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Walzcraft Melamine Door Wood Pull Choices

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How to Better Match your wood finger pulls to your doors

This is our: Pick the shape of your wood pulls page. It will be more detailed in its assistance to help you match to existing doors you have. We offered Quality Doors from 2001 to 2009, and Woodmont Doors melamine doors from 2009 to 2019.

So, if you need to replace a few doors and are racking your brains on how to match what you have, you're on one of two pages that will help you. Next page is the wood stain colors page. For now, let's try to cram that square peg in the round hole. We will start with the wood pull diagrams with measurements.

3/4" thick doors:

Big-C-pull melamine doors 3/4 thick
J-pull melamine doors 3/4 thick
C-pull melamine doors 3/4 thick

5/8" thick doors:

Notice how the depth of the wood pull is a little less thick.
Big-C-pull melamine doors 5/8 thick
J-pull melamine doors 5/8 thick
C-pull melamine doors 5/8 thick
NOTE: the height of the 3 pull choices did not change from 3/4" thick to 5/8" thick doors. But the thickness of the pull did slim down 4/32" when fitted for the 5/8" thick doors. MEASURE THE THICKNESS of your doors. Most from Quality Doors were 5/8" thick. Woodmont was the same way. But many other brands did use 3/4" thick. And yes, the 3/4" are most likely a bit stronger, and most certainly a bit heavier.

When on the quotation form, you will pick one of those numeric notations noted in each diagram, such as 1804, 2242, etc.

Below are the 6 choices summarized. This graphic may not show as well on smart phones, small print in it. Turn your phone sideways. Do the finger pinch thing to blow up the image.
Walzcraft door melamine door wood finger pull diagram
Okay, so how does this help me compare to Quality Doors or Woodmont Doors? Glad you asked.
Quality Doors C-Pull and J-Pull spec info
Quality Doors spec diagram. Yep we saved it way back from 2001.
Woodmont Doors C-Pull and J-Pull spec info
Woodmont Doors spec diagram. We saved this one too.
Here's where we have to point out one thing about the current selections that you CANNOT change.

Quality Doors and Woodmont Doors were both located in Cedar Hill, TX. Many of their designs were similar, many of their outsourced products such as thermal foil, veneer, and continuous wood pulls, came from the same sources. So their wood finger pulls were also identical, or near identical. Suppliers do alter designs slightly as the years go by. Some things shrink a little. There are modifications. But look at the measurements.

The old Quality and Woodmont J-pull was 1-3/8" tall. Walzcraft's J-pull is 1-5/8" tall. The old C-pulls were 3/4" tall, Walzcraft's is 1-1/8" tall. Walzcraft is NOT going to alter their wood pulls shorter. They are what they are. So we cannot offer the 100% exact match, but we at least have something that is very close.

Thus, if you are looking to replace just one or a few doors, we do suggest that any of yours that are pairs of doors that line up to one another, replace both of them so they look right side by side. When almost touching with a 1/8" gap between them, if you replace only one, you will see that the wood pull is off to the other. Might be a smidget off in color too. So any doors that are a close pair, replace them by the pair, you will have better results with that.

And again, if doing a complete remodel or new kitchen, then no worries, you are not trying to match to others that you are keeping in the kitchen. This note is just to help some customers that have a little water damage on a few doors, or broken doors, and you are looking for a quick fix for those. Ask us questions if you have them.

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