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Ceramic Shower Caddy Niche [Waterproof Enclosures]

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AC Products Recessed Ceramic Shower Caddy Niches

Worn out descirption: The recessed shower caddies came in 3 models. The BR797 is the taller more slender caddy, designed for a couple of small to mid size bottles in the top compartment and a bar of soap in the lower compartment. This caddy has been available for a long time and does come in the colors remaining in our stock and now noted for each item. Select the color choice and what we show in stock will be displayed after the color name.

Then the BR791 single compartment and BR793 triple compartment are large caddies. About 13" x 13". Both can hold a lot more. Not much left in them.
The Scoop on AC Products: This note will be the same, or similar on all 7 of the Series 700 pages.

ACP went out of business in November, 2022. Production stopped, they sold off excess inventory for 5 weeks, and in December, 2022, closed up shop entirely. Since November of 2022, we have been selling off our inventory and the inventory we were lucky to grab before their demise. As of January, 2024, we very low stock remaining on the shower caddies. It is worth looking through the color drop down menus to see which items we have. We might surprise you and fill your need. Items completely gone are steadfastly being removed from our web pages. Some have no drop down menus as the color choice has become one color left.

The Lenape Pro Series most resembles the ACP Stylish 700 Series. But sadly, there is no shower niche choice from Lenape. There are corner shelves where you can make a corner niche by stacking them, but that is about it.

Additionally, these two pages will be of help to outline substitute items:
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BR791 recessed shampoo holder, one large opening, overall size 13'' w x 13'' h, cutout 12-1/8'' w x 12-1/8'' h x 3-5/8'' deep
(ONLY 2 left in matte white, image shown is gloss white)
AC Products Stylish 700 Series
AC Products BR797 recessed shampoo and soap holder, 7-1/2'' w x 14-1/4'' h, cutout 5-5/8'' w x 13'' h x 3-1/4'' deep - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAIN
AC Products Inspirational 900 Series
AC Products BR997 recessed shampoo and soap holder, 7-1/2'' w x 14-1/4'' h, cutout 5-5/8'' w x 13'' h x 3-1/4'' deep - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING
AC Products Inspirational 900 Series
AC Products BR991 recessed shampoo holder, one large opening, overall size 13'' w x 13'' h, cutout 12-1/8'' w x 12-1/8'' h x 3-5/8'' deep - SELECT YOUR COLOR - LIMITED COLORS REMAINING

Stock and Lead times:

This note has been updated. We have offered AC Products since 2009. But in Nov. 2022, they went out of business. So lead time now is, whatever we have in stock is all we have. Thus all orders for remaining items will ship right away from our location here in Florida.

About dimensions, flanges, and other important info

Please take note of the overall dimensions and the cutout measurements we have shown below. Since the two larger caddies fit into a 12x12 hole that should be around 3-3/4" deep, you really need to plan your placement well. On a new or fully remodeled bathroom, you will see what is in your walls beforehand and know if any obstructions exist. But, on a finished bathroom that you are thinking about cutting a hole in the wall and installing a caddy, you do need to be aware of potential electrical wires, plumbing, and studs in the wall. They could inhibit your perfect placement and force you to shift left or right, or up or down. Sometimes horizontal braces are found in the wall between studs. So if you have a way to check what is in your wall before cutting, that would be advised.

Be aware that bathroom walls which are an exterior wall of the house may also create some challenges, such as concrete block that you might have to cut into.

Each of the three choices has a flange all the way around its front perimeter and that overlaps your cut out. This gives a nice framed look on the face of your tile and conceals any jagged tile edges. Professionals will lay the caddy into a mud pack in the wall, aligning it level left to right, and level on its front to back axis. The wall cavity can also be framed and then a high quality adhesive caulk can hold the caddies in place. It is important that the caddies are supported within the wall surface and NOT just glued to the edges of the hole by their flanges. The BR797 weighs about 4 pounds. But the other two weight 10 to 11 pounds each. They are quite heavy for ceramic. So you want them adhered into your wall, and not just by the flange perimeter.

The extended photos when clicking on the pictures below will show you the back sides of the caddies.

Our ceramic bathroom hardware is available to everyone, homeowners and contractors.

Clicking or tapping on any of the images above will allow you to see expanded photos of the back sides. We decided to show the 900 Series shower caddies on this page also. They are the same shower caddy. The 7 in the part number just changes to a 9 to denote the stoneware colors. The stoneware caddies are also shown on the 900 Series page as well as the recessed bath hardware recap page.

To view images of all the ceramic color choices, please select that link.
One choice, four mounting methods
Six choices, multiple mounting methods
Seven choices, multiple mounting methods
Three choices, multiple mounting methods
One design, three mounting methods
One design, three mounting methods
Three designs, all fully recessed
As of this page, we have gotten tired of something new to say. By this time next year, it will probably be bye-bye to all remaining ACP stock.

700 Stylish Series review:

The Stylish 700 Series was large.

If you are looking for these same items in the stoneware colors, shower caddies are shown on this page and the recessed bath hardware page. Then the entire 900 stoneware series is shown collectively on its own page.

This ceramic bath hardware was MADE IN THE U.S.A.

For one of our blog posts that explains the Stylish 700 Series showing the whole collection together, please see this web page:

It shows the collection in black, because black is the second most popular color after white. It will pertain the same to most all colors.
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