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Walzcraft Melamine Door Styles and Colors

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Pick your Melamine door color and Wood Pull Design

There will be much more extensive line art drawings pertaining to the wood pull shapes and measurements on the Pick the shape of your wood pulls page. This page is to get you started on your Melamine color: white, almond, or maple wood grain. And then to give you an idea of how the J-pull, C-pull, and Big-C-pull look on the doors.

Note: we are selling Cabinet Doors and Drawer fronts. Not the entire cabinet. Thus when you are looking at the door styles, we can only offer the doors. We do not deal in cabinet boxes. Those are big and heavy and very expensive to ship. Best to source cabinet boxes locally if you need some.
Melamine kitchen cabinet door with J-pull wood finger pulls
J-pull Finger pull
on White Melamine
Walzcraft J-pull diagram for Melamine cabinet doors
Melamine kitchen cabinet door with Big-C-pull wood finger pulls
Big-C-pull Finger pull
on Almond Melamine
Walzcraft Big-C-pull diagram for Melamine cabinet doors
Melamine kitchen cabinet door with C-pull wood finger pulls
C-pull Finger pull
on Maple Melamine
Walzcraft C-pull diagram for Melamine cabinet doors
Measuring note: When measuring for the height of your door or drawer front, it is INCLUSIVE OF THE WOOD PULL(S). Do not just measure the melamine area. The height you will be ordering is the overall height of the door with the wood pull(s) attached.

A quick note about the 3 designs above. You can mix and match them as you see fit. If you want C-pull with white, or almond, and in the medium brown walnut color, you choose your options. The 3 doors above are representations. You control how you mix the look on your doors. You can see that the J-pull and Big-C-pull are taller. The normal C-pull is shorter. Detailed measurements on them are on the finger pulls web page.
On the Big-C-pull, it looks like a Capital C, this is why we are calling it Big-C. Quality Doors and Woodmont Doors only offered the J-Pull and C-pull. They never had the Big-C. But throughout the years, we were asked about it a lot. There have been many door manufacturers. who made this style of door. So we are offering the options now available to us.

Also, we are a bit limited on pictures. The white melamine above is white, not the hue that might be coming through on your monitor or phone. We grabbed the images from Walzcraft's website. So when we get around to ordering 3 sample doors, we will take our own pictures at that time.

There are THREE choices of wood finger pulls, and THREE choices of melamine color. When you make it onto our quotation request form, you will see EIGHT choices of doors. Huh? What the heck are you talking about, John. Are there 3 or 8? The door design is available with one of the 3 finger pull choice, or NO finger pull choice. And then all give you a choice of either 3/4" thick doors or 5/8" thick doors. Those will be the 8 choices in the first drop down menu on the order/quotation form.

Measure your door thickness, is it 5/8" or 3/4". Then look at your wood pull from the side edge of the door. Compare its shape to our black and white line art diagrams above.

Then step two on the form is selecting White, Almond, or Maple melamine. Quality Doors and Woodmont Doors only offered White or Almond melamine. Since Walzcraft is making Maple woodgrain available, this is why we are showing it.

4-sided edge banded melamine doors

White slab melamine kitchen cabinet door
No pull edgebanded door
White Melamine
White slab melamine kitchen cabinet door diagram
The no wood pull option is just a 4 sided edgebanded door. Sometimes you just need a slab door, or you just want a slab door. So this style of door is available without the wood pulls. Both in 5/8" and 3/4" thicknesses. And in all three of the melamine colors. Note on the Maple woodgrain, the grain will run vertical on the doors. On the drawer fronts, you can have the default horizontal grain, but also the option of selecting vertical grain.

Personal note: If ordering doors with the wood pulls and with the maple woodgrain, the horizontal woodgrain for "drawer fronts" looks better. As you can see in the demo picture higher up on this page. BUT, if opting for the NO pulls option, it actually has been a popular practice to have a vertical woodgrain on a drawer front above a door. The grain lines seem to travel from the door into the drawer front. It is YOUR personal preference, and it is your kitchen. I believe the grain should normally run with the longest measurement as we normally cut wood planks and boards. But you are allowed to request it the way you want it.

Next step to prepare you for the quotation form: 3. Pick the shape of your wood pulls page
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