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Brushy Creek Doors Quotation and Ordering Form

Brushy Creek Custom Doors section index

Brushy Creek Custom Doors Quotation Form

This form is used for quotations and orders both. All submissions will be treated as a quotation first so we can supply you with pricing. Then after we communicate back and forth, you can decide if you would like to proceed as an order. Form results will come to us, then a real person will calculate pricing for you. It is VERY important to enter your e-mail address and phone number correctly.

The form is long. On a PC or tablet, it looks nice with related lines stretching across your screen for data entry. On a smartphone, it will be a very long one column layout. We have labeled data fields so you can follow them easier. We are aware on small requests, you may fill in only a few lines. But the form needs to be ready for those who have a lot of door sizes. So the submit button is way at the bottom.
There will be helpful notes and guides in blue print along the way down the form. There will be multiple comments fields that you can free type notes to us. We have tried to cover all accessory items available to include moldings, refacing materials, hinge information, etc.

The auto-responder e-mail is triggered to send back your submission data in an e-mail. When we respond to your door quote / order request via e-mail, we will include your collected data too. Why? Because you need to really look it over and make sure all measurements and info are correct. All doors are custom made. Everything is custom made. So we will communicate back and forth and double check the data, as well as you will double check the data entered.

Some tips about filling out the form:
Enter your measurement numbers with fractions as: 15-3/16 or 8-1/4 or 28-7/8. No need to use the (") sign after your measurements. Measurements are entered in inches. Separating a whole number and fraction with a dash (-) is a very clear way of doing it. If you enter 15 3/16 or 8 1/4, we will still know what it is. But the (-) sign helps. Also, numbers like 15.1875 and 8.25 are acceptable, but fractions are preferred.

Some fields have drop down choices for easier selections rather than you typing everything. Yet some drop downs, like for the 3D Laminate colors would be a list of 70 names. So you do have to type some things on your own.

There are several strategically placed comments fields throughout the form.

It is important to have your complete SHIP TO address filled in as it is necessary to calculate the shipping cost.

** If you need to go back to a Brushy Creek Custom Doors product or reference page for some clarity, links to these pages are at the bottom of this page. For Windows users on a PC, if you choose to RIGHT CLICK on a link, it gives you a short pop up where you can choose to open a page in a new tab or window. Thus, this form will stay conveniently open for you.

The form (when filled out) can be printed and then faxed to us, or mailed to us. But the Send Your Brushy Creek submission button at the end of the form will send your info immediately to us.

This form is used for both orders and quotation requests. When you reach the end and submit the form, the refresh page that comes up after will give you a little more information about what happens next.

Now you will begin information about your Door and Drawer fronts: a) design, b) profile, c) color, d) hinge boring, etc. If there is info you need to convey that the form fields do not neatly accept, there will be a comments field at the end of this form and you can free type any info that you need to.

Enter measurements in inches as numbers with fractions, or decimal equivelants. Whichever you find easier.


Next: If you selected a Raised Panel Door Style, please let us know which Raised Panel PROFILE you would like. (If you selected a recessed panel or slab door, you will not select a raised panel profile.)

Select your Edge choice too for raised panel, recessed panel, and standard slab design.

3D Laminate Color Choice: Enter the color number and color name as displayed on the 3D Laminates color page. THEN, tell us about the back of the door: white or black melamine, or matching color back.

NOW we are ready for your door quantities and sizes. For hinge boring, you can leave it unchecked if you DO NOT WANT hinge boring. And then in the OPTIONS FIELD you can enter notes such as: 3mm or 6mm for hinge boring choice (if you need hinge boring), Finger Pulls (on top or bottom), or Frame Only for Frame Only Doors. Or Mullion ML4, ML6, etc. for Mullion Doors and the number of Lites you need. (Frame only and mullion doors, routed out on the back, yes, no. Enter that too.) Extra room in the comments field at the bottom of the form if anything else needs to be said. (There is room for 20 lines. If extras lines are needed, use the comments field, e-mail us, or send a continued submission with a fresh form.)
Door Line 1

Door Line 2

Door Line 3

Door Line 4

For those who have need of only a few lines, you can skip to other sections of the form or to the end. Sorry that it seems indefinitely long on your phone. Looks real spiffy on a PC.

Door Line 5

Door Line 6

Door Line 7

Door Line 8

Door Line 9

Door Line 10

Door Line 11

Door Line 12

Door Line 13

Door Line 14

Door Line 15

Door Line 16

Door Line 17

Door Line 18

Door Line 19

Door Line 20

If you have a really huge kitchen and need more lines, finish and send this submission, then go back to this form and continue with more.

NOW: Drawer Front information. Drawer fronts are easier. You will tell us if you are looking for a) matching raised panel front, b) matching recessed panel front, c) slab front. The 3D Laminate color will be presumed to be the same as the doors (if you have door selections). The backs can be white or black melamine, or a matching back (which is not common on drawer fronts). AND edge choices will be presumed to be the same as the doors. The OPTIONS FIELD can have comments to differ from the above if you like. And you can add notes about finger pull routing if required.

AND GRAIN DIRECTION: tell us if you need horizontal grain or vertical grain on 3D Laminate colors that have a grain direction.

DF Line 1

DF Line 2

DF Line 3

DF Line 4

DF Line 5

DF Line 6

DF Line 7

DF Line 8

DF Line 9

DF Line 10

DF Line 11

DF Line 12

The doors and drawer fronts definitely take the most work for data entry on this form. If you needed more space, you can send multiple submissions, or e-mail us.

If you have no other accessories or comments, you can skip to the end of the form.

NOTE: In the hinge comments or clarity field above, you can note if you need hinge boring 3mm or 6mm from the edge distance. Important: face frame hinges for 1/2" overlay normally will have 3mm. Frameless cabinets with full overlay, usually 5/8", will have a 6mm bore distance.

Molding L1

Molding L2

Molding L3

Molding L4

Did you require any 3D Laminate Off the Roll for refacing needs? It comes by the linear foot only. Width is 48" or a couple inches greater on some. Order in 1 foot increments up to 8 feet long. GRAIN runs with the length, not the width.

Enter the 3D Laminate color number and name only if different from what you listed at the top of this form.
Refacing L1

Refacing L2

AND LASTLY, are there any other accessories you would like to include on your quotation request or order? Such as Valances, Wine Bottle Racks, Fluted Fillers, Pilasters?

Here you will just free type quantities, sizes, styles, grain directions, notes, etc. Review information on them on their respective pages. You can enter questions with your data too if you like.

Commercial customers: If you need to tag a job name or reference to this submission, you can do so here.

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