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Hera Replacement Lighting Parts

Hera Lighting section index

Halogen, Xenon, and other Hera Lighting parts reference

And what to do in lieu of many things being discontinued and sold out....

This will be a long page. This is how we will have it organized so you can jump to a section that relates to what you are looking for. Some sections will provide a link to another of our web pages with more extensive info about that particular lighting product.

There are NO orderable parts on this page. You will need to follow links to the other referenced pages. And pretty much all parts related to Hera's old halogen lighting line are GONE.

A) Hera PS24V (old STICKPS24) constant voltage LED power drivers, and PSLED constant current LED power drivers.
B) Hera SlimLite XL T4 replacement bulbs and Plexiglas shields.
C) Hera SlimLite XL T5 replacement bulbs, fixtures, cables cords, shields.
D) Halogen light parts: pretty much nothing left.
E) Xenon lights still in stock, NVK cables, ETD1 dimmers.
F) Substitute halogen transformer for E60T, OMN60LT, UE-E60FT, UC-60FT, UK-120-TW.
G) What to do in lieu of the halogen rings and lenses being long discontinued.
H) A summary of the old halogen lights to help you tell them apart, and what to do now.
I) Any of our leftover LED lights, still brand new, a quick summary and how to order
Be prepared to read. There is a lot on this page.

A) Hera LED Power Driver Replacements

Since most everything is converting to LED, the LED power drivers, both constant voltage and constant current, are products still being made. If you happen to have the older STICKPS24/30/HE, STICKPS24/75, or even the STICKPS24/06 LED power drivers, part numbers have been converted to PS24V prefixes. Still available in 6 watt, 30 watt, 75 watt, and a 96 watt. Part numbers, pricing, and pictures are shown on our LED Low Voltage Power Drivers and Dimmers page. If you have a PSLED, or PSLED/A, or PSLED/18, the current replacement drivers are the PSLED/10 and PSLED/DIM/S. Also shown on that same web page. Please proceed to it if you are looking for replacement LED power drivers, related dimming accessories, and various cables are shown on that page too.

B) Hera SlimLite XL T4 Replacement Bulbs

The T4 size bulbs DID come in 7 watt, 10 watt, and 18 watt. We have an abundance of the 18 watt left ONLY, 7 watt and 10 watt are long gone. The fixtures had come in 10", 13", and 20". All T4 fixtures are sold out. On the SlimLite T4 Reference Information page, we will show the remaining replacement bulbs, replacement Plexiglas shields, AND a solution to upgrade to the Hera ELite-LED XL version as a fantastic substitute for the old SlimLites. When you look at your SlimLite bulbs, they generally have printed on them T4 7W CW or WW, T4 10W CW or WW, and T4 18W CW or WW. The number represents the WATTAGE, not the length. CW is for cool white, WW is for warm white. The T4 refers to the diameter of the bulb. Any 4 digit number below it is just a batch number and not important. Go to the T4 reference page link to place bulb orders and see a lot of information about the T4 SlimLites. Even a little history about the first version of them from the 1990's. If you have T5 size bulbs for the T5 Slimlites, the T5 bulbs are larger diameter and fit only in the T5 SlimLites. T5 SlimLite page.

C) Hera SlimLite XL T5 size fixtures and replacement bulbs, cables, cords, hardwire boxes, etc.

The SlimLite XL T5 size was discontinued in the Spring, 2021. Most sizes are sold out. Fixtures, bulbs, shields, connecting cables, power cords, hardwire boxes, mounting clips are shown on this page. Accessories made for SlimLite XL T5 still is available BECAUSE they all work with ELite-LED XL. Thus if you needed any connecting cables or power cords for your XL version T4 size SlimLites, you will find those on this page too. Please go to our SlimLite XL T5 fluorescent fixtures and bulbs page to place orders and review all information on them.

D) Halogen Lighting decor rings and glass lenses

All gone! Sold out years ago. We just recently sold the last of the KB12 decor rings. BUT, we do have LED lighting solutions to take the place of your halogen lights. You can e-mail us your inquiries and even your pictures, and we will do our best to help you. Below image are for reference purposes only. They are not available items.

Difference between KB12 and E1 halogen lights

Rings and lenses for the KB12 halogen and E1 halogen were NOT interchangeable.

Even though the lights were both 2-9/16" dia. overall, the rings were designed differently. The lenses were different thicknesses. But both lights fit in that 2-1/8" recessed hole, and we have LED lights to FIT. Check out these web pages:

We wrote a Blog post about LED replacement bulbs for halogen bulbs. Lots of helpful info, and suggestions about other LED lights that we recommend instead of just a quick bulb change.

These next few images are for reference only. None are links. None expand larger. Some are a few of our very old pictures.
Hera Xenon decor rings and glass lenses
Side view of KB12 decor ring
Hera E1 halogen light back side view
Hera KB12 reverse side of light

A Quick suggestion for what to use now in place of your E1 and KB12 halogen lights

Closely related to the E1 and KB12 discussion in this part of the page is what can I do now? We have THREE fantastic LED lights to use in place of your old ER1, ES1, and KB12 lights. These also work for the EH11 and KH12 lights, and the Tri-Tech light replacement.

All 4 of the above choices will fit into the 2-1/8" diameter hole for recess mounting. All 4 have options of surface mount rings for surface mounting. The 12 volt lights work excellent on Carver Yachts, Formula Boats, and other marine vessels. They have a twin lead wire attached to them. Connect them directly to your old halogen wires and run them from the 12Vdc on your boat. For home use, you will use them with their 12 volt LED power drivers in place of your old halogen transformers.

The 24 volt 3038 light is brighter than its 12 volt cousins. So in home use or on boats running at 24 volt (European), the 3038 light is very nice. Looks nearly the same as the old KB12 and KH12 lights. There will be a lot more info about each on those 4 pages, and the ability to order from those pages. Pricing and pictures are shown. We just wanted to mention them here because if you want to fix your Hera E1 or KB12 lights, about the only fix is to replace. And these are the best replacement choices that you will find.

E) Xenon lights still in stock, NVK cables, ETD1 dimmers

For a while, we still had a stockpile of old Hera halogen lights to offer. From 2015 to 2020, the stockpile was reduced to nothing. But a surplus of the Xenon lights still exists. As well as the ETD1 touch dimmer, and a lot of extension cables. So all of that is shown on our Halogen Under Cabinet Lights page. The XR1 light worked the same way as the halogen, it connected to the same transformers and worked on the touch dimmers. You can see what we have remaining by going to that page. Note, the XR1SS Xenon light requires a 2-5/8" diameter hole to recess into. The E1, KB12, EH11, and KH12 halogen lights fit into a 2-1/8" hole. So although the Xenon light may look like the E1 and EH11 lights, it NEEDS that larger hole to fit into. It can also work on boats directly from the 12Vdc. And some boat actually have used the Hera Xenon lights in them. Measure your recessed hole diameters, that is important.

Also, the XR1SS Xenon lights can still be used in new installs. You can use the Hatch PS1260 transformer with them to set up a new recessed application.

F) Substitute halogen transformer for E60T, OMN60LT, UE-E60FT, UC-60FT, UK-120-TW

This is one we get asked about a lot. All of the Hera brand transformers are long sold out. Years ago. BUT! We found a 12 volt, 60 watt, CLASS 2 high quality replacement transformer. It will work on all Hera 12 volt halogen and Xenon lights. It is shaped differently and it is a 3-prong plug instead of 2-prong. But it works! It also comes with a 3 year warranty. Thus it is a high quality product. Not the cheap 12v transformers you find all over the internet. Hera transformers were Class 2. They have burn out protection, overload protection, and they were high quality. So we wanted an equal replacement and found one. Go to the Low Voltage Halogen Light Transformers page to learn a lot more about the Hatch PS1260 transformer. And you can order from that page.

G) What to do in lieu of most of the halogen rings and lenses being long discontinued

It can be confusing. What do I do when I cannot find my exact light? What works in place of it? Who can help me? The answers are here.

In section D above, we explained about 3 Loox LED lights that you can use in place of the E1 and KB12 lights, as well as the EH11 and KH12 halogen lights. No need to repeat all that info, just scroll back up a little to view the 3 link choices for the Loox 2020, 2047, and 3038 lights. And check out the Estar LED lights too.

Now we will show you a few pictures that will help you identify the E1, KB12, EH11, and ARF halogen lights.
Hera EH11 and AH11 halogen spotlights - say H11 on light
Hera EH11 halogen light. Approx. 2-15/16" in overall diameter, fits in a 2-1/8" hole. Easy to distinguish by its D-shape reflector inside the light. Usually says H11 on it somewhere.
Hera ARF and ARFS halogen spotlight
Hera ARF and ARFS halogen light. The S after ARF just means surface mount as you can see by this picture. Light is about 3" in overall diameter, and it fit in a 2-11/16" hole. The best and pretty much only substitue light is the FR68-LED light. The ARF light will say ARF on the back, and it has 2 triangles on the front pointing to the release clips to pull the lens ring out.
Hera KB12 halogen spotlight
The KB12 halogen light. Measures 2-9/16" in dia., fits in a 2-1/8" hole. The 20 watt light will have a metal shield on the back and say KB12/20. The 10 watt light does not have a metal shield on the back, may have a sticker that says KB12. The ring on the front has a distinct groove cut in its complete circumference. And the ring is flat across.
Hera ER1 ES1 halogen lights gold white chrome black stainless steel
The infamous E1 light. Referred to as the ER1, the ES1, the ER120 and ES120. The back of the light has the Hera logo embedded in the plastic and then E1 under it. The R or S in the part numbers, or kit part numbers represented recessed or surface mount. This is Hera's economy halogen light. Extremely popular in woodworking, and super popular on Carver Yachts. If you have tan color lights on your boat, that was a special color made for Carver Yachts. Sorry, it is discontinued too. Check out those Loox 2020 and 2047 choice for replacement 12v LED lights for your boat.
Hera FluoroSpot puck light FS7
This is what the old FluoroSpot light looked like. This is the replacement bulb, called FSB7. Long gone. No bulbs left. It was a bigger light and ran from household current. It was NOT low voltage like the halogen lights. We are just popping it in here to show it as being gone. We have two ideas about a replacement. a) The shortest ELite-LED to fit across the old hole left by it, or you can cover over the hole. Or a very low profile LED round light, but it will be a larger spotlight. The Loox Slim profile surface mount lights. That light can go over the hole and hide it quite well.
Hera Xenon under cabinet lights
This is what the 5 colors of the Xenon lights looked like. They look so similar to the E1, but these are 3-1/8" in diameter, over 1/2" larger. They came in the same 5 finishes, this is why they get confused with the E1 light. As far as we know, there is no part number on the Xenon light. Generally on the side of it, it will say use 18 watt bulb. The Xenon light had an 18 watt bulb about the size of a grape. Much bulkier than the G4 halogen bulbs. The Xenon light was taller too, when recessed or surface mounted. To distinguish it, its diameter on the face does measure 3-1/8".
Since the E1 halogen light was so popular, we had written a specific web page pertaining to it and the solutions for replacements for it. Visit our ER1-ES1 halogen light and decor rings page to focus solely on your solutions to replace that light.

Three more pictures to help. Comparisons of the fronts of 4 popular lights. The order is: E1, KB12, ARF, and Xenon. The back views of the same 4 lights in the same order. And then the wonderful 9F85 and E166912 numbers. 9F85 and E166912 are UL numbers. THEY ARE NOT THE PART NUMBERS FOR THE LIGHTS. They can be on labels attached to the cords, they can be on labels on the side of the lights. The part number of your light is NOT 9F85, that number is on all of them. It is a UL number, not a part number.
Hera Lighting old halogen lights E1 KB12 ARF XR1
Back views of Hera Lighting old halogen lights E1 KB12 ARF XR1
Hera 9F85 E166912 halogen lights

H) A summary of the old halogen lights to help you tell them apart, and what to do now

We got a little ahead of ourselves as we rewrote this web page in the wee hours of early April, 2021. Thus, most of the halogen and Xenon lights were just explained above. So just scroll a little back up to see pictures of the popular halogen lights, the Xenon lights, and even the bulb for the FluoroSpot light.

As for our recommendations on what lights to use in lieu of each:
a) E1 halogen light, use the Loox 2047, Loox 2020, or Loox 3038 lights, or Estar LED Tech lights
b) KB12 halogen, EH11 halogen, or the really old KH12 halogen, same choices: Loox 2020, 2047, 3038, or even the Loox 2039 for extreme water protection.
c) ARF halogen, definitely the Hera FR68-LED light. Only like for the 68mm dia. hole.
d) XR1/XS1 Xenon lights - no direct replacement to fit the same hole. XR1SS light still available. Or can consider the Slim surface mount Loox LED lights
e) Hera FS7 FluoroSpot light, same idea. The Loox slim surface mount lights for a spotlight look. Or the 11" ELite-LED if it can fit in the same space.
f) Other old Hera specialty lights like the Enterprise, the Wave, the Tri-Tech, ArcTech, Arc Lamp, and others are long gone, and no real substitutes for them. These lights has special criteria to them, and nothing was made to replace them.

We do invite you to check out our Hera introduction page to see a summary of all their current LED lights, linear and spotlight. There are a lot of nice lights to choose from.

Additionally, check out our Hafele Loox LED Lighting summary. Brief pictures and descriptions to give you a hint of what you will find.

I) Any of our leftover Hera LED lights, still brand new, a quick summary and how to order

Sometimes we get caught with some stock we have not sold. Just one or two, or even several dozen of some lights that were discontinued. On this page, we pretty much keep it to the discontinued LED lights. We have some oddballs, and a lot of the KB12-LED lights. So if looking for an oddball, checl out our Hera Closeout Lights page.

And for your reference. This page when it was our old Hera replacement parts page use to be about the below. It was popular because these decor rings would break, along with their lenses, and people needed parts. So the below is REFERENCE ONLY. Just a few of the DR12 rings remain today. All the rest are GONE. GONE, GONE, GONE, GONE, GONE. We have no idea if you can find any anywhere. To the best of our knowledge, we were the last Hera Lighting distributor that had any. There might be some long lost inventory collecting dust somewhere. Some guy on E-bay might have a few. But we don't. And we know of no knock-off parts either. Don't think anyone made any Hera Lighting knock-off parts. So the below is to show you what is GONE.

Hera E1 light parts: EDR decor rings and EGLFR and EGLCL glass lenses. Not available items, just reference.

Hera EDR decor rings and glass lens for E1 halogen light
Hera EDR decor ring measurement
Hera EGLFR frosted glass lens for E1 halogen light
We have been promoting on this page the Loox 2020 LED lights | Loox 2047 LED lights and Loox 3038 LED lights to be use in place of the E1 lights. And the EH11 and KB12 also. Give them a look. Especially the Loox 3038.

Hera EH11 light parts: DR decor rings and GLFR glass lenses. Not available items, just reference.

Hera DR decor rings and glass lenses for H11 lights
Hera DR decor ring measurement
Hera GLFR frosted glass lens for EH11 light

Hera KB12 light parts: DR12 decor rings and KBGLFR glass lenses.

All gone as of October 2023. We just sold the last of them.
Hera KB12 decor rings and glass lenses
Hera KB12 DR12 decor ring for light
Hera KBGLFR frosted glass lens

Hera XR1 light parts: X-DR decor rings and X-GLFR glass lenses. Not available.

All Xenon parts are now gone. (11-22-19) All decor rings and all lenses are sold out. These parts were also discontinued in August, 2015. We still have some of the Xenon lights in stock, XR1SS, which does come with a ring and lens on it. We show those on the What's left with halogen page.
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera XR1SS Xenon spotlight stainless steel look, 18 Watt, recessed mount, long life bulb, overall diameter is 3-1/8". Recesses into 2-5/8" hole. This light is a bit larger than the popular E1 halogen light. They may look alike, but they are different in size.
(52 left in stock as of June 2024. This is the very last of them, Hera is sold out.)
Hera Xenon decor rings and glass lenses
Hera X-DR Xenon decor ring measurement
Hera X-GLFR glass lens for Xenon light
If we missed remembering any parts, we will add notes to this page when we can. And as things change, more will be removed from this page. (Last updated October 19, 2023.)

I have 23 years experience selling Hera Lighting through Eclectic-ware. I remember most of their old lights. I can definitely help in most situations. I keep myself up on their new lights, and the Hafele Loox LED lights that we brought in to fill some gaps that Hera left behind by discontinuing many of their old popular lights.

There are lots of links on this page to our other web pages. Sorry that some of our pages tend to run long. They look great on PC's and tablets. There is just a lot of info to relay. Popping a few paragraphs on a web page, then saying click here to read more keeps you hopping from short page to short page. When there is a lot of related data, we're gonna cram it on a long page. And give you the help you need. May not alway be the answer you want, but we will try to bring forth solutions for you.
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