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Loox5 LED 12V Drivers and Distributors

Loox5 12 volt LED Power Drivers, Distributors, and Adapters

Loox5 is the newest Hafele innovation to the Loox LED lighting line. Their new drivers have an estimated life span of 70,000 working hours. The 12 volt drivers are available in 20 watt, 40 watt, and 60 watt versions. Different capacities depending upon how many lights you are choosing to set up.

The drivers work with a separate distributor that contains the connection ports for your lights to connect into. There are 4 choices of distributors. And this is important:
a) 12v distributor WITHOUT a switching port (thus not dimmable)
b) 12v distributor WITH a switching port (any of the Hafele Loox switches can connect into it and control your lights)
c) 12v distributor WITH switching port AND for Loox3 and Loox4 light connections (super of them to make this)
d) 12v pigtail distributor which can double as a terminal block extender

With your driver choice, you MUST SELECT one of the above 4 distributors to go with the driver. Or more than one for larger set ups. Much more will be explained lower on the page with pictures to aid our speech.
The Loox5 LED drivers and distributors will have light yellow colored ports on them. Except the distributor with a switch for the older Loox lights. The light output ports will be their normal orange color. Making it easy to distinguish between Loox5 and the older Loox3 and Loox4 connections.

This page will also show the 6-pack of adapters to be used when connecting older lights to the new distributors. IMPORTANT point here: The actual Loox5 catalog from Hafele will have notations throughout it for their lights. They are colored orange and light yellow. This implies that the light works with either the new Loox5 drivers only, or both the new and the older drivers. If you run into a situation of using a new driver with a new distributor, and you have an older light, this is where the adapters come in handy. They will allow you to connect an older light into the newer system. There are also adapters that work the opposite way of connecting a newer light into an older driver. We will add them to this page if we determine they are needed. They are available, we just do not think they will be requested much.

Yet, when setting up a new system, if the lights still have the Loox3 and Loox4 connections on them, just order the switched distributor with the older Loox ports. Then you will not need the adapters. We will explain more lower on the page with pictures.

Loox5 12V LED Drivers:

  • Suitable for all the World's power systems. (US orders will come with a detatched power cord for US outlets)
  • Each has overload protection, Class 2 LED driver
  • Black plastic casing, IP20 protection rating - thus keep them in dry places
  • Input voltage: 100-240 V; 50-60 Hz
  • Output voltage: 12 V DC
  • Connection is one socket on the end for Loox5 distributors
  • Up to 70,000 hour life span
  • Power cord for US applications INCLUDED, and choice of power cord for other countries upon request

Loox5 12V Distributors:

  • Three choices of block style and one pig tale choice
  • Choose from a distributor with switching control, ideal when you know you need a switch or dimmer control
  • Or select from a non-switchable, slightly lower cost distributor, or the flexible pig tale distributor
  • When using lights with older Loox connection, the 833.95.749 is the ideal distributor choice
  • NOTE: the 833.95.786 pig tale distributor has ports for Loox5 connection and DOES NOT work as a terminal block extender in the 833.95.749 distributor. More on this below. Terminal block extenders and cables with the Loox4 connections are found at that link.

12V Driver Selections:

Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.000 Loox5 LED 12V DC class 2 driver, 0-20 watts, 100-240 V, light-yellow port, 140x50x16mm, overload protection, black plastic casing, 70,000 hour life rating, requires distributor
Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.002 Loox5 LED 12V DC class 2 driver, 0-40 watts, 100-240 V, light-yellow port, 191x60x16mm, overload protection, black plastic casing, 70,000 hour life rating, requires distributor
Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.003 Loox5 LED 12V DC class 2 driver, 0-60 watts, 100-240 V, light-yellow port, 230x70x16mm, overload protection, black plastic casing, 70,000 hour life rating, requires distributor

12V Distributor Selections:

Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.748 Loox5 12v 6-way distributor with switching function. Used with Loox5 12v drivers, can connect additonal units in series, light-yellow ports, 120mm x 50mm x 16mm.
Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.749 Loox5/Loox 12v 6-way distributor with switching function, but for connection of older Loox lights to the ports. Used with Loox5 12v drivers, can connect additonal units in series, orange ports, 120mm x 50mm x 16mm.
Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.747 Loox5 12v 6-way distributor WITHOUT switching function. Used with Loox5 12v drivers, can connect additonal units in series, light-yellow ports, 120mm x 50mm x 16mm.
Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.786 Loox5 12v 6-way pigtail distributor WITHOUT switching function. Used with Loox5 12v drivers, 6 light-yellow ports, 70mm x 30mm x 14mm with 100mm long pigtail

What to order:

How you set up your lights in groups and how many total lights you will be using will determine which driver(s) you need to use, and which distributors.

Count your lights and add up the wattage PER ZONE. Per zone means, maybe you are placing 3 lights to the right side of your kitchen and five to the left side. Can all eight be controlled together, or do you even want them controlled together. You may have lights under your cabinets and them some inside glass door cabinets. You may not want them all on together. When working in the kitchen, you may want just your under cabinet lights on, and not those inside your cabinets. When done in the kitchen and relaxing in the other room, you might want to turn off the under cabinet lights but then turn on the in-cabinet lights for accent lighting or to show off what is in the cabinets. Get it? Just because you have 10, 15 or 23 spotlights in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, you may want some separate controls. This will determine the number of drivers and distributors that you will need.

And this is a very important tidbit: the distributors have magic powers. When you click on the pictures above, we have expanded pictures showing the connection ends. Each BLOCK distributor has a port that connects directly into the driver. On the opposite end is an expansion port. Thus, you can connect a distributor to a distributor to create more light ports. Realize, you may need some space when you do this. You will be creating a longer mechanism which needs more length space. Where does the magic come in? If you use the non-switched distributors, no magic. If you use the switched distributors, you can connect separate Hafele brand switches to whichever distributor that you "separately" which to control the lights.

I know, it is confusing. Simply put, if you are using a 40 or 60 watt driver with two or even three distributors, and you want switching control, you have options A and B.

A) If all light connection wires can converge on one point and you can use one driver, and you wish to control different zones independently, you can add a switch to each distributor. Hafele switches and dimmer switches are at that link. The distributors cost less than the drivers and this can be ideal for zones, when not exceeding the wattage limit on a driver. This however will increase your cost with multiple switches, but it gives you independent zone control.

B) When all light wires can converge on one point and you want to controll ALL the lights together, no zones, when using any of the drivers, 20, 40, or 60 watt, you will use one distributor. Either switched or non-switchable. You will use terminal block extenders when you have more lights on the 40 and 60 watt drivers. The advantage to this, if you are planning a switchable distributor, then you only need one switch. So option A saves you money on drivers, option B saves you money on switches and the driver. Zones are important, but not every kitchen has them. Most bathrooms and living room furniture most likely will not have them either. Unless a huge entertainment wall in your living room.

The adapters and their use

When Hafele came out with Loox5, they chose not to leave all their customers with Loox3 and Loox4 systems hanging in the dark. Higher on the page, we explained about the distributor with ports for the older lights. Well, these adapters shown next kind of do the same thing. If using a distributor for the new Loox5 connection on various lights, this adapter will allow you to connect older lights to the same driver and distributor. At the same time if needed. When you look at the adapter, it is a ONE-WAY adapter. The yellow end connects into the Loox5 distributor. And then the orange end gives you a connection port, same that are found on the Loox3 and Loox4 systems. So the color coding helps. Loox5 are a yellow tone color, and the previous 12v Loox systems were an orange color.

There is also an adapter set that works the opposite of this one, which we are not showing because we do not see that it would be requested often. It would allow you to connect the adapter into an older Loox driver and then connect a new Loox5 light into it. That situation could come up, so if you do need that adapter, please e-mail us first.

Adapters come prepacked in 6-packs.
Hafele Loox5 Drivers and Distributors
Hafele 833.95.753 Loox5 LED 12v adapters 6-PACK, light-yellow. Allows older Loox LED light to connect into new Loox5 distributor.

Additional Loox5 info about how the components work and connect together

The older Loox LED power drivers had built in ports and the light wires just snapped into the ports. The new Loox5 system has a driver with one port on its very end to receive the distributor, which then has 6-ports for your lights to connect into. On larger capacity drivers, you can continue to add a distributor to a distributor, thus multiplying your available ports for connecting lights in multiples of 6. As long as you do not exceed the wattage on the driver, you can have many distributors, especially on the 60 watt driver. A 60 watt driver could handle up to 20 of a 3-watt LED light.
This first picture is the distributor port connection end on the 12 volt power driver.
Hafele Loox5 LED power driver distributor port connection
The following picture is the opposite end of the LED power driver where the power cord pushes into. Note: in all Loox and Loox5 LED light systems, you will connect power to the driver LAST. All lights are connected first, then powering up comes last. Failure to do this could cause small arcs when connecting lights into their ports and could result in damage to a light.
Loox5 LED power driver cord end
This picture shows how easily the distributor connects to the driver. It is a snap fit connection with a lock. And it does hold well. We have seen how it takes more coaxing to get them apart than how easy it is to slide them together. If continuing with a second distributor after the first, the connection is identical.
Loox5 power driver to distributor connection
This is the male connection end on the distributor. The part that connects into the driver end. Or the part that continues a multiple distributor run.
Male connection end on Loox5 distributor
This next picture shows the difference on the two distributors with built in switching control. The one on top with the light yellow ports is ready to accept any of the new Loox5 lights and their updated connectors. The one on the bottom with orange ports allows for the connection of older Loox lights. Older lights that are still currently in production. Many of the Loox LED spotlights are continued to be made with their older connections, this is why two types of distributors are available. As well as the 6-packs of adapters.
Loox and Loox5 distributor ports
This is how things look connected together. The block distributor is connected right off the end of the LED power driver. Then if you wanted to use the pigtail distributor as a terminal block extender, you could. BUT NOTE: the pigtail distributor has Loox5 ports on it, and a Loox5 male connection end to connect into the driver or previous distributor. If using the distributor for older Loox lights and needing a terminal block extender, you will use the older terminal block extenders, found at that link. Note: the color coding is meant to help. All Loox5 12V connections are light yellow. All older 12V connections are more orange colored.
Loox5 LED power driver shown with distributors connected
This is a close up of the adapter. You can see how the yellow end would connect into the distributor. Same as with the block style distributors. Then the orange end will allow for convenient connection of older Loox LED lights into the new power driver.
Loox5 adapter to use to connect older Loox LED lights
Questions? A bit confusing? Not sure what to order? We are here to help. Once you see how everything connects, it really is not as confusing as it seems. We ordered one of all these items to take our own pictures and to connect things together to see how they work. We are really glad that Hafele created a distributor that allows for the easy connection of older lights into this newer system. That was really nice of them instead of just saying: Upgrade everything. Just as with new Windows software, it is generally backwards compatible with older software applications. Loox5 is easy.

Start with your lights. Plan which lights you would like to use and how many. And in how many zones they may be hooked up in. Three here, five over there, controlled separately or together. With your lights planned and any potential zones, then you order the right capacity driver or drivers to feed the lights. You will add in one or more distributors for the number of lights on each driver. Note, the distributors have 6-ports to connect 1 to 6 lights per distributor. There are terminal block extenders for use with the larger capacity drivers to connect more lights per driver.

If planning on dimming, you would request the distributor with switching capability. The distributors without the built in swtiching will NOT allow for dimming. Keep that in mind. Also keep in mind your space. When you connect a distributor to a driver, it makes that connection longer. If you connect a second distributor, make sure you have the length space for all of that to fit in a straight line. You will need the space. No bending or twisting. The block distributor connection to the driver is a firm straight line apparatus.

If you need more help with this, please call or e-mail us. We are here to help.
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