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Hera Replacement Lighting Parts

Hera Lighting section index

Remaining Halogen, Xenon, and other Hera Lighting parts

Please do not have high hopes as you travel down this page. Almost all the Hera Lighting replacement parts that did exist pertaining to halogen lights are gone. This page was once vibrant and strong and full of solutions for broken pieces on lights and how to fix them. Now the page is ready to file for Social Security. There is not much left. But being the informative chap that everyone has made me out to be, I will show what still remains of any replacement parts, and what might be able to be done to replace the lights that you have. And many pictures follow throughout this page showing the old halogen lights and parts to help you identify what you might have. This is a very good reference page for the older halogen lights.

Many replacement parts we do not show on this page because they better represented on pages of their own. So for the following parts, go to these pages:

  • SlimLite T4 replacement bulbs (and remaining fixtures) on the SlimLite T4 page
  • Replacement SlimLite cables, cords, hardwire boxes, T5 bulbs, T5 fixtures on the SlimLite T5 page
  • AND, any discontinued (bust still brand new) Hera LED lights will be on the Discontinued Hera Lighting page. Such as the KB12-LED and a few others.

Hera discontinued production on everything Halogen related in August, 2015. We have slowly been selling off what remained past that.

We will also reference what is COMPLETELY gone so you do not have to spend your time calling Hera, or hunting elsewhere, hoping to find any trace of the parts. For the most part, we were one of the few Hera distributors that was willing to offer some of these parts and then continued to do so as supplies became scarce or ran out. In 2015 and 2016, we were lucky to buy out a lot of the old remaining halogen inventory. Some sold out real fast like the E1 decor rings and glass lenses. A few parts have still lasted us until today,just a few ARF halogen lights and rings for the KB12 halogen lights. There were some lights that were problem childs and required replacement decor rings and lenses, and there were some that held up incredibly well with extremely few problems. We will help the best we can from here forward.

We will start this page with a few of the common Hera LED power drivers that are requested for replacement parts and a 12v halogen light transformer and the ETD1 touch dimmer. For more extensive information on these first few parts, see their current pages at:
  • If you had LED drivers that said STICKPS24/30/HE or STICKPS24/75, those are renamed to the PS24V/ drivers.
  • If you had LED drivers that said PSLED/A or PSLED/18, those part numbers were also upgraded to PSLED/10 and PSLED/DIM/S.
  • Any Hera halogen transformer: E60T, OMN60LT, UE-E60FT, UC-60FT, UK-120-TW, the Hatch transformer will work in lieu of.
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/30/S LED power driver for LED lights, 24 V DC, 30 Watt, 12 port terminal block (can be used with several of Hera's 24 volt LED light systems), can become dimmable with STICKPSDIM and controller
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/75/S LED power driver for 24 Volt LED lights, linear and spotlights, attached 12 port terminal block, can become dimmable with STICKPSDIM and controller
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PSLED/10 power supply for 24V LED lights, 350 mA constant current with 79'' cord length, 10 watt (but can support up to 10.8 watts)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PSLED/DIM/S dimmable power supply for LED lights, 350 mA constant current with 79'' cable, 18 watt (dual 9 watt leads) - requires DIMCONTROL to be dimmable, works at full output without controller
Manufacturer: Hatch
Hatch PS1260LWNW 60 watt electronic transformer, class 2, 12 volt (11.5 output volts), white finish, 3-prong plug, UL Listed
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera ETD1 touch dimmer switch, black with 3 plug extension cord on one end, lead wire for touching surface, and plug in cord
(Dozens left in our stock, Hera has more)
Hera Xenon decor rings and glass lenses

LOOK before you Leap

This first picture, to the left of this paragraph or above if on a phone, is our old picture of the EDR decor rings. These are the rings for the E1 halogen light. They are completely GONE. Discontinued in 2015. No more exist. We have been referring customers to the Loox 2020 LED light page for a replacement light to retrofit into your E1 light holes. Also the Loox 2047 LED light can work. If you have a ring that looks like this, approx. 2-9/16" in dia., about 3/16" tall when looked at from the edge, and has a faint curve to its face from the outside dia. to the inside, you have the E1 lights. THUS, the part numbers just below for the HER-DR12 replacement decor rings WILL NOT WORK. The DR12 ring is for the KB12 light only. It will NOT fit on your E1 lights. Do not buy the DR12 rings if you have rings that look like our first picture.

The DR12 rings are all we have left of the Hera decor ring replacement parts. No more rings for the E1, EH11, or XR1 lights. The DR12 ring will only fit the KB12 light. We have several more paragraphs lower on this web page showing the fronts and backs of the various halogen lights of the past. And then another toward the end of the page outlining more detail about the KB12 halogen light.

Because we have shown enough information about the DR12 rings and which light they are for, the KB12 light which was quite popular in range hoods and other applications, we will no longer accept returns on this ring and lenses when purchased in error. We cannot keep trading postage back and forth when this ring and the KBGLCL lens are ordered for replacements for the E1 light. Please look lower on the page. We show the differences between the E1 and KB12. So if you have broken rings and they fall into the group of ALL GONE, please do take a look at the Loox 2020 and 2047 pages. Those are excellent LED lights to take the place of your worn out halogen lights.
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera HER-DR12__ decor ring for KB1220 and KB12LED lights, SELECT finish, rings measure approx. 2-9/16" diameter, about 1/16" tall, and have that groove cut in the face
HER-DR12WH white ring (hundreds of the white rings in stock)
or HER-DR12CH chrome ring (50 left in stock, last of them.)
(stainless steel, black, and gold finishes are sold out)
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera KBGLCL clear glass lens for the KB12 lights and Tri-tech lights, approx. 1-7/8" diameter and extremely thin
Lens is CLEAR, not frosted. Frosted lenses sold out.
(29 left in stock, last of them, Hera is completely out)
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera PGLFR frosted glass lens for ARF/ARFS light only (1-15/16'' dia., approx. 1/32'' thick)
This lens fits the ARF light only. It is not compatible with the DR12 rings shown on this page.
(14 in stock. Last of them, Hera is completely out.)
I know, pretty sad, isn't it. But we have been selling off what remains for 5 years now and there just isn't much left.
We just wrote a Blog post about LED replacement bulbs for halogen bulbs. Lots of helpful info, and suggestions about other LED lights we recommend.

NOTE: The DR12 white and chrome rings, as well as the KBGLCL glass lenses fit ONLY the KB12 lights. If you have the E1 lights, which are the same diameter, you will not be able to make them work. They are for the KB12 halogen or KB12-LED lights only.

Figuring out which halogen light I have?

Here are some helpful pictures to help identify your light. First, this sticker, the 9F85 and E166912 is on every light. They are UL numbers and NOT the part number for the lights.
Hera 9F85 cabinet light E166912

This picture is the fronts of the four popular halogen lights from the late 1990's up till 2015 when they were all discontinued.
From left to right: E1 light (also called ER1 and ES1); KB12 light; ARF light (also called ARFS); and the Xenon light XR1/XS1.
Hera old halogen and xenon cabinet lights front view

And here is a rear view of the same 4 lights so you can see the part numbers on 3 of them.
Part number on the E1 light is under the embedded Hera logo as part of the black casing. Says E1 under it. ER1 just meant the light was packaged for recessed mounting, and ES1 meant it was packaged with the surface mount ring. The KB12 light says KB12/20 on the metal shield. The KB12 light packaged with the 10 watt bulb did not contain the metal heat shield. The ARF light clearly says ARF in the middle (sometimes says K103 on it too). The Xenon light never had a part number on it. Don't know why. But on the side of it, it says use 18 watt bulb and has a sketch of the bulb. It is also 3-1/8" in diameter, so easy to figure out.
Hera old halogen lights rear view showing part numbers

And this is one of our much older pictures of the EH11 light. Light will be marked H11. EH11 was the code for recessed. AH11 was for surface mount. The EH11 light measured 2-15/16" across the front. When the decor ring and lens are removed, the inside aluminum reflector has a D shape, as you can see on the back view of the light in the bottom right corners. The EH11 light was very popular on Carver Yachts and Formula Boats. If you call Carver or Formula for parts, they may call it EH1120GO or two different letters at the end. What that code means is the EH11 light, 20 watt bulb, GO was for the Gold finish. Light also came in white, black and chrome.
Hera EH11 halogen lights

Now a summary of what part are all gone. Some of our pictures are the old pictures, so please bear with them.

Hera E1 light parts: EDR decor rings and EGLFR and EGLCL glass lenses.

ALL completely sold out. No substitute or knock off versions available that we are aware of.

(To save you and to save us some time, if you call us, and ask us about if we have any of these parts left, or where else you can find these parts, the answers will be no and I don't know. We were one of the FEW Hera distributors that even chose to offer replacement parts. And to the best of our knowledge, we were probably the last distributor that had any parts to the end. So very doubtful that any of their other distributors would have anything. And Hera does not provide us with names of their other distributors. Technically, they would be our competitors. So we can offer some light substitutes for some of the older Hera lights. But any lights or parts noted as being gone or sold out, sorry, they are all gone.)

What do I do now?

Yes, this is a question that we have been asked a lot. Parts are gone, no way to repair your existing lights. But we do have a solution for a replacement light. It is an LED light, and it can fit in the same 2-1/8" hole if yours are recessed. If yours are surface mounted, there are surface mount rings also. The replacement LED lights we are referring to are also 12 volt, just like your halogen. So for anyone who has the Hera E1, EH11, or KB12 halogen lights, these 12 volt LED lights can work in lieu of them. Please review these two web pages: Loox 2020 LED lights | Loox 2047 LED lights
(E1 refers to ER1 or ES1, says E1 on the back casing of the light. EH11 is the H11 light, so EH11 and AH11 are the two versions. KB12 will say KB12 on the back of the light.)

Hera EH11 light parts: DR decor rings and GLFR glass lenses.

ALL completely sold out. No substitute or knock off versions available that we are aware of.

Hera KB12 light parts: DR12 decor rings and KBGLFR glass lenses.

Almost all gone. White and chrome rings still remain in small quantities. Some clear lenses left. All frosted lenses, gold, black, and stainless steel rings are gone. Parts remaining can be ordered by using the shopping cart items higher up on this page.

Hera XR1/XS1 light parts: X-DR decor rings and X-GLFR glass lenses.

All parts are now gone. (11-22-19) All decor rings and all lenses are sold out. These parts were also discontinued in August, 2015. We still have some of the Xenon lights in stock, which do come with a ring and lens on them. We show those on the What's left with halogen page.

Difference between E1 and KB12 lights

Parts for the E1 and KB12 ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. If you purchase some of the white rings we have left in abundance, the DR12WH, they fit only on the KB12 light. They will not work on the E1 lights. The way to tell the difference: on the back of the light (yes, you would have to remove it from its hole), the E1 says E1 in the plastic casing. The KB12/20 has it printed on the metal shield. The KB12/10 does not have a metal shield, but it should still have a sticker that says KB12.

And we have a web page solely dedicated to the Hera E1 halogen light. A ton of info on it. By far, it was one of Hera's most popular lights.
Side view of KB12 decor ring
Note the KB12 decor ring thinness. This is a side view of the DR12 decor ring. Although they are the same diameter as the EDR decor rings for the E1 lights, they are NOT interchangeable. Light part numbers can be found on the back of the light. Next two pictures show the backs of the discontinued E1 and KB12 halogen lights.
Hera E1 halogen light back side view
Hera KB12 reverse side of light
If you need parts for the E1 lights, Sorry Charlie. All gone. E1 Lights are all gone too. Do check out the Loox 2020 LED light and the Loox 2047 LED light as the BEST BEST BEST substitutes for your older halogen lights. Make the switch to LED. We can help with your questions. (The model 2047 lights are lower priced.)

Any parts for the very old KH12 light are all gone. The KB12 decor rings and lenses DO NOT fit the KH12 light, don't even try.
There were many other distance rings and spacer rings for various lights. Maybe a few odds and ends exist, but those parts normally never go bad.
20 watt G4 halogen replacement bulbs are all gone, a few 10 watt remain and are shown higher up on the page. We sourced the bulbs only from Hera. They are most certainly still made and can be found at Home Depot or Lowes (until LED completely takes over).
The MR11 bulb that was used in the EH24 halogen light can also be found at the giant hardware stores.
For a while, Hera made a 3 watt LED replacement bulb for the FluoroSpot light. The LED bulbs are long sold out. And now the 7 watt bulbs are all gone too. This was a squiggly fluorescent bulb inside a round plastic casing with two gold nubs on the backside. We have no idea of where to find replacement bulbs for the FluoroSpot fixture now.

If we missed remembering any parts, we will add notes to this page when we can. And as things change, more will be removed from this page.

And since the decor rings and lenses are all gone for the E1 and EH11 lights, and nearly gone for the KB12, our suggestion for a replacement cabinet light that will fit into the same 2-1/8" hole is the Loox 2020 LED light or the Loox 2047 LED light. Definitely consider reviewing that web page.
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