objects or bottles, you may want to use the smooth side up to obtain more useable shelf space. If planning where the shelf may get very wet, or for soap, the grooved side may be the better choice to mount as the top side. This is the only shelf that comes boxed with adhesive and instructions. It is meant as a "Add a quick shelf anywhere" kind of shelf. The instructions are meant as a guide. Pros will of course mount it their own way. It can be mounted as any of the other flat back choices such as the BF780, BF783, etc. This shelf just comes conveniently packed with adhesives, mounting supplies, and instructions.

To view images of all the ceramic color choices, please select that link.

AC Products also publishes a color cross reference chart of how their colors coincide with some popular tile brand colors. If you know your tile brand and color code, you can see if there is a reference in that chart. There use to be over 140 color choices, now that has been reduced to around 80ish. Some colors are just way out of date and not as popular anymore. Keeping glaze made in obsolete colors just does not work. Glaze dries out over the years and becomes unuseable. So some colors just have to be deleted.

Then we have a third help page set up for colors. Our color comparing and selection help page. We have taken group photos of the whites, light tones, greys, browns, blues, greens, etc. For the greys and browns this is helpful since there are about a dozen choices each in those tones. And telling the difference between white, biscuit, and bone is sometimes tough when you have no reference to go by. So that page can be very helpful when trying to match to tiles in your bathroom.

Stock and Lead times:

  • We do stock the small, large, jumbo, and jumbo with the hook corner shelves in C1 gloss white and C5 gloss black in modest quantities, both mounting methods. Also the BF783 and BF784-Retrokit in C1 gloss white in small quantities.
  • The BA765 and BF765 we try to keep in stock in C3, C34, C70, and M66 colors.
  • The BA780 and BF780 we also stock in C3 and C70 colors.
  • Then the BA781 and BF781 we try to keep 2 to 5 in stock in C3, C70, M31, and a few popular colors for quick shipments.
  • Ocassionally we have a few oddball colors on hand, but not many. It is hard to predict which size shelf and which mounting method will sell in the approx. 80 colors.

All other colors take us approx. 3 weeks to receive. Generally 2 weeks for AC Products to make them, and then a week for us to receive them. Please plan that into your installation timing.

The Stylish 700 Series is large. We have divided it upon several pages. For a complete summary, view the Stylish 700 summary page

For a quick overview of the 700 Series towel bars, soap dishes, shower caddies, and more, you can select from the below thumbnail images.

If you are looking for these same items in the stoneware colors, please go to the Exceptional 900 Series page.
Seven choices, multiple mounting methods
Three choices, multiple mounting methods
One design, three mounting methods
One design, three mounting methods
Three designs, all fully recessed
One choice, four mounting methods
Six choices, multiple mounting methods
Each of these thumbnails represents a whole lot more to see on each page. Every item in the Stylish 700 Series is available in approx. 80 colors, with the exception of the two huge shower caddies and a couple of specialty corner shelves. Review each page for product desriptions and measurements. You can order from any of the product pages. Phone orders are also accepted.

This ceramic bath hardware is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

And for other corner shelf choices, check out the below.
One size, two mounting methods
Six choices in stoneware colors
Tempered glass, two sizes
One size, three mounting clip colors

Need help determining size?

If you are contemplating which size of shelf or shelves to put in your shower or tub, we have a simple trick you can do prior to ordering. You saw the dimensions listed above near each shelf size. Get yourself a few pieces of cardboard and cut quarter circles out of the cardboard in the above dimensions. Then hold those in your shower or tub corner. The corner shelf should be of sufficient size for what you plan to place upon it. You do not want it too large or too small for your need. We will say that the jumbo corner shelves are quite nice. They give you a lot of space to set things upon. But in smaller shower stalls, they may project too far out for comfort.

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