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Walzcraft Doors Custom Made Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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WalzCraft Custom Cabinet Doors

Throughout most of 2019, we were re-writing our website to provide better information, and to make it smartphone friendly. It has been a lot of work. The Walzcraft section of our site relied heavily on catalog size graphics with a lot of words in them. Thus like flipping through a magazine or a text book. When an 8-1/2 x 11 page is squeezed down into a 2-3/4" x 6" phone screen, it just didn't go over too well.

Now we are in 2022, and we're still working on it. But progress is being made. Welcome back to the Eclectic-ware website, Melamine Kitchen Cabinet Doors.

Melamine Kitchen Cabinet Doors

We are kicking the Walzcraft section of our website back off with the long standing Melamine cabinet doors. This style has been around since the 1950's. And still has its popularity in that special type of kitchen. Yes, it is not a modern door. It has been known to be a farmhouse kind of kitchen cabinet door. They were popular in workplaces too. And a lot of people still have them and want them.

They can be used for a completely new kitchen remodel. Or if you are just trying to replace a door or two, we will try to give you a lot of information on how to match up what is available now as best as we can to what you have. We will have extensive information on the old Quality Doors choices, and those from Woodmont Doors that were discontinued in 2019. There are going to be 5 web pages to guide you through this process:

To get started, go to step one.

Our future additions for Walzcraft Doors

Prior to 2019, we did show Walzcraft's extensive selection of Thermal Foil doors. In 2019 we added the Brushy Creek Custom Doors to our website. Brushy Creek is awesomely custom. Select your styles, profiles, colors, and made to your measurements. Lots of 3-D Laminate colors (Thermal Foil).

Because we had a nice cross reference of which Walzcraft thermal foil doors matched the old Quality Doors thermal foil, we still intend to offer those choices. It will just take us more time to get to writing web pages. But it will be back.

You can check out our custom made doors from Brushy Creek.

Unfinished Wood Doors for wood doors and drawer fronts, cut to size plywood, veneers, moldings, and refacing materials

Brushy Creek Custom Doors (RTF DOORS) for 3D Laminate doors in a ton of laminate colors. And refacing materials and more.

Thank you for your patience.

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