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TwinStick2-LED Dual Linear Lights

Hera Lighting section index

High Output Linear LED Light with Integrated Connecting System

Hera's TwinStick2-LED is now Discontinued. We will leave our old information about the lights on this page for reference. We suggest taking a look at the new ThinStick-LED lights for the best substitute to the TwinStick2. More notes will be lower on the page.

The TwinStick2 'had' an extremely high light output similar to T5 fluorescent fixtures but with a much more compact design. Low energy consumption, 50,000 hour estimated life, and excellent color rendering are a few of the benefits. Additionally, the TwinStick2-LED is UL EPH listed (NSF) for use in food applications.

Product Features:

  • Aluminum and Plexiglas housing
  • Extremely small dimensions: 11/16" width x 5/16" height
  • Can be recessed mounted (flush with surface) or surface mounted
  • WAS Available in 8" (3.0W) and 12" (4.4W)
  • Readily available in 3000K (warm white), and 4100K (cool white)
  • Also availble from 2700K to 6500K by special order, but larger minimums apply (generally hundreds of lights to order these special Kelvins)
  • Estimated 50,000 hours of useable life
  • Excellent CRI >90 with high even light output
  • EPH certified to NSF/ANSI 2 for use in food applications
  • For unlimited runs, order one Feed-in-Stick for every 8' of light
  • The Feed-in-Stick is a 12" light with a preattached power cord that allows you to connect it in-line, with no back feed of power
  • Lights can connect end to end by overlapping, or spaced apart with connecting cables, allows for turning corners too
  • Power supply cable is 98" and ordered separately, one per run of lights, multiple runs can lead out of same power driver
  • Approved for use in closet applications
  • For use with PS24V constant voltage power drivers
  • Dimmable with optional dimming accessories shown on Drivers and Dimmers page

Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera TWINSTICK2/WPC/CW TwinStick2-LED 12'' long, 4.4W cool white, needs LED driver, and potentially various connecting cables [WPC means With Power Cable, the power cable is pre-attached to this unit.]
(Only 1 left in stock)
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera TWINSTICK2/8/WW TwinStick2-LED 8'' long, 3.0W warm white, needs LED driver, power cable, and various connecting cables
(only 1 left in stock)
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HER-TWINSTICK2/PC power cable for TwinStick2-LED light system, connects from power driver to first light in series, 98'' long
(Hera still has a few thousand in stock)
Ordering Notes:
The TwinStick2-LED did involve layout planning. But since it is now discontinued, we would like you to visit our ThinStick-LED page.

Benefits of the ThinStick-LED over the TwinStick2-LED:
  • The ThinStick costs less
  • The ThinStick is brighter
  • The 8" ThinStick is 190 Lm, the TwinStick2 was 122 Lm
  • The 12" ThinStick is 320 Lm, the TwinStick2 was 204 Lm
  • The ThinStick also comes in 34" and 45" lengths
  • Same interconnectability, but a far smaller profile

The ThinStick LED is 5/16" x 5/16". It can hide well under cabinets. You can recess it into shallow channels. They do connect end to end, or can be spaced out with a connecting cable. Connecting cable allows you to go around corners too. They are slightly less wattage, so more can connect onto the various LED power drivers.

For much more info, please visit our ThinStick-LED lighting page.
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