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Ceramic Towel Bars [Bathroom Towel Bars]

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Stylish 700 Series Ceramic Towel Bar Options

This style of ceramic towel bar, rectangular with rounded corners, seems to be the most popular design over the last few decades. Each towel bar post, for all 4 mounting methods, measures approx. 2-5/8" wide by 4-3/4" tall. Measurements can vary as clay densities and kiln drying can affect the size from 1/16" to 1/8" at times. And sometimes the molds are cut just slightly different. So the nominal measurement of 2-5/8 x 4-3/4 is what we publish.

AC Products Stylish 700 Series ceramic towel bars

Your towel bar choices come in 4 mounting methods and just over 80 color choices, in gloss and matte options. That is over 300 possible sets. Each towel bar set comes as two ceramic posts with a 24" plastic bar as the default bar length. The white colors: C1 gloss white, C34 gloss ice white, C144 Kohler white, M66 matte white, and M84 matte ice white will come with a white bar. C5 gloss black will come with a black bar. All other colors will come with a clear bar. We can switch that around. As well as changing the length if you like. You can select to change to a 12", 30", or 36" bar length. Or even request no bar if you have one of your own that you are planning on using. Use the ACP-Bar Exchange part number (a little bit lower on this page) to change from the default 24" bar. And do so for each set that you are altering.

AND, THIS IS IMPORTANT. This is not the only style of towel bar that we offer. It is the most popular, but not the only one. Look toward the very bottom of this page to see other AC Products' towel bar choices. Way to the bottom. And then there are links to the Lenape pages too. We have quite a few towel bar choices!

Our explanation of the 4 mounting methods to aid you in your decision follows after the next 5 pictures:

AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BA730 towel brackets with 24'' bar, THIN-SET mount, posts are 2-5/8'' w x 4-3/4'' h nominal x 3-1/4" proj., tile inset 2"x4" - SELECT YOUR COLOR
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BF730 towel brackets with 24'' bar, FLAT BACK mount, posts are 2-5/8'' w x 5'' h nominal x 3-7/16" proj., - SELECT YOUR COLOR
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BC730 towel brackets with 24'' bar, CLIP ON mount, posts are 2-5/8'' w x 4-3/4'' h nominal x 3-3/8" proj., - SELECT YOUR COLOR
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BM730 towel bar brackets with 24'' bar, MUD-SET mount, posts are 2-3/4'' w x 4-7/8'' h nominal X 3-3/8" proj., requries 2" x 4-1/16" hole at least 1-1/4" deep - SELECT YOUR COLOR

About the towel bar set:

Each set comes as 2 posts with a 24" bar. So when selecting a quantity of 1 above, you get two posts and one bar. With the clip on sets, a pair of mounting clips comes with the set too. This next part number is for changing the bar option. You can switch the color of the bar, or choose to go with a longer or shorter bar. You can even order a pair of posts with no bar by choosing the no bar option. Posts always come as a pair. We cannot sell just one post. So they all come as a set and by default with the 24" bar.

How do we decide the default color if you do not choose to change? This is how:
  • White colors C1, C34, C144, M66, and M84 by default will come with the white bar.
  • Black color C5 will now come as a default with a black bar.
  • Every other color comes with a clear bar.

White and Clear bars come in 12", 24", 30", and 36". Black bars are available in 12", 24", and 36". All bars are plastic and can be cut easily with a fine tooth saw such as a hack saw. Or even a powered mitre saw. So if your application requires a 31-3/4" long black bar, order the 36" and cut it down to size.

Use this next part number as many times as you need for the changes you need. Say you need 5 sets. Order the 5 sets from above. But for two of them you want 30" bars and for one a 12" bar. Thus use the BAR EXCHANGE part number twice. Once to switch to the 30" bar for qty 2, and then once for the 12" bar at qty 1. Or if you want clear bars with your white posts, use it to change to any length of the clear bars. You can mix it up however you like. We also have a comments field if you need to add any notes for clarity.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING for a bar only, just the plastic bar, we have a part number for that on the replacement bathroom hardware parts page.
Manufacturer: AC Products
AC Products Bar Exchange: Use this part number AS MANY times as you need to change from the default 24" bar included to a different bar color or size. Or even the option of no bar.
*For the no-bar option, and reduction to 12" bar, if the dollar deduction does not show up in the shopping cart, fear not. We will make sure it processes correctly when we write up your order.

How to select your mounting method:

The BA730 thin-set mount:
It must set into a 1/4" deep or slightly greater depth. Many people have referred to this as a recess mount. That terminology is not correct. Thin-set basically gets put in place where a piece of tile has been omitted, and thus it attaches to the same wall surface that the tile is attaching to. And it can be applied using the same adhesive. The 1/4" projection on the back is not the full size of the back. It is 2" x 4", and thus the full width and height of the post does overlap adjacent tiles and grout lines.

We have heard many stories about thin-set mount posts set into drywall. The drywall is carved out, or cut all the way through, and the posts glue into the divot. Well, that was not the proper application for the thin-set mount. It can work, but it may not work indefinitely. Clip on mounted posts are recommended for drywall applications.

The BF730 flat back mount:
Designed to be glued onto ANY flat surface. Glue them over tile, wood, drywall, greenboard, or sheet rock. Flat back does not require the same inlay opening as thin-set. Flat back is great as an after thought mounting. You have a fully tiled wall and would like to add a towel bar, you can do so with the flat back mount without having to chisel out any tiles.  It saves time, and saves a lot of muscle work. Great for mounting over smaller cut outs in tile too. Such as a 2"x2" opening. With flat back, you would not have to increase the size of that opening. You just glue over the top of it.

The BC730 clip on mount:
Great for drywall or wood walls. Can be used on tile too if you wish. Each BC730 towel bar set also comes with two mounting clips, plastic anchors, and screws. The clips go on the wall first, the posts slide down over them. On tile, you would need to drill into the tile with a ceramic tile drill bit, and then definitely use the plastic anchors. A screw pushing against the plastic anchor is better than a screw pushing against ceramic tile. Less chance of breaking the tiles. You will hold the bar between the posts as you slide the second post down on the clip. Very easy to install, make sure your clips are on the same horizontal line. Posts are marked left and right.

The BM730 mud set mount:
Popular with professional tile setters, and it does require a 1-1/4" or deeper hole to set into. Commonly put in with a mud pack (mortar). Very common on sheet rock. And, we do have to say, some installers cut holes completely through drywall and mount these into drywall. Again, not the prescribed approach for plain drywall, but it can be done.

Clicking or tapping on any of the 4 towel bar posts images above will allow you to see expanded photos of the back sides so you can see how the mounting methods change. When mounted, all 4 methods look alike from the surface.

To view images of all the ceramic color choices, please select that link.

AC Products also publishes a color cross reference chart of how their colors coincide with some popular tile brand colors. If you know your tile brand and color code, you can see if there is a reference in that chart. There use to be over 140 color choices, now that has been reduced to around 80ish. Some colors are just way out of date and not as popular anymore. Keeping glaze made in obsolete colors just does not work. Glaze dries out over the years and becomes unuseable. So some colors just have to be deleted.

Then we have a third help page set up for colors. Our color comparing and selection help page. We have taken group photos of the whites, light tones, greys, browns, blues, greens, etc. For the greys and browns this is helpful since there are about a dozen choices each in those tones. And telling the difference between white, biscuit, and bone is sometimes tough when you have no reference to go by. So that page can be very helpful when trying to match to tiles in your bathroom.

What we stock, and what we order as requested:

Since C1 gloss white, C3 gloss bone, C5 gloss black, and C70 gloss biscuit are extremely popular, all 4 mounting methods are stocked in these 4 colors.

For the BA730, we also tend to stock it in C34 gloss ice white, M66 matte white, M84 matte ice white, C16 gloss almond, C21 gloss Mexican sand, C256 gloss fawn beige, C129 seafoam, C235 pink, C722 medium blue, and from 1 to 3 sets of about 15 to 20 other popular colors. This is because the thin-set mount seems to be quite popular for towel bar repair needs. The ole: My husband hit his head on the towel bar and broke it story, we have heard a lot....

In the BC730, we do stock just a few extra colors such as C34, C16, and M66, and a few oddballs.

And then for the other 250ish choices, we order those as we receive requests for them. Normal lead time is 3 to 3-1/2 weeks for us to receive them. By 250 choices we mean, approx. 80 colors in 4 mounting methods each. That is a lot of part numbers.

The Stylish 700 Series is large. We have divided it upon several pages. For a complete summary, view the Stylish 700 summary page

For a quick overview of the 700 Series TP holders, soap dishes, corner shelves and more, you can select from the below thumbnail images.

If you are looking for these same items in the stoneware colors, please go to the Exceptional 900 Series page.
Six choices, multiple mounting methods
Seven choices, multiple mounting methods
Three choices, multiple mounting methods
One design, three mounting methods
One design, three mounting methods
Three designs, all fully recessed
One choice, four mounting methods
Each of these thumbnails represents a whole lot more to see on each page. Every item in the Stylish 700 Series is available in approx. 80 colors, with the exception of the two huge shower caddies and a couple of specialty corner shelves. Review each page for product desriptions and measurements. You can order from any of the product pages. Phone orders are also accepted.

This ceramic bath hardware is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

And for other towel bar choices, other designs, check out the below.
Clip on only, smaller footprint
Same as model 730, but in stoneware colors
Curved and oval shaped
Shell shape and much larger
And there are a few ceramic towel bar choices from Lenape. More info on them on their repective web pages: Classic | Meridian | Pro Series | Carrousel

Questions we have received about repairing/replacing ceramic towel bars:

I need to repair just one broken post:
We have encountered many people who have just one broken post for the towel bar in their bathroom. All too often, it is a thin-set post glued into tile. Many people ask us if we can sell just one post. We cannot. We have to offer them by the set.  With 4 mounting methods and 80ish colors, we could end up with a lot of half sets that we may never sell again. So posts are available by the pair only. We can sell them without the bar if requested. (Use the Bar Exchange part number above, select the no bar option.) When ordering a "towel bar set", quantity one means two posts with the 24" bar. There are changeable options for the bar.

Can I just replace one post on my wall?
Although what we have might look like a match to your other half still stuck in the wall, it might not be. Color or size variations, or orientation of the bar may exist. Be prepared to knock the other out and replace them as a set. With some luck, you might have the AC Products brand already in your bathroom and then just have to replace the one post. But do not presume so.

Can I use a flat back post where a thin-set post was?
When you chisel out your broken towel bar post(s) to re-create the hole for them to fit into, do use caution to not break your surrounding tiles. Another method is to just level off the surface it came out of, or fill it in smooth, and then use the BF730 flat back posts over that patch.

My bar is not fitting very far into the post.
This is what we call the Globby Glaze Problem. A few times a year (any only a few times) we are told about "globby glaze" inside the square hole that the plastic bar slips into. This has happened mostly on the white and bone color pieces, and it is rare. The white and bone glaze colors are thicker and thus excess glaze can get caught in the square openings. If you find that the bar will not sit deep enough into the opening, there are a couple of things you can do. 1) contact us and we will have ACP send a replacement as a defect issue. Or 2) the squareness of the bar ends can be filed down to create rounded corners on the bar, thus enabling the bar to sit deeper into the posts. Since the glaze catches in the corners of the square opening and rounds the opening a bit, rounding the bar end will allow the bar to sit deeper in the post. If something is wrong though, contact us, we want to make it right.

I need a replacement plastic bar.
If you are looking for the spring loaded end towel rod to slip between two posts glued to the wall, go to this web page for information: Lenape Re-Place-A-Bars

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