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Fluted Fillers from Brushy Creek Custom Doors

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Brushy Creek Fluted Fillers and Pilasters

Fillers are one of those accessory items that we mention on the bottoms of other pages. Fillers have two purposes. One is to fill in an overly large space between doors or to create fill spaces where you do not want a door to extend to. Or where a door cannot extend to. And then, fillers can serve a decorative purpose. They can be dividers. They can give the illusion of pillars within your cabinetry, or on the corners of islands and breakfast bars.

Fluted fillers are those with vertical grooves cut in them throughout most of their height. There are minimum sizes that they come in, but then most any size greater than the minimum can be made. In both width and height. Brushy Creek offers three designs of flutes (the grooves). Here are the illustrations:

Specifications for fluted fillers

When requesting fluted fillers, you must specify:
  • the flute design: Wide, Designer, or Narrow
  • the number of flutes per filler (note the width restricts the maximum allowed)
  • the size of the top and bottom rails (the area not cut by the flutes, flat face)
  • the overall width and height of your filler
  • the 3D laminate color choice

The width of the flute cuts remains as specified in the diagram above.
A Square outside edge is applied to the fluted filler.
The other 5 edge choices can be requested to have the fillers match your doors, but normally you would elect to have the square edge.

Minimum sizes to abide by (with square edge):
  • Wide Flute: 4" wide by 6" high yeilds a max. of 2 flutes.
  • Designer Flute: 4" wide by 6" high yeilds a max. of 3 flutes.
  • Narrow Flute: 2-3/4" wide by 6" high yeilds a max. of 3 flutes.
Thus, fluted fillers have to be 6" tall or taller. In all practical applications, most will be 30" or taller. And as they get wider, you can increase the flute count. Flutes will be centered on the horizontal axis. Most of the time, fluted filler widths are generally between 4" to 7" wide. The overall maximum size allowed is 48" x 96". That's half of a wall....

And now there are Pilasters

A fancier version of the fluted fillers.

Specifications for Pilasters

  • Square outside edge only
  • Pilasters come in 3" or 4" widths only and with narrow flute design
  • 3" wide will have 3 flutes, 4" wide will have 4 flutes
  • The PIL2 is special and must be ordered in even multiples of 2" starting at a min. of 12" tall. Thus 12", 14", 16" up to 96"
  • Min. 12" high on all, and max. of 96" tall.
  • Top and bottom will have the special design corbels preattached. They are all one piece pilasters.

All of the 3D Laminate colors are available on Fluted Fillers and Pilasters.

And one last word on Fillers

This page emphasized the fancy fluted fillers and pilasters. If you need just a filler, that can be done too. On the Slab doors and drawer fronts we show on the Raised Panel Profiles page, you can order very narrow slab doors as vertical fillers. We are referring to a Standard Slab door, not the 3 specialty slab designs. The absolute minimum width allowed on a slab door is 2". That is basically a filler. So any width greater than that to the sixteenth of an inch can be ordered as a filler. You can get it with a square edge, or pick the same edge as you are getting your doors in. A square edge is more practical, but not mandatory. You can match the filler to the doors, just as drawer fronts have a matching edge.

So if you are not looking for a fluted filler, but just a matching slab filler, that is how you would do it. Technically, you would just order it as a very skinny slab door and in the height that you would like.
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