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Loox5 Power Driver Questions and Answers

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Questions and Answers about Loox5 Drivers and Distributors

We have created two web pages for the new Hafele Loox5 LED power drivers and related distributor choices. 12V Drivers and Distributors | 24V Drivers and Distributors

On these pages, we offer a lot of helpful info, and many pictures to assist with our technical explanations. As questions arise that we did not think of, we will start adding them to this page. We will kick it off with some questions we think we will be getting.
Q. What is the difference between the old drivers and the Loox5 drivers?
A. The older drivers, known as Loox3 drivers, which we prefer calling Loox3 and Loox4 drivers, have 6 integrated ports on the driver. Lights and terminal block extenders connect into the driver easily. On the Loox5 drivers, they are a two-part component. You have the 3 capacity of drivers, and then a connectable distributor to add ports to connect your lights.

Q. What makes the Loox5 drivers so much better?
A. Several things come to mind. Hafele states that they have a 70,000 hour useful life. They allow you your choice of distributor to connect to them (shown on both of the page links first written on this page, and in all page footers when in the Hafele Loox LED Lighting section of our website). Distributors can daisy chain to each other, nice on the larger capacity drivers. Distributors can have independent switching control when planning on hooking up switches. Hafele has done the research and this technology will prove its benefits.

Q. How do I tell all these things apart?
A. Color coding. The color coding will keep you from mixing up the wrong lights, cables or drivers. The 12 volt Loox LED lights and accessories all had orange colored connectors. The new Loox5 connectors are yellow. The 24 volt lights and accessories are a bright green color. And the new Loox5 24 volt are a dark green color. This will alert you to what should be and should not be connected together.

Q. How do I disconnect a Loox5 distributor from a driver?
A. It is true that all the components snap together easier than what it is to disconnect them. The block style distributor just pushes into the end of an LED power driver and then the catch locks it in place. In order to remove the distributor, you have to push down on the tab to give a little lift to the locking tab and then wiggle the two components "straight" apart. Do not try bending them in either direction, pull them straight away from each other. Same is true of removing a distributor from a distributor preceding it in line. Locking tab is identical when daisy chaining block distributors. We show close up pictures on the two driver web pages.

Q. I have a power driver that has worn out. Can I replace it with the Loox5 driver?
A. A big YES. Hafele did a great thing. They have multiple choices for the block distributors that connect to the Loox5 drivers. One of them has light ports on it for the older lights, which are still in current production. Hafele will note in their catalog which lights have the older connections, and which have the newer connections. So you just order the appropriate distributor to go with the driver to make it easy to re-hook up your existing lights.

Q. Do I have to use the distributor?
A. With spotlights, yes. In most cases, you have more than one light. You need one of the distributor choices to attach multiple lights. Now if you have just one light to attach to a driver, such as with Tape lighting, and just one run of it, the Loox5 drivers do have that one port on their output end. A single cable could attach into the driver for a single light or single run of linear lights. But do note, that connection is the Loox5 connection. Your light might have the older connector on it. If so, order a pack of the adapters and then you would be able to connect a single light directly into a Loox5 driver. We offer some of the flexible arm headboard and reading lights. When using just one on a driver, you can bypass ordering a distributor. But you will need an adapter (sold in 6-packs).

Q. Can extension cables connect into the distributor?
A. Yes. But pay attention to the ports on the distributor. If for the older connections, the extension cables and terminal block extenders we show on their respective web page, connect into the older ports. If you have a distributor with the newer ports, you will need the adapter pack. Adapter packs for 12V and 24V are shown on the drivers pages.

Q. Can I mix distributor types on a driver?
A. Most certainly. We explain the distributor choices on the drivers pages. There are choices of block distributors with or without a switch port for the newer Loox5 ports. Then one with a switch port that has the older light ports. And then the pigtail distributor which has newer Loox5 ports. You can use those you need and connected to each other. In most smaller applications, one distributor is most likely all you will need. But when more than 7 lights and you may want them on separate switches or no switch, you can mix it up as you need to.

Q. Can I mix 12V and 24V components?
A. No. Don't do that. They are color coded so you do not mix them.

Q. Are all the older lights being phased out? What if I need a replacement?
A. As of this writing (Nov. 2021), we do not see Hafele phasing out lights. They created that distributor to accommodate connection of older lights. If anything, Hafele updates lights. When they do update them, sometimes it is just a minor change. And if the lights come out with the Loox5 connection ends on them, you can just use a different adapter, or change your distributor to allow for connection of a replacement light. We think they are trying to keep things easy.

Q. Why do the 12V drivers come in 20, 40, and 60 watt, but the 24V come in 20, 40, and 90?
A. It's just how Hafele does it. Some 24V tape lighting in longer runs may require more than 60 watts. So they just make a bigger 90 watt 24V driver.

The above are questions we thought of and anticipate being asked now and then. As our customers bring up points or ask questions, we will add to this page.

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