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Loox 3038 LED Under Cabinet Light [Halogen Replacement]

Loox LED model 3038 recessed or surface mounted lights

If you are looking for under cabinet lights for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, Loox model 3038 is a great choice. They are a 24V light and 3 watts each. Thus this light is the equivalent of a 20 watt halogen. But without the high heat and higher electric consumption. Five of these 3-watt lights at 15 watts total would light up the same area that 100 watts of halogen lighting would have. This LED light is also very economically priced. So for applications where you reqire many lights, you do stand to save a lot of money with this light.

The casing is all metal in three choices of finishes: polished chrome plated, silver colored, and stainless steel color. The front decor ring and back metal casing are fused as one piece. Nothing is designed to come apart on this light. So for some of you familiar with older style halogen lights dropping their decor rings onto the countertop or floor, this will not happen with this light.

The back of the light has 3 friction fit clips. They are pre-set to fit into a 2-3/16" diameter hole. They can compress more. So the light can fit into the ever popular 2-1/8" hole if you already have pre-bored holes. Lights are prepackaged as a recessed light. Surface mount rings are optional. When choosing to surface mount the light, overall height is approx. 5/8". When recessed mounting the light, the lights protrude off the surface under 1/16", they are extremely low rise.

This light of course can be used in entertainment centers, fine furniture, and many other applications. It is very practical for under cabinet use in kitchens due to its lumen output being suited for kitchen cabinet lighting. Lights are dimmable. Available in three finishes, each coming in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K light outputs. The 3000K resembles halogen lighting the best. 79" lead wire preattached to each light.

What do we choose to stock?

Of the items shown directly below, here is what we keep in our stock for quick shipping:
  • The HAF-833.75.150 stainless steel 3000K light in large quanities (since it is the most popular choice).
  • All other lights generally take us 3 to 6 days to receive. Direct ships are possible too.
  • We stock the 20 watt drivers in abundance and keep some of the 40 watt on hand.
  • The stainless steel and polished chrome surface mount rings we stock around a dozen each of.
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.75.140 Loox LED model 3038, 24 V, 3 W, warm white 3000K, 215 lumen, recessed in 55mm hole, 65x14mm overall, 79" lead wire, polished chrome finish
HAF-833.75.141 (4000K cool white, 225 lumen)
HAF-833.75.142 (5000K cool white, 245 lumen)
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.75.120 Loox LED model 3038, 24 V, 3 W, warm white 3000K, 215 lumen, recessed in 55mm hole, 65x14mm overall, 79" lead wire, silver color finish
HAF-833.75.121 (4000K cool white, 225 lumen)
HAF-833.75.122 (5000K cool white, 245 lumen)
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.75.150 Loox LED model 3038, 24 V, 3 W, warm white 3000K, 215 lumen, recessed in 55mm hole, 65x14mm overall, 79" lead wire, stainless steel finish
HAF-833.75.151 (4000K cool white, 225 lumen)
HAF-833.75.152 (5000K cool white, 245 lumen)
Hafele LED Power Drivers and Switching Accessories
Hafele 833.77.945 Loox LED 24V driver, 0-20 watts, 6 green ports, 140x50x16mm, black plastic casing (24 volt system)
Hafele LED Power Drivers and Switching Accessories
Hafele 833.77.947 Loox LED 24V driver, 0-40 watts, 6 green ports, 190x60x16mm, black plastic casing (24 volt system)
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.802 Loox LED model 2020, 2047, and 3038 surface mount ring, polished chrome
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.803 Loox LED model 2047 and 3038 surface mount ring, makes light 5/8" tall off surface, silver color finish
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.804 Loox LED model 2047 and 3038 surface mount ring, makes light 5/8" tall off surface, stainless steel finish
Each light is metal construction with a metallic finish. A 79" attached lead wire is on every light. Extension wires are used only to achieve greater distance away from the 24 Volt power driver. Additional driver choices, cables, and switching accessories are at that link.

Ordering note:
For new installations, order the number of lights that you need. Set them up to work from one LED power driver or divide them by zones if you need some controlled independently of others. If you have some lights on the other side of the room and cannot string wires to reach them, then you will need to set up a different zone controlled by its own LED driver. Lights are dimmable. Additional driver, dimmer, and switching accessories are shown on that web page. Lights are plug and play installation into the drivers, very simple installation. Each model 3038 light is 3 watts. The stainless steel finish light is a brushed stainless steel finish. The silver color finish can be considered matte chrome or dull chrome, that is what it looks like to us.

Order surface mount rings separately if doing a surface mount application.

If you have any questions prior to ordering, please call or e-mail us.

Read our note about old Halogen Light Kits and how you can create your own LED light kits.

And below, a generous picture from one of our customers showing the Loox 3038 lights in use in his kitchen.
Customer kitchen using Loox 3038 LED lights

Hafele Loox LED Lighting quick reference of web pages:

FIXED 12 VOLT SPOTLIGHTS: Model 2020 | Model 2039 | Model 2027
SURFACE MOUNTED SLIM LED SPOTLIGHTS: Models 3023, 3025, 3035, 3036
FLEXIBLE ARM READING LIGHTS: Model 2034 round head | Model 2018 conehead
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