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Loox 2047 12volt Economy LED Lights

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Loox LED model 2047 recessed or surface mounted lights

Model 2047 is the 12 volt version of Model 3038 24 volt version. It is also 3 watts, but will be a little less bright because 24 volt lights do have more power output overall than 12 volt. But with a 12 volt light system, there are a few advantages, especially for boat owners. These 12 volt lights can work directly from the 12 volt DC output on boats, motorhomes, vans, and other vehicles running on 12Vdc batteries. No need for the AC LED power driver to reduce the voltage. Model 2047 also comes in 5 finishes: polished chrome, silver (matte chrome), stainless steel, and then also white and black. So this is one of the few 12 volt lights available that we can actually offer in the white finish, which is in pretty high demand. Boat owners with the white or tan color E1 or EH11 halogen lights can use Loox 2047 light as a replacement, and as an upgrade.

We just added some photos of the Loox 2047 lights installed in a boat. They are at the bottom of this page.
This light is not only for boats. You can use it under kitchen cabinets, in furniture, and many other applications. They do operate from the Loox 12 volt power drivers when used in the home or office environment. They are very economically priced and packaged as recessed lights. The lights can be surface mounted, except for the white. For some reason, the manufacturer has chosen not to make the surface mount ring in white. We do not know why.

The lens is frosted and the casing is all metal, not plastic. The front decor ring and back metal casing are fused as one piece. Nothing is designed to come apart on this light. So for some of you familiar with older style halogen lights dropping their decor rings onto the countertop or floor, this will not happen with this light.

The back of the light has 3 friction fit clips. They are pre-set to fit into a 2-3/16" diameter hole. They can compress more. So the light can fit into the ever popular 2-1/8" hole if you already have pre-bored holes. Surface mount rings are optional. When choosing to surface mount the light, overall height is approx. 5/8". When recessed mounting the light, the lights protrude off the surface under 1/16", they are extremely low rise.

Model 2047 lights are dimmable. Available in five finishes, each coming in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K light outputs. The 3000K resembles halogen lighting the best. 79" lead wire preattached to each light. Model 2047 has an IP20 rating. If you know you need a higher water resistance rated light, then choose from these other two options: Loox model 2020 LED has an IP44 rating | Loox Model 2039 LED has an IP65 rating. Loox Model 2020 is our main recommend light for marine applications, and as a replacement for older Hera halogen lights fitting into the 2-1/8" holes.

What do we choose to stock?

Of the items shown directly below, here is what we keep in our stock for quick shipping:
  • HAF-833.72.410 white 3000K light; 833.72.420 black 3000K light; 833.72.390 stainless steel 3000K light; and 833.72.300 chrome 3000K light.
  • Other lights generally take just 3 to 6 days for us to receive.
  • We stock the 20 watt drivers in abundance and keep some of the 40 and 60 watt on hand.
  • Most of the surface mount rings we stock around a dozen each of.

NOTE: Spring 2022, Hafele has chosen to discontinue this light, but lots of stock still exists. We will continue offering it for as long as supplies last. Reason it is discontinued is only because Hafele is converting their products offerings to Loox5. So the Loox5 lights that will take over for the 2047 and 3038 lights are the Loox5 2094-3094 lights. The 2094-3094 however will require a 2-5/16" dia. hole to fit into for recessed applications, they will be 1/8" larger on the backside. Thus, they are not going to fit into that popular Hera 2-1/8" hole. Things keep changing, and keeping up is becoming crazy.
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.300 Loox LED model 2047, 12V, 3 Watt, warm white 3000K, 210 lumen, recess mounted 55mm bore, 78-3/4" lead wire, polished chrome plated (Surface mount rings optional items)
HAF-833.72.301 (4000K cool white light, 216 lumen)
HAF-833.72.302 (5000K cool white light, 240 lumen)
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.340 Loox LED model 2047, 12V, 3 Watt, warm white 3000K, 210 lumen, recess mounted 55mm bore, 78-3/4" lead wire, silver finish (Surface mount rings optional items)
HAF-833.72.341 (4000K cool white light, 216 lumen)
HAF-833.72.342 (5000K cool white light, 240 lumen)
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.390 Loox LED model 2047, 12V, 3 Watt, warm white 3000K, 210 lumen, recess mounted 55mm bore, 78-3/4" lead wire, stainless steel finish (Surface mount rings optional items)
HAF-833.72.391 (4000K cool white light, 216 lumen)
HAF-833.72.392 (5000K cool white light, 240 lumen)
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.410 Loox LED model 2047, 12V, 3 Watt, warm white 3000K, 210 lumen, recess mounted 55mm bore, 78-3/4" lead wire, white finish (White comes as recessed only, no surface mount ring available)
HAF-833.72.411 (4000K cool white light, 216 lumen)
HAF-833.72.412 (5000K cool white light, 240 lumen)
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.420 Loox LED model 2047, 12V, 3 Watt, warm white 3000K, 210 lumen, recess mounted 55mm bore, 78-3/4" lead wire, black finish (Surface mount ring optional item)
HAF-833.72.421 (4000K cool white light, 216 lumen)
HAF-833.72.422 (5000K cool white light, 240 lumen)
Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.000 Loox5 LED 12V DC class 2 driver, 0-20 watts, 100-240 V, light-yellow port, 140x50x16mm, overload protection, black plastic casing, 70,000 hour life rating, requires distributor
Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.749 Loox5/Loox 12v 6-way distributor with switching function, but for connection of older Loox lights to the ports. Used with Loox5 12v drivers, can connect additonal units in series, orange ports, 120mm x 50mm x 16mm.
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.801 Loox LED model 2020 and 2047 surface mount ring, black finish
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.802 Loox LED model 2020, 2047, and 3038 surface mount ring, polished chrome
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.803 Loox LED model 2047 and 3038 surface mount ring, makes light 5/8" tall off surface, silver color finish
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.804 Loox LED model 2047 and 3038 surface mount ring, makes light 5/8" tall off surface, stainless steel finish
For our customer who were use to finding the Loox 833.74.960 20 watt 12 volt driver on this page, our overstock is finally gone. You will now use the HAF-833.95.000 driver with the HAF-833.95.749 distributor. Found on the 12v Loox5 LED Drivers page.

Each light is metal construction with a metallic finish, or the black or white finish. A 79" attached lead wire is on every light. Extension wires are used only to achieve greater distance away from the 24 Volt power driver. For accessories, select from these links: LED power drivers | Loox5 12V drivers and distributors | switches | extension cables

Ordering note:
For replacing or upgrading on boats or motorhomes, friction fit clips are preset for a 2-3/16" hole, but can compress more and fit in a 2-1/8" hole. The opposite is also true. The friction fit clips can be pulled a little bit outward to fit snugly into 2-1/4" holes. You do have some flexibility with the mount. Each light has an attached lead wire which is a twin wire. You can easily splice them into your existing wiring and have a nice smooth install on your boat. Additionally, you will now be using 3 watts per light instead of 20 watts per halogen light. A far lesser drain on your boat batteries.

For new home installations, order the number of lights that you need. Set them up to work from one LED power driver or divide them by zones if you need some controlled independently of others. Lights are dimmable. For additional accessories, select from these links: LED power drivers | Loox5 12V drivers and distributors | dimmers and switches | extension cables. Lights are plug and play installation into the drivers, very simple installation. Each model 2047 light is 3 watts. The stainless steel finish light is a brushed stainless steel finish. The silver color finish can be considered matte chrome or dull chrome, that is what it looks like to us.

Order surface mount rings separately if doing a surface mount application.

If you have any questions prior to ordering, please call or e-mail us.

Remember the old Halogen Light Kits?

Most cabinet makers are familiar with the Hera economy halogen lights coming in 2-light, 3-light, and 5-light kits. These were very common applications. Even Hera's KB12, AH11, and ARFS20 lights came in the same kind of kit: 2 or 3 lights with one transformer, or 5 lights with 2 transformers.

Well if you need a light kit as in the old days, just make your own kit. Why be restricted to a 2, 3, or 5 light kit? If you need 4 lights, get 4. If you need 8 or 80, you can order whatever you require. Then plan out your LED power drivers. The 20 watt driver that we show above on this page for convenience is not your only choices. Use these two links to see your additional LED power driver choices: Loox LED Power Drivers | Loox5 12V LED Drivers and Distributors. And then terminal block extenders and extension leads. Each driver has 6 convenient light ports on it. So if you are planning 1 to 6 lights, the 20 watt driver is all you need. As long as all lights in that grouping are planned to be turned on and off together. If you are planning separate zones, those 2 lights on over there while these 4 over here get turned on separately if we want, then you need an LED power driver per zone.

So the larger capacity drivers are very helpful when you have a large amount of lights and you want them all to come on together. With the old halogen kits, you were restricted to up to only three 20-watt halogen lights per 60-watt transformer. On this Loox 2047 LED light, you could connect up to 20 of them on the 60-watt driver. You would need three of the 6-port terminal block extenders. Each extender uses one port, so when you add an extender, your net gain is 5 more ports. So with 3 extenders, that will give you 18 ports to use, then the remaining three ports on the driver technically gives you up to 21 total open ports. But you cannot go over the 60 watts, thus up to 20 lights can be connected to the one 60-watt driver. And depending upon how far apart you have to position your lights, there are convenient light wire extensions. There is even a 4-port extender/extension combination which will give you a lot of reach to position your lights away from the driver.

Another benefit of the higher capacity drivers is when it comes to dimming. Each driver has a side port for switching control. It is built into the driver. If you would like to use one of the Hafele Loox dimmers shown on that page, and all your lights are to be controlled together, one dimmer per driver is all you need. And the lead wire to connect it, also shown on that page. Thus, if you are setting up 9 to 10 lights over a kitchen island, you can use one 40-watt driver, one 6-port terminal block extender, and then one dimmer. With the old halogen light kits, if you had 9 lights, that would be 3 transformers that you would had needed. If you have the 10th light, then you would need 4 transformers. And in the old days, ten of the 20-watt halogen lights on 4 transformers could operate from one of Hera's 300 watt capacity dimmers. But that was a lot of transformers, a lot of heat, and a lot of bulbs to keep replacing every couple of years depending upon your use. Ten 20-watt halogen lights is also 200 watts of power used per hour. Leave the lights on for 8 hours, that is 1600 watts. Ten of these 3-watt LED lights on for 8 hours is 240 watts. That is an 85% savings on the electric usage. Now multiply that over the next decade or so. It does add up to savings. And with LED lights, there are no bulbs to change. When the light eventually reaches its maximum lifespan (which is rated for 30,000 hours for this light), you replace the light. Most of us are already aware, our old halogen lights that have some mileage on them generally need replacing somewhere between 10 to 25 years. Halogen life can be greatly extended by getting the heat they produce away from them. Ceiling fan in the room or other cross ventilation. But when you do not have that, the heat emitted by the halogen light is usually what causes the light to fail sooner.

LED is the now technology. Hera has stopped making halogen. Tresco stopped. I would imagine that many other manufacturers have followed suit. So we use to have a real nice box with 2, 3, or 5 lights prepacked with their transformer(s). Now, all restrictions are off. Create the light kit size that meets your need. This is true of all the other Hafele Loox and Hera Lighting lights that we offer. All lights come individually for your convenience. And if you need help laying out all the correct components, just give us a shout.

How will the Loox 2047 lights look in my boat?

One of our customers sent us some photos of how he upgraded the old halogen lights in his boat to the Loox LED lights. They are just a two wire connection. One picture shows his open recessed holes with the wires ready to attach. The other three photos are of the lights in place and running from the 12Vdc on his boat. Note, this is how bright they look in the daytime.
Carver Yacht halogen light replacements
Loox 2047 LED lights installed in a Carver Yacht
Carver Yacht cabin lights using Loox 2047 LED lights
Interior boat lights using Hafele Loox 2047 LED lights

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