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ThinStick-LED Linear LED with Frosted Lens

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ThinStick-LED Low Profile Linear LED Light in Aluminum Extrusion

The Next Evolution of the Stick-LED Family. Go big by going smaller with the ThinStick-LED. Forged from Hera's flagship and best-sold linear lighting line, Stick-LED. Deliver high output illumination with extremely reduced energy costs! It's modular setup can customize to any space. When you want to shine the light on your products or counter tops above all else, the ThinStick-LED’s slim, sleek aluminum extrusion blends away brilliantly. Awesome for use in closets too.

Product Features:

  • Linear LED set in aluminum extrusion with frosted lens
  • Extremely small dimensions: 5/16" width x 5/16" height
  • Light fixture can be recessed mounted (flush with surface) or surface mounted
  • Available in five sizes: 8" (2W), 12" (3.44W), 24" (7W), 34" (9.6W), and 46" (13W)
  • See product listings below for exact lengths, above are rounded off
  • Readily available in 3000K (warm white), and 4000K (cool white)
  • Also availble 3500K and 5000K by special order, (minimum order quantities may apply)
  • Estimated 50,000 hours of useable life
  • Excellent CRI >90, Efficiacy > 94 lm/W
  • Extremely high, even light output
  • Lights can connect end to end by overlapping, or spaced apart with 12" connecting cable, allows for turning corners too
  • Power supply cable is 79" and ordered separately, one per run of lights, multiple runs can lead out of same power driver
  • For use with PS24V constant voltage power drivers or PS24V Daisy Drivers
  • Integrated magnetic mounting built in, screw in mounting clips available as option
  • Dimmable with optional dimming accessories shown on Drivers and Dimmers page

About that magnetic mounting. You can choose to use the mounting clips to mount the lights to non-magnetic surfaces. But on magnetic metal, it is nice that you can position the lights where you need them and the magnets just grip with no need for drilling. The lights are very lightweight. They will mount nicely on the underside of magnetic surfaces.
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera TS/8/3000/M ThinStick-LED 7-7/8'' long, 2W warm white 3000K, 190 lm, 5/16" x 5/16" low profile, aluminum extrusion with frosted lens, built in magnetic mounting, needs PS24V/ LED driver, TS/PC/79/WH power cable, can connect end to end or space apart
HER-TS/8/4000/M cool white 4000K
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera TS/12/3000/M ThinStick-LED 11-13/16'' long, 3.4W warm white 3000K, 320 lm, 5/16" x 5/16" low profile, aluminum extrusion with frosted lens, built in magnetic mounting, needs PS24V/ LED driver, TS/PC/79/WH power cable, can connect end to end or space apart
HER-TS/12/4000/M cool white 4000K
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera TS/24/3000/M ThinStick-LED 22-7/16'' long, 7W warm white 3000K, 650 lm, 5/16" x 5/16" low profile, aluminum extrusion with frosted lens, built in magnetic mounting, needs PS24V/ LED driver, TS/PC/79/WH power cable, can connect end to end or space apart
HER-TS/24/4000/M cool white 4000K
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera TS/34/3000/M ThinStick-LED 34-1/4'' long, 9.6W warm white 3000K, 910 lm, 5/16" x 5/16" low profile, aluminum extrusion with frosted lens, built in magnetic mounting, needs PS24V/ LED driver, TS/PC/79/WH power cable, can connect end to end or space apart
HER-TS/34/4000/M cool white 4000K
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera TS/46/3000/M ThinStick-LED 44-7/8'' long, 13W warm white 3000K, 1220 lm, 5/16" x 5/16" low profile, aluminum extrusion with frosted lens, built in magnetic mounting, needs PS24V/ LED driver, TS/PC/79/WH power cable, can connect end to end or space apart
HER-TS/46/4000/M cool white 4000K
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera TS/PC/79/WH ThinStick-LED 79'' long power cord to lead off a run of ThinStick-LED lights, connects into PS24V drivers, white
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera TS/CC/12/WH ThinStick-LED 12" connecting cable, to space apart lights or to bend corners, can connect several together if needed, white
Ordering Notes:
The ThinStick-LED involves some planning. The lights come in 8", 12", 24", 34" and 46" lengths (rounded up measurements, actual lower on page). You can connect them end to end to make longer lights, and they butt together when connected, thus giving the impression of no gap. Up to 11.7 feet of lights (11 feet, 8 inches), mix and match sizes to reach that, can be powered from a single TS/PC/79/WH power cable coming out of the terminal block on the driver. Drivers come in 6 watt, 30 watt, 75 watt, and a 96 watt. You can have multiple TS/PC/79/WH power cables coming out of the 30 watt or larger drivers if you need to extend lights in multiple directions, as long as you do not exceed the total wattage of the driver. LED Power Drivers page | Daisy Drivers page

So you will need to measure the lengths of your runs. If you need to extend past the underside of an upper cabinet to the next, and a light rail hangs down (that drop down piece of wood that extends lower than the cabinet bottom), you can drill through the light rail and use a 12" connecting cable to continue power to the next light. Connecting cables come only in 12". If too long, roll up the extra. If not long enough, use two or more in conjunction with each oher. Thus, if you connect an 24" light and a 34" light end to end, you can make a 56-11/16" seemless light, or you could space them apart with a cable. Et cetera for other various lengths added together. When you have a long even straight line and you would like continuous light, you can create long strings up to 11 feet 8 inches. If you need to go longer than that, you would just start a second run of lights on the same directional line picking up where the first ended, but starting as a new line with a TS/PC/79/WH and using any of the KB12LEDCC connecting cables to extend your reach if needed. Additional cables and accessories are shown on the LED drivers and dimmers page.

For L or U shape kitchens, you can centralize your power driver and extend runs in multiple directions. This can save on using excess LED drivers. Lights are very low wattage. If you were to connect eleven of the 12" lights and one of the 8" lights, which would be the maximum for one power cable, that would be 39.4 watts. When using the 75 watt driver, you still have some extra wattage to go the other direction. Extension connecting cables to extend the reach of the TS/PC/79/WH power cable are shown on the drivers page. The KB12LEDCC connecting cables are used to extend the reach of the TS/PC/79/WH power cables, but the KB12LEDCC cables are NOT used between lights. The TS/CC/12/WH cable is used from light to light. This cable can connect to itself to make longer reach cables.

The wattages for each light are shown above in the ordering blocks and also under Product Features. Add up the wattages of your planned interconnected lights, and then order the appropriate size power driver. You need one TS/PC/79/WH per run of lights, with a maximum of 11.8 feet per power cable.

If planning on using the STICKPSDIM dimming module, note that it has a 48 watt maximum. You can run multiple STICKPSDIM dimming modules from the same driver as long as you keep the maximum wattage of the lights under the driver limit. Two STICKPSDIM can be controlled by a single DIMCONTROL with the aid of the Y-CABLE. All these dimming components are shown on the Power Drivers and Dimmers page. STICKPSDIM modules can also be controlled with 1-10V low voltage wall dimming controllers. Remote control dimmers are also an option and shown on that page.

The ThinStick-LED lights can be used in conjunction with any of Hera's spotlight LED lights that run from the PS24V drivers. The spotlights connect into the terminal block on the driver directly. The ThinStick-LED light must use the TS/PC/79/WH. That power cable has the jack connection on it to connect into the driver terminal block, and then the ThinStick connecting end to attach to the input end of the first light. Single light runs are fine too. You can have a driver, power cable, and one ThinStick-LED light on a run. Sometimes that is all you need for a small area such as the cubby on a hutch desk.

When interconnecting these lights on display shelves: you can run them across shelves and at multiple levels, and have them continuously connect via connecting cables. You will need multiple drivers for larger display areas. These lights are great under glass shelves too, they can be mounted with two-way tape. On metal shelves, the integrated magnets within them will just stick on. Magnetic mounting is great for attaching them to coolers and other magnetic metal surfaces that you cannot drill into. Not all metal surfaces are magnetic metals. ThinStick-LED lights can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

The lights are okay to mount within a recessed channel if you do not wish them to protrude downward from the underside of your wood surface.

We know questions generally arise concerning these lights. You are welcome to e-mail or call us.

Lead Time:

The ThinStick-LED lights are becoming more popular with us and we are stocking small quanities. Most of the time when we need to order them in from Hera, it is only a 3 to 5 day lead time.
Hera Lighting ThinStick LED slim dimensions
Hera Lighting ThinStick LED connecting ends

Additional Length and Lumen info:

  • TS/8 is 7-7/8" long and 190 lumen, 2 watts
  • TS/12 is 11-13/16" long and 320 lumen, 3.4 watts
  • TS/24 is 22-7/16" long and 650 lumen, 7 watts
  • TS/34 is 34-1/4" long and 910 lumen, 9.6 watts
  • TS/46 is 44-7/8" long and 1220 lumen, 13 watts

Consider this, if you connect 8 of the 12" lights together, this technically would be 94.5 inches. If you connect two of the 46" lights together, you get 89.75 inches. Sometimes using more of the smaller lengths gets you a more tailored run length. And with that 94.5 inches of light, you would be using 27 watts.
The ThinStick-LED lights are low voltage and must run from the 24 volt constant voltage power drivers. There are several choices of drivers, the PS24V LED drivers or the PS24V LED Daisy Drivers are those you want to select from, generally the 30 watt and 75 watt are the most common choices. Lights are also dimmable with select dimming accessories. Switches and extension cables are also shown on the Drivers and Dimmers page (extension cables to preceed the TS/PC/79/WH). There are many options shown on that web page to keep this page from becoming too long ... and cluttered. Please go to LED Power Drivers and Dimmers to make your selections to go with the ThinStick-LED lights. IF CHOOSING TO set up a dimmable system, and you want to use the REMOTE CONTROL dimmer, best to use the Daisy Drivers. It will make the hookup extremely easy.
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